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November 19, 2006


Brittany Lake

Those who dislike Giuliani for this fact are not in favor of him not because it's how their dog would vote, but because this proposal alone proves how narrow-minded Giuliani is. Why would you vote for a man who clearly stereotypes? Why would you vote for a man who is so willing to remove due process for a single group of people? This isn't about voting in the way that your dog would. This is about Rudy Giuliani treading on the rights of Americans.

ralph herzig

if you are agaainst rudy for real political reasons ok, but to vote one way based on how you think your pet would vote is ludicrous. it is our responsibility as owners to control our pets. i have seen many who don't and they are rude-e. guiliani is a man who i believe will do what is right for the american people

Angela T

I disagree with the poster who thinks that Rudy is a great man. He's a devisive bully with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Rudy outlawed ferrets in NYC, for no reason than he didn't think people needed them, and they look like weasels.

I know we're dog lovers here. I don't have a ferret nor will I probably ever get one, but ferrets have to be the least-likely-to become-a-problem pets on the market. They simply can't survive in the wild.

Listen to the way he treated a pro-ferret activist who called his show:

Is this really how we want to be treated by our elected officials if we disagree with the laws that they create.

Making this issue even more silly is the fact that no one has ever even raised a good reason why ferrets should be banned. There isn't a single case of a ferret transmitting rabies, for instance,

It's just a hysteria that Rudy for some reason defended, as far as I can tell, ONLY because he didn't like citizen activists asking him to change a law.


Can you get me the direct references on guilliani? I have been trying to find them to convince other people back east who think he is great but can not find them to quote where he said this. I googled (buy am not good at this). After reading this again, thought I would ask you for the original references. Can you email me?

Chas S. Clifton

Caveat asks, "It is unfair to penalize dog owners who ARE competent because of a tiny minority who are not. What other type of law does that?"

Gun-control laws, for one. And guess where Rudy comes down on those.

Danielle Mack

Anyone that wants to remove due process has no business in the White House, the Governors Mansion etc. and will not get my vote.Period!I will not be profiled by someone that supposedly works for me, the voter, the taxpayer. My Dog Votes for equal treatment under the law and upholding that pesky little Constitution.

elizabeth shulman

When i hear about a child getting bitten by a strange dog, the first question i have to ask is where were the parents??
As an example, i was at the park with my dog, a 2 year old, intact male belgian malinois. There was a small child running towards us, clearly wanting to see the dog. As i turned arond to ask him not to, the child lunged forward and bear-hugged my dog's head!!! Wrapped his entire upper body around my dog's head!!! My dog just sat there, mainly because of the training and socializing he's had.
I find this to be a very clear picture of how kids get bit. I had a discussion with the mother, telling her that he needs to ask before petting someone else's dog. She looked dumbfounded. Her child was only 2. How would he know that? I said, "well, that's your job."

PS My malinois is protection trained, too.

steve risher

I don't think I wouldn't mind BSL for those breeds that have ludicrously short life spans(like many of the giant breeds) or breeds that typically have chronic and severe health problems(like the Bulldog). Also I agree with the poster above who seems to be suggesting mandatory training for owners of large and powerful breeds.

I don't think libertarian-"free market" solutions are viable for dogs. Too may "cute " monstrosities have been created by generations of irresponsible breeders and too many mentally and/or physically dysfunctional dogs have been and are still being created by the Kennel Club philosophy of breeding predominantly for esthetics. When problems crop for the owners of the dogs they are free to dispose of the dogs at the local shelter-no one bears responsibility for what human greed and stupidity have wrought.

WE need regulation, but sensible regulation that benefits both dogs and humans. BSL as currenty construed is driven by little but fear.


First, Giuliani (note this correct spelling) has formed an exploratory committee, which is NOT the same as declaring his candidacy.

I am certainly not an advocate of BSL or most all of the things you mention here. However, as much as I love my dogs, and all dogs, and will take certain views of candidates into great consideration, I refuse to rule Giuliani out simply because of what views he may have on these subjects. He is a great man and there is much more to him than his views on these specific matters. And, as rescuers and dog lovers, it is our job and should be our goal to EDUCATE those with prejudice against certain breeds.

For the record, it is not common for adults to be seriously injured by dogs.

Children are the most common dog bite/attack/fatality victims, and they've been bitten/attacked/killed by dogs of all sizes: from the very largest breeds, right down to toy breeds.

