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August 30, 2005


S Marshall


I'm writing on behalf of Boxer rescues that I am webmaster for - and we were wondering ... does anyone know if people [and dogs!] can bring a Class Action suit against the State of CA for illegally denying owners of these breeds their basic Constitutional right to own property ... or ?

There must be something that can be done - if we have to wait over a year to vote, it could be too late by then ...

From what we understand the SF Mayor has already started contacting registered owners of Pit Bulls to make them show proof of spay/neutering of their pet - and gone so far as to state that he is determined to ELIMINATE the pit bull from SF and CA!

And if other cities and counties start jumping on the bandwagon, people could already have had their precious pets confiscated and put to sleep by the time we get to VOTE on it!!

And how are my clients going to continue their amazing rescue work if everyone is afraid to get a Boxer for fear of having their city officials drop by and rip their pet from their homes?

Their whole rescue operation could easily go the way of the dodo bird LONG before a year has gone by! They do selfless tireless work to rescue these beautiful loving dogs and adopt them out to loving families - why should they and other rescues have to face closing down while we wait a year to vote? It seems like SOMETHING can and should be done right NOW!

If anyone can shed some light on this and if it's possible to start a Class Action and how we would go about it, we'd sure appreciate the info!! We will watch this blog for any updates and helpful info on this.

And if by some wonderfully lucky chance, an attorney that takes on Class Action suits sees the post, we would very much appreciate your input - and if this is a possibility, would like to discuss you taking on the suit ...

Thanks to anyone with info, ideas or suggestions!

Shirley Marshall, Owner/Designer
Webmaster for Bay Area Boxer Rescue
& Boxer Rescue LA

Amanda Bedal

I know John Glenn...what a wonderful man! I was along side him in Sacramento standing up for our constitutional rights! Way to go John! You are a gem!

Amanda Bedal


Where can I find the voting record on this bill? I want to know how my state senator, Bob Dutton voted.

Don Logsdon

I am a personal friend of John Glenn and I am here to say that I have never been more proud of the fight he is putting forth to save our dogs. His passion for our breeds is unmatched by none and should be not taken for granted. It takes more than just a select few to win this battle. He needs your support.

These people in "high" places need to get knocked off their pedistool's and I cannot think of a better alli to have in this battle to save our loved ones. We are all in a great debt to have such a person to step up and spend countless hours and not to mention expense to fight this battle. Remember this when you see John at the next dog show and be sure to thank him and the people like him because at this rate, there might not be many shows left!!!

Chris Underwood

Way to go John. I've been saying for a while that Politicians advocating BSL do so out of cynical reasons. Its viewed as a great way to get ones name in the paper at the cost of a group (Pitbull owners) who are viewed as an easy target politicaly.

We MUST change that, and we must organize.

Cherie Starr

What a fantastic article! I have 5 dogs...wish I could vote 5 times...but alas, I live in New Mexico.

The article has been cross posted and is now reaching it's way around the world.

Californian's take heed...VOTE!!! before it's too late.

Maureen Hill-Hauch

John has learned a lesson that many of us have already learned...when you put someone in office you better be sure that that person knows it is a temporary position! In other words, "We put you in and WE can take you out!"

John has worked his butt off on SB861 and regardless of the outcome he will be remembered as a tireless worker who loves his dogs so much that he did every thing humanely possible to advocate for them!

AS for the politicians in CA I only hope that people run, not walk to register to vote in not only state elections but local ones...all those who voted "YES" need to be voted out!

Call you officials today and tell them "We put you in and WE WILL take out in 2006!"

Barbara Welch

99% of dog mauling are caused by roaming free dogs. Everywhere there is a law that says dogs DO NOT roam free. Most of the dogs have roamed before, owners were not held to task, dogs given back to irresponsible owners over and over and over. Gee if we could get OOOOficials to uphold the laws already on the books these bad things would not have happened. Gee maybe we should vote for more responsible politicians. Barbara Welch

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