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February 19, 2006



Thank you for posting this article. The sweetest dog that I ever met was a Rottie. The next sweetest was a Pit Bull. I own a wonderful German Shepherd named Cookie, and my uncle has one too named India. There are no dangerous breeds, just dangerous owners.
Keep up the good work!
(The only thing I don't like about reading other's comments is that they make me burn up sometimes because of what they say.)
Oh, and in comment to the other comment, I have met 2 or 3 Airdales, and you know what? They were SO well-behaved and friendly! Dangerous are they? Now that's a joke! No dog is unless the owner raises and trains it wrong. And that's a fact. You can hate so-called dangerous breeds if you wish, but remember there are those of us who will cry out hearts out if those breeds are banned. Myself proudly included. Down with BSL!!!!!!




I applaude your blog, and I have copy and pasted this article onto a forum I frequent. My friends there also loved this and are forwarding it to all of their friends as well. As the owner of a Chow mix, I have had to deal with breed discrimination despite the fact that my dog is nonagressive and has been deemed nonagressive by multiple vets. I have fought tooth and nail against insurance companies that tried to force me to get rid of her based soley on her appearance with absolutely no knowledge of her personality whatsoever. I'm also an animal health technologist and have worked with many many dog breeds. Pit Bulls and Rotties are probably some of the sweetest best tempered animals I have had the pleasure of working with. People need to open their eyes and stop allowing themselves to be force fed all of the media bias that comes out against these animals. Pit Bulls and other breeds are popular scape goats because they are large, powerful animals that can easily invoke fear based on appearance alone. Stories wouldn't bring about half as much publicity if the offending animal was a bouncy Lab or an animal of undetermined breed.

All animals have the capability of being aggressive or dangerous. The difference between a friendly compliant dog and an aggressive trainwreck? The owners and the manner in which they train and handle their dog. The only ones hurt by breed specific legislation are repsonsible owners and their well-behaved animals.

Punish the deed, not the breed.


pit bulls arnt violent at all the only reason they attack is because of thier owners

Deborah Martin

I have to put in my two cents especially since I am a dog lover myself.
First of all it is not the breed it is people, insecure people, unstable people. People make dogs into what they are or become. So this crock about dog breeds is absolutely insane!
Just look at what some people have done to their own children and what strangers do to children. If they can do this to their own flesh and blood or species they are not going to give a rat's as about any other species OK! I could go on and on but get your heads out of your butts and see that we the people (humane beings) have power over every thing in this world.
I recommend tuning into Cesar Millan the "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic Explorer.
Talk about a ally. Or go to his website and see what he has to say about this topic. He is the best thing that has ever happened to dogs and dog lover's, even animal lovers.
I really respect and look up to him.

Diane Nunya

This is in response to Robert Gale's comment:

"So...I click on this site to get information about the most dangerous dogs. What I get is drivel."

Searching for information under such a parachute as "dangerous dogs" is not likely to get you the information you seek, unless it is MISinformation sent out by the news media that you want. You would have to actually expend the time and energy to research each and every individual breed of dog and study their collective temperament; the American Temperament Testing Society has a web site. Pit bulls ranked higher than Golden Retrievers in 2007, FYI. See their web site here:

"The article does exactly what it accuses the "media" of doing - misrepresenting facts to get particular point accross."

Which facts are misrepresented here, exactly? The statements made about the CDC are true. They did a twenty-year study on dog biting, after which the findings for any one breed having the propensity to bite over another breed were deemed "inconclusive." It was deemed inconclusive because eye witness accounts are unreliable due to the high levels of stress surrounding dog bites, because people sometimes LIE, and because not everyone can readily identify a certain breed. Here is the link to the pdf study on their site:

Can you identify a "pit bull"? Test yourself.

If you don't think the media blows things out of proportion, try looking into this web site:

"My intention of viewing this ad was to find which breeds (taking all the stupid owners actions into consideration) present the greatest risk to my family."

