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November 05, 2006


D. Shields

There are many anti-BSL orgs, groups, & web sites, just as there are tons of animal rights, & animal welfare orgs, web sites. Every country world wide that already has BSL, or if it threatens has groups ready & willing to protest. Most of these groups share basic viewpoints but differ on others.

Even the straightest tree has branches, & so does anti-BSL. People will discuss other aspects of personal freedom that they feel are or are likely soon to be violated.

The right to own fire arms,& the right to drive an SUV are often posted within anti-BSL web sites. So also is the right to breed animals without any restrictions, & sometimes even a tip of the hat to '?former?' fight dog breeders.

As much as i'd like to keep solidarity alive, I can't get on side with any of the above, anymore than i can get with the "Hate 'em on page one,& save 'em on page two," attitudes of some animal welfare sites.

"I am Canadian" -& so was the brewery that had that slogan until an American brewery bought it..

Ie: We (Cdns.) don't have the right to bare arms. The U.S. came out of a revolution to gain independence, so it's understandable that the U.S. Constitution grants that right. We didn't, so we don't. And until gun crime became a big problem here,(recently) we really had no interest in who did or didn't have fire arms. Now we do, for all the good it will do anybody...

SUV's - I don't own one, so i pay more insurance cuz I'm more likely to be killed by one in an auto. collision. People that own SUV's pay more insurance cuz they are more likely to kill me. SUV's are a little like the Cold War Arms Race on a smaller scale. ('get the BIGGEST one, & kill that other family before they can kill yours.'?) Maybe don't restrict ownership, just give courses on anger management, & parking skills along with the vehicle/truck/bus.

Breeders -No, you should not be able to breed anything to everything. And i don't care if you think being human & in charge gives the right to make $$$$ from misery & sickness. Basic genetics & ethics courses all around.

Dog fighters, former or not - You are a great big steaming pile of $%&***(! I don't care what your sympathizers say you have 'Contributed to the Breed'. You belong on a gibbet in the remotest suburbs of Hell. And I hope all dogs do go to Heaven.

('Guess i'm an equal opportunity basher too.)

Dr. Patty Khuly

This is exactly the kind of site that I've been looking for! We're gearing up in Miami for a pan-veterinarian protest against some new, anti-dog Florida legislation and your blog gives me much inspiration. Thanks!

Dr. Patty Khuly
(check out my blog for issue details)

Tina Brown

After reading this I am elated to send on to all State reps in WA why they all need to clean up their acts. We are not just (1)
we are (endless)
and you bet When I found this great forum I registered and together all my dogs & I vote.


Good one! I'm sick of the 'right' and 'left' hysteria myself. It's artificial over-simplification.

It's the issues that count and I agree that municipal councils are the most important to dog owners. Talk to them and let them know you are paying attention.

Do like the right left gun-toting bonbon-eating young old man lady says and work to get out the dog vote in your area.

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