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November 13, 2005


Katrina Rosa

My name is Katrina Rosa and I am a proud owner of two beautiful ptbulls. One is a 6 yr old texas red nose and the other is a 1 yr old blue nose.
They're the best tammed animal I have ever had and I've had a few different dogs over the last few yrs!! But so far pitbulls are my favorit!!!
See I have a 15 month old little girl and at first I was worried my 6 yr old was gonna be a little jelous cause it's been me and him for the last 5 yrs but to my surprise he was great with her. He's overly protective of her and always has to sleep right by her crib. Every time she cries he's right there, he lets her ride him and everything!! Both my pitters are awesome with my daughter and I wouldn't trade them in for anything. they're my best friends!!
Me, my 6 yr old pitter and my ex hitch hiked around Canada for 3 1/2 yrs and it was the best time we ever had! Our dog is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met!!
This whole thing with the pitbull band is bullshit!! I mean if your gonna band them then why don't you band dalmations, and every little ancle bitter out there too! I mean pitbulls were originaly found to be farm animals with family's.
Although cause of there strength, they're hated, and it isn't fair that we can't even go for long walks anymore! I wish that it would just go away so me and my family could be normal again instead of being looked at as different cause we have pitters!
All I have to say is that it's not the dogs fault that they end up attacking or bitting it's usually the owners fault or even the person that gets bit or attacked cause they some how have pushed them to do these things or these dogs are protecting there family/property!!
I love my dogs and the pitbull breed, it isn't fair that they band them!
My out look is that if you're banding these dogs from breeding and being loved and taken care of then band the off shores and the immigrants from coming into our cities and taking everything we work so hard for just to pay there taxes and everything else!! It isn't fair!!!
Pitbulls should be free just like humans are!
I mean we don't get banned or put down just cause we are strong and are scared of, so why do it to something that doesn't understand why they're being hurt??
Instead of banning the dogs why don't we put away the dog owners that teach these dogs how to be mean and attack and hurt them!!! It isn't the dogs fault it the owner and the way they raise these dogs!!!!


I am wanting to know if I can rent a apartment with a pitbull. Do I need to rent a house. I live in Denver, but I want this baby pitbull. I need to move away from Denver, but I don't know where to go.

Karen Howell

My husband and I have 4 dogs--1 older yellow lab, 1 yellow lab puppy, 1 older Rottie, and 1 older Shih Tzu--all males. All are neutered except the puppy. We have 25 grandchildren. None of my dogs has ever shown anything but love toward our grandkids and other visitors to our home. If I were to "worry" about any of my dogs, it would probably be my Shih Tzu. He's just been "fiesty" since we got him. It isn't the breed that is a problem--it's the way their owners raise them and how they treat them. It's like those people who want to ban guns because they say guns kill people. It isn't the guns--it's the people who use them. When we use a spoon or a fork--do these make us fat? No--it's what we do with them that makes us fat!

Agnes Urbanczyk

i own an american pitbull puppy who is now 3 months old. he is the most sweetest dog i have ever had. i believe the breed should be left alone. people think pitbulls attack and are very dangerous. what about the dog you own? what, you think it wouldnt attack any other human being? i wouldnt be so sure. i know a guy that owned and bred huskies. one day the huskie attacked his owner or 15 years. the guy died and the dog was put to sleep. leave pitbulls alone. remember: it's not the dogs fault. it's the stupid people that make him that way. dogs are only dogs. humans can and will keep on making them look mean with dog fights. to prove what? toughness? balony!!! those people should be put in jail or even killed. and pits should be left alone. people are so scared these days of big dogs, but when they see a poodle "aww thats cute." because others don't fight them. i wonder how you would feel if you're breed was bred to fight? would you keep the dog you had for such a long time or would you let them put him or her to sleep? you decide and see what makes you feel good. american pitbulls are good, loving dogs. only the thing is we must stop dog fighting and people would look at them differently. i want my dog to live a happy life. and when he gets old and passes on..i want him to know that he had a good loving life. he's my baby and know one can take that away from me.


I once ran a pitbull down in my car, hit it at about 30mph, it summersaulted about 20 yds down the road, got up shook its self and walked off, they get my vote out of respect...


Actually, I saw that case where the charges were dismissed due to the impossibility of a fair and impartial hearing as exactly the opposite. I thought the judge did a good thing by excusing the dog's owner due to the unfounded prejudice and hysteria against 'pit bulls'.
I guess it depends on your point of view.
Now there is a precedent in favour of 'pit bull' owners and I'm in favour of that.

Steve Casen

More pit bull prejudice!

"A Lenawee County Circuit Court judge agreed Wednesday that public prejudice against the pit bull dog breed is so strong that mention of the name before a jury was grounds for a mistrial in a lawsuit over dog bite damages.

Judge Harvey A. Koselka granted a defense motion for a mistrial and ordered the plaintiffs to pay the costs of the half-day spent in court. Before the trial, the court agreed to a defense request that the dog's breed not be mentioned before the jury because of pit bulls' bad reputation."

