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July 26, 2005


Kris Barrow

Insurance discrimination based on dog ownership or breed is a problem in Florida. It is has become my personal interest to take action to end this discrimination..for dog owners (of which I am one...German Shepherd) and for victims of dog bites. We all like to think that our dogs would never hurt anyone, and in most cases, if they are properly trained, we won't ever have to worry about it. However, there is a case in Florida where a yellow lab was on medication that caused it to act abnormally. It ran out and attacked another dog and bit a woman in the arm and hand. It happens. Unfortunately, when these bites involve small children, they can be very severe. In these cases, it is not unheard of for dog owners to lose everything they have to try to pay for medical bills their homeowner's policy should cover. If the owner doesn't have enough assets, then the victims have to find a way to pay. All in the name of the insurance companies making a buck. It's a real problem.
If anyone has information about states that currently have statutes disallowing insurance discrimination relating to dogs in some manner, I would love to know. They would make great examples for our Florida legislators.

John Donne

I have Farmers Insurance and the rates they charge me have been going up, up, up year after year and I get no explanation why. Think twice before you try Farmers.

Bill Jonson

C'mon folks, we all know it's an insurance scam so they can MAKE MORE MONEY! They worship at the altar of the almighty dollar and if they can find a way to screw you, you're gonna get it! Another way they screw you is through credit checks. There are a lot of homeowners whose credit is not that great, so what does the insurance industry do, they fabricate a cause and effect relationship between people without stellar credit and increased claims! What a bunch of B.S. There are just a COUPLE of states that have passed laws banning this reprehensible and unscrupulous business practice. A final word, a rich person's house can burn down or be damaged just like the poor schmucks that the insurance vultures rape each year. The bad thing about this is that the politicians of both parties are in bed with them as they are with every industry. Ever notice how much money a politician comes OUT of office with as opposed to how much he/she had when they went in? People, we need to think about all these things because remember the words of John Donne: "Therefore, don't ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Bill Malone

I DO think it is all a scam by the GREEDY insurance industry to make more money! Look around you, every move by an industry is predicated on greed and the accumulation of wealth. It's bad enough that insurance companies can "cherry" pick because of a person's credit history, now they want to pick some more cherries by pet discrimination? Tell your elected representatives that you want action, from them, to introduce laws to make the breed discrimination practice illegal! Make sure to let them know that they should be replaced come next election time by someone who will introduce and support legislation!

Gordon Lundene

I found Farmers Insurance does not discriminate, and dumped the Southern California Auto Club after 25+ years. They lost my auto and homeowners insurance business and in October the membership card will be shredded due to their dog policy.

Given the choice of euthanizing my dogs, or a long time commercial relationship - the Auto Club lost.


or this scenario:

agent: have a dog?
me: yes
agent: what kind?
me: pit bull
agent: oh, we don't insure people with pit bulls any longer. Let's put "mixed breed"

true story. The agent was willing to LIE to keep his commission.

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