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April 24, 2007



I stumbled on to this site when researching what I thought was a defunct ban of pitbulls in CO.
Boy was I asleep at the bat. Also,
my initial gut reacton that targeting and euthanizing certain breeds was just a flexing of the govt's arm: how far can we go in the policing of the State. Hmm, never dreamt of microchipping. Maybe it is time I-- and many others wake up to an eminent threat
to our civil liberties.
Specifically: what can individual's do beyond vote in
bogus elections???

Crystal Wilson

There really must be something done about all of this. This IS conditioning for future efforts to place them in us (all of us). ALOT of us just sit back and think about how wrong it is. But that is all that we do. Why is this not suspicious? Is it because of the cute doggies and the little jingle song in the commercial? No one cares about your lost dog. I do not fret if the neighbor has lost its dog. Neither does anyone else. Let the dog be a dog and not a prisoner. If the dog runs off, "well my last dog ran away". Let the dog go so that humans do not have to be the next in line to be tagged. IF we allow this, it WILL lead to what is planned and will be mandatory. Please tell me how in the past we have made a difference. How can we stop this? Our government seems so far away to reach, almost intangible. We need much more say so and more powerful voices to do so with in our free land that controls our lives. On my last and most important note, I will draw attention to the bible. That is all I have to say and you know the rest and how it ends. I dread the stupidity of our future.

Betsy Fickel

May I glean many of these comments in preparation for a presentation to our local Farm Bureau annual meeting in August?
My FB aagent had never heard of NAIS and neither have a lot of other pet owners that I talk to.And FB endorses NAIS. When I explain just a tiny portion of it, their jaws just drop.
Welcome to Big Brother.
Thank you for doing an awesome job at digging out the truth and education.

EDITOR's NOTE: Please do. Here re other great resoures for you -, Farm For Life (google them) and www.SpyChips.Com

Barbara Hollands

You raise some frightening questions, that I will be researching. It is upsetting however that you brand right wing conservatives as not interested in stopping puppy mills just because you don't like Santorum. I know lots of people, myself included who are right wing conservatives and we are extremely interested in fighting puppy mills. The left doesn't have a monopoly on decency. There are people of all political bases that abhor puppy mills. Your message will go further if you stick to the truth. The truth is bad enough.

EDITOR's NOTE: I think I said, "Did it make sense to anyone that Rick Santorum - that right wing crusader was suddenly cavorting with the left wing to stop puppy mills"?

Perhaps that language needs clarification, Barbara. What I tried to infer was that it would seem that very few politicians conservative politicians cavort with the left wing animal rights groups to stop puppy mills - and that the issue of puppy mills as it relates to Rick Santorum stuck out like a sore thumb.

This in itself should not be taken to infer that conservatives support puppy mills.

Dawn Ashby

Last week I had a call from someone who has helped me rescue in the past. They found a dog dumped by the side of the road by the lake. The dog was reluctant to leave her post, still waiting for her master to come back for her. They took her to the vet and had her micro-chip scanned. They called the owner and he became very irate and denied ever having a dog. The family felt so terrible for this Golden girl, they immediately had the information changed to their's and adopted her.
I know this doesn't give an opinion one way or another and I do micro-chip my dogs because I never want to loose them, but for some people, micro-chip or no micro-chip they are mean and selfish, I thank God for the people who are not.

EDITOR's NOTE: While there is no doubt that microchipping a pet has its benefits - we are not talking about the recovery of lost animals - which represents a very small percentage of shelter population.

We are discussing the privacy issues and threats to civil liberties that are brought about by mandatory laws and the lack of privacy protections for pet owners and consumers.

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