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March 14, 2007



What a bunch of b.s.
Bob Cain is nothing but a propoganda machine based on his own opinions and no facts.


Errr, William? HSUS talks out of both sides of their mouth. Whatever gets them what they want how they want it. I've never heard of Pacelle putting down ALF, but I darn sure know Pacelle put up ALF's JP Goodwin to be Virginia's HSUS legislative annoyance. Goodwin now serves as the HSUS "Deputy Manager of Animal Fighting Issues," going around to train our nation's Animal Control officers how to frame...errr... catch those dread "gang member" types and illegal immigrants who happen to own pitbulls or chickens.


This scenario is so realistic, its scary. Nightmares tonight, I see.


The “guardianship” idea is interesting and could be easily contracted. In fact, I did such a contract in the 1980’s when we were breeders and wholesale distributors at the time Florida passed a restrictive law mandating that pet shops pay all veterinarian bills. This made an impossible situation for most retailers, and may quit buying from us.

We intended to “lease” the dogs to the customer with provisions for veterinarian care, exchange, and new pets when the old ones died.

We never got it off the ground because retailers found ways to continue to operate.

Others are right on this forum, however, because HSUS is not a shelter or a rescue organization. They simply collect the money, pay their huge salaries, estates, etc., and use the balance to raise more money. Talk to others who have seen them at disaster scenes such as hurricane Andrew and Katrina; they show up, collect thousands of dollars, then mysterisouly disappear along with the money.

Don’t be fooled. They are very little less hostile to pet owners and our industry than PeTA. However, money talks, and they might talk their way into it, again, as long as millions are involved. That would provide many more Swiss bank accounts and beach estates.


Money talks. HSUS has a lot of it; well, what's left over from their advertising, legal, travel, etc budget. Good thing they don't actually help animals directly, because that costs a bundle.

The AKC knows that money talks, too. That's why milled pups are AKC registered, isn't it? I mean, come on, when somebody is putting through tens and even hundreds of registrations a year, shouldn't that be some kind of red flag? And now Hunte is a member of the GSD club?

As the old saying goes 'the love of money is the root of all evil'. Too true.

As for Facile putting down ALF, you wouldn't expect him to endorse them publicly, would you? He probably badmouths his batty spinster aunts at peta too. Are there good people still left in HSUS? Undoubtedly. Do they have clout? Probably not.

Don't be fooled by slickers - AR has an agenda that not only makes no sense but also threatens your future right to own a pet. They are trying to undo an association that goes back millennia because they really believe that dogs should be 'free'. Free to starve, die of disease, be killed by trogs, the whole shebang. Ask the dogs how they feel about that.

I've already asked mine.


this is funny, but wrong. Love em or hate em, the AKC has 100% OPPOSED any and all legislation regarding breed bans, pet limits, manditory spay/neuter, "guardianship," etc. In fact, they have a whole dept dedicated to that stuff.


Beverly is wrong. HSUS has never supported "terrorism". To the contrary, I've seen Wayne Pacelle put down the ALF in no uncertain terms. I think it is silly that some people can't debate these issues without getting into mudslinging and calling everyone they disagree with "terrorists".


One thing though: HSUS has never been, and never will be, about shelters (or about humane, for that matter, considering the animal rights/terrorist activities funded by HSUS). HSUS always was in bed with PeTA (you know, people for the euthanizing of otherwise adoptable animals). If the AKC wants to commit suicide, it'll merge. To go along with your merger analogy, who hears about SmithKline French today?

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