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November 11, 2005


Linda Hunnicutt

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows we have not been stopped. AND... I am not the only Granny on this mission. Karen Racca is also a grandmama and fighting mad, Debby Berg and many more all grannys and all working for the same goals.. these are just the monkey people, the dog and cat people are all grannys also or most of them that I met at the demonstration. There are a few youngsters (lol) who guide us with their information which they gather and process so us old ladies can understand what is going on...

There are other bills coming in other states and will be affecting all of our lifestyles and we need to continue fighting in every state and town to end these bans and bills.

I had not realized how radical our website sounds until I started getting the phone calls from the Activists. Mainly they want information, like where we live, our personal information which thankfully I had enough sense to refrain from saying.. One lady very nice sounding wanted to know where we were keeping our little monkeys while we were demonstrating? I told her they were safe but she persisted and wanted to know a location. Red flags went up and she got no such information neither did the succession of callers after her.

I think we have stirred up a hornets nest, after all you can't fight with your grandmother. We are not afraid of these jokers, after all we had a good dinner of Rare beef and a side of vegetables and are still strong and able to defend ourselves as well as our animals.

Thank you guys for supporting us and we will not quit. That bus will be going to some more towns and showing our opposition to Paws as well as the interference into our lives by the Activists. After all who do they think they are to tell us what to eat, own and wear? After 63 years on this planet I am well aware of my own needs and desires and have no wish to change at this point in my life. I do worry about our grand children, will they enjoy the same life style and freedoms we have enjoyed? NOT IF PETA AND HSUS HAS ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT.

Our legislators have to see that we are the ones that need to be satisfied...WE VOTE... which finances their elaborate lifestyles.

Linda Hunnicutt

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