Judge Harvey A. Koselka is perpetuating the myth that pit bulls are "monsters"! I rule we get this judge OFF the bench with his BSL narrow minded view!

You can read the article here!


I just had a moment, but I am so happy to have found this site. It's a sigh of relief to see that I am not alone, thanks to you all, I will be looking forward to adding more!


wow i am with alot of

u i own PITBULLS and i also rescue them out of my home everyone that say thay luv animals what right do they have to band or kill anyone elses pets i dont care if it is pitbulls gsd,,collies,,chihuahuas poddles everyone has a right to ther pets and i own pitbulls and i rescue both and my 11 year old male is a big lap dog the only thing he will do is lick u to death and my my 4 year old female i raise her the same way i did him and she is mean to some people if they yell around her but she is a lap dog to she will lick ya to death ther is no where in my town that will help with low income people that wants to get trianing for the pets of any kind have to drive miles for help and gas is to high and then when ya get the the prices about kill ya but anyway i am out here for all pitbull lulvers part pits and full blooded ones dont kill them teach them and also teach the owners how to take care of them do we band people from homes bars stores and all that just cause they fight no and we dont kill them just find them and let them go so why kill a pitbull see if all people out here in this curel world would bring every dog that bit someone and put them on the front page of the paper and on all the tv shows and the news then ther would be more abanded or killed see that makes me mad when a pitbull bites someone he is put on all over the tv and papers and u dont hear much about any other pets like that bring all the pets out rats,snakes,birds.iguina, bring all the animals out that bites not just pitbulls and maybe other animals will get taken from the ones that luvs them to

Dee Teaford

Your artical is inspiring, Thank You.As a dog lover, I think it is a travisty to punish any breed for the actions of some humans. The 4 Great Danes that I share my life with are gentle and sensitive souls. 1 of these dogs was horibly abused, and bares horrific scars from the life a human imposed upon her before we met in an animal shelter. One of my friends was slated for death because she was born deaf. She is an inteligent lovind girl. It would be in the best interest of our country if politicians took action against the most vicous creature on the planet, humans that have no regard for life. Life without dogs? I vote for life with a govornment in place that deals with the real issues at hand. Be it "Bully Breeds" or any other breed, banning dogs will only serve to harm the people who love and care for them, as well as the dogs.


Thank you so much...

This was so refreshing. Rejuvenating. It brought tears to my eyes. And yes, it felt so good to see that someone - anyone - understands the challenges we face every day as responsible owners of bull breed dogs.

My (wonderful, amazing, beautiful, sweet
intelligent, goofy, loving... *Typical*) American Pit Bull Terriers and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this breath of fresh air in the midst of a suffocating smog.


I read the postings with interest.
I do not own a PB myself.
Most of the PB's I have known have been wonderful dogs.
My experience assisting at a dog training center has taught me what intelligent sensitive dogs they are.
The sad thing that I have noted is that the training center that I work at is in an urban area. The majority do dogs in the immediated area are PB's and crosses.
The sad thing is we see very, very few Pb's coming in for early training and socialization. I don't know if it is because of ignorance, apathy or for monetary reasons but the breed, I think we should be seeing the most of, I think we have had perhaps 3 enter our puppy class in over a year that I have been assisting.
While I was reading your posts, I was wondering if perhaps some of you responsible PB owners could find a way to offer low cost or free training classes in urban areas, with an emphasis on responsible pet ownership.
I don't see the breed as a problem. Owners like the ones that are posting are not a problem. The problem lies with the ignorant owners that breed indiscriminately, don't socialize or train their dogs or-out of ignorance or brutality, abuse them.
Every time people read about another child mauled, the no BSL cause gets set way back.
The average person doesn't know that the dog that did it is an aberation not the norm for the breed.
The way that I see for the breeds image to be improved is through education of the people that own them, not the politicians.
If there were no maulings, the politicians would loose interest in BSL.
As you know, most PB's are wonderful,intelligent, sweet natured , have stable temperments, even ones that come from horrible beginnings.
These are not the ones the general public hear about.
Another thought that I had in situations where BSLs were being imposed. Would there be a way to exempt dogs that have passed CGC test? Perhaps, politicians might be willing to consider something like that.
I know that imposing BSL's are wrong but if it is unavoidable in an area perhaps a reasonable compromise like that could be reached so that responsible dog lovers, would not have to move or to forego ownership of their chosen breed.
Good luck to you all,


Thanks for that. It is so refreshing. Banning and exterminating specific breeds is what Hitler tried to do to the Jews. Horrible dog owners should be banned, not the dogs

Tina Vickrey

Thank you for that! It has revitalized my passion for what seems, at times, to be a hopeless task. The ignorance and hysteria is so wide-spread as to be staggering. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to enlist the help of owners of other breeds, only to have them scoff that THEIR dog will be next. It IS what happens. "I have a (chow, akita, GSD, lab, border collie, mix etc etc) what does this possibly have to do with ME and MY dog?" History in areas that have imposed BSL shows that it has EVERYTHING to do with your dog too.
I will never own another breed, after experiencing the joys of APBT ownership. I take the stigma and the comments as a small price to pay for the pleasure. And I fight for your right to own YOUR breed of choice.


