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July 24, 2006



Hi..i only now just heard about the Denver38...while browsing what dogwhisperers have to say about pitbulls, because i have 1..i cannot believe that every single dog was put through so much pain, and then is absolutely disgusting! i feel like vomiting...and infact..vomiting over all those people who had something to do with killing them..i do not believe in putting animals down!!! it is MURDER! whoever has written this article..its the first time in a long time that i have come across a person that shares the same passion that i have for animals..lets keep up the fight..its rediculous the way people generalise things..they did it do different races, and now continue to do it with animal breeds..its pathetic..everything is an INDIVIDUAL! Lets all stand together, make a stand, speak when we need to! and make a difference...

Rachel & Domino

It discusses me how there is so much going on in this world. I don't understand how so many people don't know or just don't care. A lot of people ignore it saying there is nothing they can do but that isn't true. Others say oh well we don't care we don't like dogs.....well. There are numerous animals these day paying for others crimes. There are breeds that are getting killed off for their looks, why you ask? Who knows? They look scary but in all reality it is because someone or someone does don’t know their true nature. For the people that say they don't like dogs I'll tell you what there is 71,857 videos of people and their dogs, dogs being abused, dogs being seized from their home that are FAMILY dogs, and dogs being killed. I want each person to pick just one. They are about 5 minutes long tops. I want each American to watch it all the way through. Then realize what's happen to that animal, or what fate it is looking at. I am trying to figure out how to help. If it means I see a dog starving and drop a bag of dog food at the front door. That is what I feel I have to do. What about you? How about the dogs that have a good reliable home? Should they be taken? NO!!! I want to start a petition or protestors. What is going on is not right.
If it were children someone will report it, try to take the baby. If there was a murder on the streets they say lock them up. But there are murders and because it isn’t your daughter, of your son, it doesn’t matter. Well I look at my dog as my kid. my daughter. What’s your dog to you?
Dogs are meant to help, to assist, to love, to comfort and now?
They're meant to die? Is that what you feel? What this is is bullshit. And I know that I'm not standing for it anymore. We are Americans why can't anyone stand up!?! We are a free country are you scared?! Stand up for what you believe in. Don't just go, and be a push over.
Do something for man's-best-friend. Be what you’re supposed to be, a friend back.

Rachel L. Gibbs

I feel your pain. I couldn't sleep after hearing and seeing how your dogs went from majestic creatures to the skin and bones they died in. I think that you should fight till the end with what you're doing. We in Florida can not believe our eyes.
What they did and are doing is wrong. I believe if they are going to go this far, they need to kill every murder in jail. There was a mother that drowned 5 of her children, but she gets to go to the mental institute? I don't understand. If I could get up there I would be holding protestors at that man's door. Day-in-and-Day-out. I hope you can get over your loss. Though it will take a long time. People in Florida are getting your messages out. Everyone that has the love for dogs is going to know about this very soon. I dearest wishes, and the most hopes-God Bless

Bob Berke

I just thought of something. Did you all hear about the unfortunate incident where a Goldie mauled some poor kid ?
Maybe we should pass a BSL for the most friendly breed in the world and banish them too ?
What idiots there are in this world. Too bad many of them get into office. Here on Long Island, although not directly related to dogs, our brainy voters reelected Kate Murray to office, when she has proven that what she does best is give her friends jobs and other corruptions and does very little except pose for photo shoots.
What a world we live in !!!

Bob Berke

BSL should be changed to "IAI" for "I'm an Ignoramous"

Bob Berke

Hi, everyone:
In the terrible Denver article, the ASPCA provides an e-mail address for Kory Nelson, the A-hole who passed the law and killed the 38 Pit Bulls (I have a pit and a Rotty among my 6 dogs). The address was incorrect. It was given as
I wanted to tell him to go educate himself on Pit Buls, etc, and also what I thought of him, but the e-mail address was wrong. Anybody got the right one ?

This man should be executed for gross ignorance and animal abuse. I would do it myself if I could get away with it.

If you can't tell, I was very strongly affected by this hideous act and would like to flood their e-mail.

Anybody got the e-mail address ??

Ryan M.

As far as what the Denver city officials will tell their children (if they talk to them at all), I can only say that these kind of people are programming their children to be just as cold and heartless as they are now. The dogs don't mean anything to them, because you have to have a conscience to feel regret. The only thing that motivates these people is furthering their own career, and be it at the cost of 38 innocent furry creatures who never did anything wrong but to be born in the state of Colorado.