Most unprovoked dog bites and attacks are attributed to small to medium-sized dogs.

Giant breed dogs are not commonly reported for biting/attacking/killing.

I have yet to come across a case where the attacking dog was responsibly-owned...pretty much solidifying the most signficant causational factor: irresponsible ownership of any sized dog.

It is the size or frailty of the victim that best predicts the level of injury, should an attack occur, no matter what the size of the attacking dog.

I understand that many adults like to imagine they'd be able to fend off a small, attacking dog. (Hey...I hear that argument all the time.) It still doesn't jive with the real-world facts of dog biting cases that actually occur.

Most adults are not attacked by dogs at all, no matter what the size of dogs they encounter. When they are the victims of attack, they're most commonly the victims of their own dogs, or dogs they knew...again, no matter what the attacking dog's size.

As an expert in this field, I'm happy to answer any questions about the who, what, when, where, why, how, and against whom, of dog bite statistics.

Marjorie Darby


Actually I agree that not everyone is up to the challenge of owning a dog but I apply that to ALL dogs as I consider a dog's size or breed to be of secondary importance. Everyone was a first-time dog owner at one time.

It is unfair to penalize dog owners who ARE competent because of a tiny minority who are not. What other type of law does that?


Remember the "Get a life!" radio rant? He's no fan of ferrets, either.

Kathy Dierolf

I have been in the Pet business for over 38 yrs.I have a pet grooming shop,and have showed and raised large and small breed dogs over the years and still feel that does not make me an expert on the subject.
and although I do not agree with Giulianis methods I do feel that there has to be some sort of rules for owning larger breeds of dogs in large crowded cities like NY.Especially dogs that can be trained for attack or military service,guard dogs and such.These dogs can be dangerious in the hands of people who have them for fighting dogs and or want to own one for protection.There are a lot of irresponsable owners of Pit bulls , Rotties and the like. people who are clueless and do not have the common sense to train there pet properly I don't blame the dogs I blame the owners. I think to myself how some of these irresponsible owners are making it bad for the rest of large breed pet owners.
I myself love the Rottwheiler breed and had owned one for many years and in my eyes was the sweetest dog I ever owned.And a lot has to do with how you raise and train these dogs. And Yes I think there has to be some restrictions for owners of those type of large breeds because there are to many people out there who can't even train there kids right let alone a large gaurd dog or pit bull. And I see it all the time when people come into my shop with dogs they cant handle and should'nt be allowed to own. You probly don't agree with me but I just cant believe that some owners really have no clue of how to keep there pets trained. Once the Alfa dog takes over they are the boss and most times you wont remedy that type of situation. The dog is ruined and it's mostly always do to irresponsible training or no training at all.
I love my Rottie and all other dogs I ever owned. But I would be never want to see a child or an adult maimed by one because of an irresponsible owner. There is no holding back a rottwieller or Pit bull that is untrained. People need to look into these breed throughly before purchasing one.Im sorry but I don't believe everyone is up to the task or knows enough about certain breeds to own one.

LeeAnn O'Reilly

How much more Un American can a politician be,to promote the hatred of a breed which is readily identified as an AMERICAN.


For this man to pursue America's highest office while encouraging the violation of ones democratic rights: by taking away the legal process of innocent until proven guilty is a bigger scar on the face of America than the Vietnam war.Like the men and women that died in Vietnam,these dogs are also the vicitm of media manipulation and political agendas.

Democracy cradles the rights of fair and due process.Democracy is supposed to be what America is all about,that is, unless you happen to own any dog which is short,square of head and has a short coat.Then your rights hang in the balance between bad dog owners and negligent ignorant politicians.

jan dykema

"Rude-e" need to be reminded that some of those brave and selfless search and rescue dogs that risked their lives to seek out any surviors and bodies in the tragic aftermath of 9/11 that took place on his watch in NYC were.. gasp .. horrors .. I can't believe it.. "PIT BULLS".. perhaps "Rude-e" would have prefered for them NOT to be there.. but my bet is the families of the victims were glad for the help. My dog Votes.. but not for "Rude-E"

vickie haywood

not only does he favor BSL but Gun legislation too!!! TOO BAd Rudy...wont get my vote!!!
So we gotta make sure SOMEONE runs we CAN vote for!!!!
Vickie Haywood

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