Thank you.
I own, or rather am owned by, an Akita-Inu. Dante-Inu and I have been together for over 12 years now.
This breed is banned in certain cities already. In particuar, a few cities in Ohio.

Dante is my best friend, my fourlegged soulmate and the one creature that does not judge me, but accepts me for who I am.

It does not matter what breed you have, what matters is that we are all dog lovers, we are all dog owners. We all have breeds that can and may be targeted in the near future.

Where does it stop if we don't do something about the BSL now? With our cats? Max and Aries would have a few things to meow about that.
With our pet rabbits? Puck wouldn't appreciate it.
With our pet rodents? My gerbil, Nyx isn't too keen on that either.

How about fish?
I have a Gourami that's as mean as can be, should that particular species be banned? Ridiculas, isn't it?

About as ridiculas as lumping every single dog that is similier to a certain look together and saying they are all the same.

Ban the Deed, not the Breed.

-Wolf, Dante-Inu, Max, Aries, Puck, and Nyx.

madeline rivera

thank you. your words, your message has acctually made me cry. i have always loved the breed and have owned, rescued and place pits in good loving homes. and all that is said is true. you feel the discrimination every day. i also own a yorkie and she is in control of the one eats drinks or sleeps until she says its ok. pits are loving and loyal just like every other breed. its not the breed, its the people.


Thank you!
Appreciation is ALWAYS a good thing!!!!
Owning a "pitbull" is nothing but a pleasure, IMO!!! I wish the whole world could feel as I do about this breed. Your words are a great start, and a refreshing, much needed change!
Wonderful article! GREAT POV!!!
Thanks again, from a VERY proud pitbull owner!!! Own one, and understand!!!


Thank you for not believing the media-hype. We are all honored to be fighting the same battle you are. Keep up spreading the good word, and we will continue emailing, writing letters, and holding rallies to show our dogs in a positive light. Thank you.

Michael Panos

Thank you all! Finally, some voices of reason regarding BSL. I live in Chicago and I am very scared that I may have to move to keep my pit. I have written my Alderman and my Senator but it seems so futile at times. Pit-bashing press everywhere is getting me down but you all have inspired me to write some more 'letters to the editor' of the city newspaper.


From the bottom of my heart and the bottom of my pittys paws we thank you for this! Gheese it brought tears to my eyes to read that someone - anyone - does know and care what we go thru and are fighting for! I have owned dogs as far back as a child when they were our families to the present and I have never had so many nasty looks, snide comments or anything else someone is willing to do when I walk past with my pit. It is a hard fight but when you sit down next to an american pitbull terrier and the kissing attack starts, a silly smile shines your way or a head rests in your lap,you know that it is soooo worth it. Thank you to everyone who stands by our sides and fights this battle with us wether you own an APBT or you own a chihuahua. You bet if BSL comes knocking on your door I will be right behind you to fight it every step of the way.
A proud owner of Pit bulls.

Pat R

Thank you for an inpsiring article. Our breed is not for everyone. It's not for most people. Does that make them evil? No. How many people are really up to the the challenge of an Anatolian Shepherd? Very very few. Are they banned? No. If they become as popular as the Pit Bull? You can bet your bottom dollar they will join the Rotts, Dobes, Boxers, Akita's, GSD's, Chows, APBT and Peis. All dog owners need to be aware of what is going on, regardless of what they own. Breeders need to take a good look at what they are doing and why. Dog owners need to unite and be heard. With most house holds in this country having at least one dog, that's a lot of votes that would be lost if they were cast against politicians with brilliant ideas. Thank you again for such a positive dog article.

Jamie Cleveland

How refreshing...POSITIVE press about pit bulls (and their owners). I haven't even had the opportunity to own a bulldog yet, and I fear I may never get the chance with as popular as BSL is getting anymore.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article!

Maryellen Swiatek

The breed needs all the help it can get.. now the towns are targeting rotties, dobes, gsds, akitas, etc... This is a great breed of dog, however not everyone should own one. the criminals dont care if our breed gets banned or extinct, as they will go to another larger, stronger breed to use, then what? ban them all??
Come join us at to help save our breed, and to help ban BSL..
and come join for pit bulls that are service/therapy dogs..
Go to or to find where BSL is in your town..
come to to discover the wonderful breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Jesse Jarzynka

Thanks for the support! You just filled every Pit Bull owner's gas tank from almost Empty to Full. Come to !


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. When will people realize that pit bulls are the victims here? Victims of politicians, BSL, the media, and SOME unethical owners. Dog owners need to stick together...BSL of any sort is dangerous to all of us.

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