Congratulations - you found it. You cannot take into account stupid pet owners and come to the conclusion that dogs are, by breed, more "prone" to present a danger to your family. You are targeting the wrong end of the leash. The greatest threat to your family is the stupid human who doesn't train their dog (large OR small) to obey or regard human beings as superior in the pack structure.

"No one is placing blame on the animal (do you understand?)."

Do YOU understand that placing blame on the dog is exactly what you're trying to do by searching for dangerous dogs by breed? Sure, some dogs are more powerful than others, but small dogs, if left with children unsupervised, can kill. Case in point:

"If a child is hurt by a dog, does it really matter WHY?"

Yes, it absolutely matters WHY. Why does it matter why? Because without the understanding of how and why these things happen (owner negligence), we cannot pass laws that help curb these incidents (leash and chain laws) and so, in our infinite wisdom as all-knowing superior human beings, we begin to create legislature that blankets the problem (if it isn't here, we won't have that problem) and does nothing to prevent dog bites. BSL (breed specific legislation) is proven ineffective against dog bites, yet it is still being passed. Why? Because politicians don't LIKE to admit failure and they have the powerful tool called MEDIA to back them up.

"...the only thing that matters is that the child is hurt, a situation to be avoided regardless of why the dog attacked."

How can the situation be avoided if we don't know the reasons behind it? Of COURSE we're concerned with the person hurt by the dog, but I, for one, am thankful in the extreme that animal control officers and the court system need more than the fact of the bite itself to decide whether or not a dog (or it's owner, or the person bitten) is dangerous.

My advice to you is to not get a dog, if that's what you were looking into. In fact, it would probably be best if you didn't get any pet at all, if you're so dedicated to the idea that they are mindless, uncontrollable, untrainable dangers to the public.


There is a case in Arvada, CO set for trial on January 11, 2008 where a German Shepard has been sent to death row. Please see to see the details of the case. Fortunately, Rolo the dog, has a lawyer (Joseph A. Lazzara) who agreed to take the case pro-bono because of his love of animals and his belief that the dog does not deserve the death penalty. There needs to be better laws to protect animals from stupid humans.


I have spent almost a week doing research on the issues that you are highlighting so well on this site. I've just joined this listserve. I'm putting together a post for a democratic blog ( after a very disturbing post was made on pitbulls. My intent is to spread the word and to dispel the myths on these topics. It is very hard to put all of the pieces of the BSL puzzle together without slogging through thousands of web pages. In particular, studying the case law is a nightmare, and determining where all the non-factual data came from that is used in such cases and by politicos is difficult. My original assumption that Dems were less likely to buy into lies has sadly proven wrong. It seems that ignorance is universal. Thanks for all of the info here.

Robert Gale

So...I click on this site to get information about the most dangerous dogs. What I get is drivel. The article does exactly what it accuses the "media" of doing - misrepresenting facts to get particular point accross. My intention of viewing this ad was to find which breeds (taking all the stupid owners actions into consideration) present the greatest risk to my family. No one is placing blame on the animal (do you understand?). If a child is hurt by a dog, does it really matter WHY? No. It doesn't matter why, or who is to blame, the only thing that matters is that the child is hurt, a situation to be avoided regardless of why the dog attacked.


wow i had dobermans for 10 years and had retird air froce dogs and a have had a pit mix great dog


I have a Pitbull, and I have plenty of friends who do have them. My dog has been alive for almost 15 years (yeah, he's going to die soon :( ) and has NEVER attacked anyone. The few times he did go after people is when they went after a family member. HE never physically bite them or touched them, but tried to get them out of our home.

I've had more problems with smaller dogs then I have with big dogs. I've seen Huskies attack children, Great Danes attack children, and German Shepards. Mine.. knocks them down and licks them to death! Is that really a threat?

Ben - Texas

If legislature passed making Pitbulls illegal in my state, they'd better outlaw firearms also.

I'm not coughing up my dog because some 52 year old, fat, bald politician was snarled at by a deranged mutt when he was 9, or because he got bored and googled "Killer Dogs" and decided to prevent loss of human life.