Kim B loomer

I have cried through reading this whole post. I'm glad you're on the side of the dogs and are using your passion to stop this insanity of BSL which is nothing more than a bandaid on a gaping wound (and just stupid politician coverup for the real problems), and of course our dogs are paying the price. I keep thinking of these dogs and how beautiful, and loving, and also how scared they must've been -maybe wondering what they had done wrong which we know is nothing more than being born a pitbull. Rrrrr, this is insanity and it sure doesn't feel like the America I was born in -much more Orwellian. I really long to see your dream realized across this country and the world! My only consolation is knowing these dogs are now with the Creator who loves them and away from this wickedness that only humans can do.


Deborah Flowers

DOG is GOD spelled backwards! GOD created these beautiful, Loving, wonderful,Pit Bull companions for us. For the humans in need of a substantial puppy love! All dogs go to Heaven! Denver38 I will see you there!My Dog votes too!

Ricka Smith

I am not ordinarily an emotional person, but I cannot think of these dogs without tearing up. It is just beyond the pale that this should happen in the US ... your words are mine - "What kind of individual can fill 36 needles and one, by one, kill these dogs.

We need to be very afraid, the City of Denver should be afraid, and the People of the United States need to be afraid. From Denver, to the philosophy of Peter Singer and the letters of Ingrid Newkirk, to the Hospitals of New Orleans we are learning that there is a cult out there who believe that it is OK to kill things that are "inconvenient" - kill'em all in case they might suffer some day. The NAZIs called it getting rid of non-productive feeders ... or something close.

What kind of country has this become, and what kinds of people are in charge -- what do they really believe? We need to be asking these questions NOW - they are crucial - because the next question is going to be "where are you taking ME?"


I applaud the people who fought to help those poor dogs. I know there is a place in hell for those who kill God's creatures. And my dog votes.

Tina Belitz

i don't know if it will matter to the Mayor but I wrote him an agry letter about this travisty. It probably won't matter to such a cold hearted person and being as I am not from Denver I really won't concern him. But lets see if I get a response if i do I will Post it

Deborah Brown

Denvers inhumanity to innocents will long be remembered....It is critical to get those bastards out of office and change the law; but in the meantime-let them know they have lost your tourist money and that all your vacation and visiting plans to Denver are in the process of being changed to other places!


beyond shocking... though sadly, not a surprise. Denver's hatred for pit bulls knows no bounds.

You are right: the only solution is to vote out the city council. They are thoroughly invested in pit bull hatred, every one.

The MOST shocking fact about this massacre is that it was completely legal, according to Denver's laws.

There will be no change in Denver's law until there is a change in legislators.

When will the dog-owners of Denver rise up?

Dianne Singer

Every time I think of Denver, Ontario or any other place with BSL, I am reminded of the last days of Rome. I often wonder when we will see politicians voting to open a new Roman Coliseum, so that entire species may be brutally exterminated for public entertainment.
May all the deliberately ignorant and inhumane politicians, bureaucrats adn journalists stand before God for judgement, be found wanting for their deliberate destruction of innocent beings, and sent to the deepest pit of Hell.
While the Denver 38 and countless other innocent animals romp happily at the Bridge, whole and healthy.


Thank you for this article. It was a sad day. May those dogs rest in peace now. and you are right there IS a special spot in hell reserved for all those who were involved in killing those poor dogs. I hope those nosey neighbors can sleep at night knowing they helped destroy a mans life and helped to murder 38 dogs.

Judy Schreiber

I also thank you for this article that says everything that I feel. We will never forget the Denver 38, they will forever be in our hearts and thoughts as we continue to fight this BSL battle. RIP! Judy


Thank you so much for this article. I am one who made the phone calls and it means a lot to think that maybe my work was not in vane. Kory Nelson has higher aspirations than Assist. City Attny. His boss will retire someday and if that is not the job he is after we will find out and then we will all help make sure he is not even elected to clean the toilets. I am advocating a march and sit in at the animal shelter in Denver. It will get media attention and then maybe some of our story may be heard. We have to stick our necks out and if we go to jail for our beleifs, remember to take "soap on a rope!" The 60's saw a lot of sit ins and protest marches and they made a difference. Things got changed. If we do not go retro with our ways then we may loose our dogs. I for one can find my bell bottoms and tye dyed t-shirt (of course they would not fit now) and maybe it is time to don the old uniform and march for what we beleive in. Sandi


Thank you for this article.
It says everything I feel-and is stated in a much better way than I could ever do.
R.I.P. Dead Denver Dogs
We shall never forget you...all of you.
And I will never forget the love and compassion and caring that so many people put forth in this and so many other unjust and horrible situations that face our wonderful dogs. Thank you all for caring.
And Denver officials and AC who perpetuated this heinous act to be carried out?
Well.....the title says it all...and remember this....our dogs do VOTE!!

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