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February 19, 2007


Laura walker



I live in north down and recently my loving pet has been takin off me cause he is bein dranded as a (SO CALLED DANGROUS DOG). He has never done anything to harm anyone and was well looked after,i just don't know what else i can do to get him back,why should my loving pet be destroyed if he has done nothin wrong can anyone help please???

doreen aldred

i live in manchester and my dog was siezed five weeks ago after a so called good citizen reported him to the police we dont know where he is but the police are doing there best to try and get him back to us we have been in the local paper and have a petition with 300 names on it from local people who are supporting us in our fight to save him

yours doreen


I'm certainly not surprised to hear a 'husky' type was involved in a random attack. Up here in Canada, they lead all other types for dog bite-related fatalities by a HUGE margin. Despite this, our noble Attorney General, Michael Bryant, decided to ban 'pit bulls' in Ontario. Takes illogical thinking to a whole new level, not that banning any breed or mixed breed will prevent bites.

BTW, you do realize you have a spammer/troll posting comments? Not that I would feed it or anything...

The best thing I can suggest is for the lady with the 'pit bull' in N. Ireland to get her dog to friends in the South, then hire a barrister. Unless she'd like to join her pet in the South, that is.

Rhonda Pumphrey

This is irony at its worst..."its the deed, not the breed"??!! Strangely enough they only worry about the DEED when its a non-pit dog involved? I'm quite honestly surprised that since a pit was NOT invovled that it EVEN made the news AT all. Or better yet, I'm surprised that, like in the US, the German Shepherd did not ultimately morph INTO a pit bull during and after the attack ...

This is sickening..i'm sure had the dog been a pit there would already be 100 people coming forward to tattle on their neighbors for being the owner. But the GSD and Husky--well THEY'RE no threat right??

TO address the other situation, the first article mentioned in this blog, the whole concept of mass euthanization is just disgusting and a reprehensible
(im)moral prcedent. It is BEYOND me how people, anyone, can justify killing ANY being that hasn't done anything wrong. Why? Because it MIGHT? Well, under that logic, shouldn't we kill bad children because they MIGHT grow up to be robbers or killers? Shouldn't we kill black people because statistically they are in jail at a higher population than whites and therefore MUST be more prone to a crime filled life? Shouldn't we kill women with post partum depression because they MIGHT physcially harm or kill their babies? What kind of moral compass allows a person to have so little regard for life that they think its justified to kill an innocent being based on a future improbability?

selwyn john marock

Hope you have taught kids how to recognise Paediophiles ,murderers rapists etc,will not mention TERRORISM leave that to the politicians,as a Jew do not beleive that this is a Muslim problem,rather politically a Politically motivated by politicians ,not strange that every time Blair is caught with his hand in the cookie jar,suddenly a few Muslims get arrested.Surprise Surprise and then no charges.

D. Shields

This page is dedicated to fighting BSL in the U.K. & gives a history of the DDA 1991 act, & changes & updates to it.
There is a person (see below) listed who can be contacted about DDA charges, but I'm not sure how current his information is:
(copied from the web site listed above)

The Dog Legislation Advisory Group (DLAG)

Following the disbanding of the DDA Reform Group, the Dog Legislation Advisory Group was formed, with the Kennel Club acting as Secretariat. Following Germany’s introduction of punitive breed specific legislation and the UK’s part in the European Union, it became apparent that this type of anti-dog legislation must be monitored and combated, both at European level and worldwide. The DLAG was formed primarily to encompass and monitor such breed specific legislation globally, as well as reviewing other issues such as political party manifestos and dog fighting legislation.
Further help and advice
Since all dogs are affected by Section 3 of the Act, the DDA is still being used by the police to prosecute dog owners. Dogs Trust advises any dog owner being charged under the DDA to contact Juliet Glass at the Fury Defence Fund for further advice and possible assistance:
Fury Defence Fund
3 Cranmore Avenue
Tel: 01395 512384

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