Here's a study: Drop a few hundred dollars (out of your hundreds of thousands) and buy a pitbull terrier. Raise him for 8-10 months and see if your perception on "Killer Dogs" has changed. The dogs being banned are the same ones being used by government agencies across the nation. I guess you'd better start looking into getting Chihuahuas for the state police. Bet that will go over well. I just don't understand how these dogs go from being war heroes and children's television show stars to being banned. Just like that. Before putting pen to paper, they should study the topic for any period of time longer than 3 minutes, and take a minute to think about the enormous impact of their actions.

Editor's Note: Ben - we couldn't agree more. But look no further that HSUS and PETA in promoting the "bad" image of the APBT - and having their press machines feed the media this garbage until it's all pervasive.

Then, look no further that you own backyard - and make sure every local yokel politician knows that if push comes to shove, you'll gladly shove his butt right out the door (every so politiely) in the next local election.

Now get out there and VOTE - and make sure you tell them that My Dog Votes.


I was wondering if I could use this info for my myspace for shelter pets where Im trying to promote people to buy from shelters instead of puppy mills and stores and being stupid about where they get these dogs/cats from. I try to also promote that any breed can be dangerous as you have said. I work at a vets office and surprisingly (not really) chihuahuas are the most dangerous. 8/10 we have WILL bite whereas the pitbulls we have do not even need a muzzle!!! its all in the way you behave around them!

Editor's Note: - Please share this site by all means!

Mike Wilson

I have had Akita's most of my life. Akita's, known in my native England as Child Mauling killing machines. At 1 point i had 4 of these great animals, 2 males and 2 females. and yes I have had to jump in between two fighting Akita's at time, they are working dogs and as such have been trained in pack order, I have never had as much injury as I have taken from my wifes k9. A TIBETAN TEMPLE DOG. You heard me a Shih Tzu. The little sh@t has put its teeth in me more I can imagine, where as my akita's have, no mater how wound up they whereand ready to kill their kin folk, have NEVER decided to bite me. TO me the smaller they are, the more prone to be a biter


My Rhodesian ridgeback seems all nice but when someone comes in it gets all crazy and trys to attack them. It has attacked one of my friends but it was partially my friends fault for acting like an idiot and teasing it

sunny rottweilers rule

I like rottweilers more than anything. right now i have a chuiwawa mix with a jack russel about 2 months old i got him when he was like three weeks and an adult rottweiler 7 years old . My rottweiler is the nicest dog in the world the only things he hurts are little bugs that fly around in the night he jumps up and catches them. the first time i showed my chuwawa (will) to my rottweiler (ricky) ricky just sniffed him and left to drink water and when he sat down will ran and jumped on him and started to lick him every where and annoyed him but he didnt do anything.

anyways i agree there is no such thing as a vicious dog its a dum or irresponsible owner. my dad and uncle dont beleive that rottweilers are good dogs they just think that if insurance doesnt cover it that something has to be wrong about them.

I have been looking for this kind of an article for a long time Thanks!!


I am just here to say I own a pit bull and i could not ask for a better dog. My children, my nieces and nephews love her. She is great with children and other animals. My favorite thing that we all love about her is she has never hurt a single person in her life and she is over 2 years old. Pitbulls are not a vicious animal it is the person who raises them. Anyone who knows our dog sees she is a lap dog and the biggest baby there is. As for the politition's not biting children and such is just one factor because they can do worse to children then biting them. When a dog bites they have to be put to sleep but when a politition does something it is a slap on the hand and sent home to the ones they love.

Jennifer Lynn

I agree completely.
I've been searching for my first dog for quite some time now, and I've actually run across quite a few pits that I was rather fond of.
But my parents will not let me get one. It's 'in their blood' to kill, apparently. I personally think that's bullshit--- it's not the dog, it's the owner.
'Punish the Deed, Not the Breed'.

There should be no ban on breeds. That asinine.
That's like banning races here in the U.S.
But, really, banning races would get a larger uproar than banning breeds, because quite a lot of people really don't care about animals. 'People are more important. Animals don't have feelings'.

There were just TWO stories on the news about 'Pit Bull Attacks', both 'unprovoked'.
I don't see them commenting about the OTHER dog attacks in the nation. They just want to drag the pit bull name down. It's already got a bad reputation.

Thanks for posting this.

Gillian Shippen

A truely great article.
Banning the so called top 5 or 10 "viscous" breeds of dogs is only going to move the next 5 or 10 popular breeds up the order.
I now have two rottweilers, the first I got because I wanted to prove in the right hands and trained correctly they are a wonderful breed. I proved that very well. My new boy is an ex show dog with only show lead training and nothing else - his original owner obviously felt as the dog had such a nice personality (he does) he didn't need to worry about any other form of training, such as manners, so I have a job in front of me but he is responding really quickly, even accepting my cat. His original owner was an idiot, hoepfully we can get Chevy on the right path.
I also love an other breed of dog that is generally consider nasty too - Chihuahua's! But all mine have been beautiful, non snappy, non yappy, truely loving creatures, some of them rescued from misunderstanding owners for various behavuioral issues!
My original Rotty loved the chihuahua's and now loves the cat and he is trying to teach the new Rott manners.
I hope you will be successful in stopping the draconian laws in canada over the pit bulls.
you are correct - there is NO viscous breed of dog, the problem is the owner, the media and politicians that make knee jerk policies on the run without actually consulting real experts!


my nieghbor was attacked by a pitt bull and had to go to the emergency room. nonetheless i dont have anything against pittbulls. the owner was probably stupid. (he was like 100)


I can understand your feelings. I once owned a rotty who ended up turning on me when I was pregnant with my third child we ended up having to get him put down. At the moment we have 2 cross bred pittys and they are absolutely gorgeous they are no different to any other normal dog and they are too labelled as dangerous. Because mine are crossed I am too afraid to tell people what they have in their blood line because of the whole Pit Bull stigma its unfair to people who have to do that when I was 2 years old I was mauled by a doberman. All the bull shit that people go on with is just hype and from my past experiences a pit bull is no more dangerous than a maltese terrier. I don't care what anyone say's I honestly think it's because of the way they look. They are a very robust and staunch breed but that by no means makes them dangerous and it's not fair to us owners who treat our dogs well and train them manners that we can't walk proudly down the street with our pitbull without people shittin themselves. Last but not least I fully trust my dogs with my kids and they love and adore them and I know for a fact they would die for us and it doesn't matter what breed you own that's the kind of dog you want to have.

Concerned Citizen

You've fallen out of your tree. Politicians do not bite kids..


I'm a professional trainer, and I can tell you that breed does NOT determine the dog's behavior. Sure, there are influences -- sighthounds chase movement and scenthounds sniff -- and there are breeds which have too much energy or instinct for the average suburban pet home. But there is no gene anywhere for "attack people!"

Don't make the mistake of thinking I'm just a soft-hearted animal lover with no practical view -- I've had my face reconstructed after a bite. The media could have had a field day -- except the dog that bit me was a mid-sized mixed breed, fuzzy rather than short-coated, so of course it must be safe...!

Dogs bites wouldn't be an issue if people would 1) research their dogs (breed and/or breeder) before bringing them home, and 2) do some basic socialization and training. It's not difficult, folks. But most people put more time into choosing a car than their dogs.

I have two multi-titled Dobermans (one a rescue) and a Rottweiler (also a rescue). It's not the dogs, it's the irresponsibility.

bridget calben

thank you for the great article i own a pit bull who loves everyone and everything he even love his 5 cat friends that he lives with. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


People want to band pitbulls. Thats not right. It all depends on how you raise it.I know a pitbull she is so SWEET! and shes very gentle. She loves people I think people are not right if they want to band these beautiful dogs. Its all the owners fault if he does not raise it right. If you want to band pitbulls than what about rotties and sheperds and all the other ones. Pitbulls are not the only ones people think are vicous. i tottally disagree with banding pitbulls!
Thank you if you agree
thats all i am asking

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