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May 11, 2007



The time's going to come when the public will wake up and see PETA, HSUS and all the AR mvement as they are. I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT ANIMAL RIGHTS, THIS IS ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS. The AR's are a socialist group that are doing whats called a overthrow. I know theres also hundreds of Neo Nazi's in this group. They call themself's crossovers into the socialist movement. Check out Pete Singer , he's a 2nd founder to the AR GROUP you are seeing. The first founder was a German, a very evil Nazi the year was 1933. LOOK FOR YOURSELF'S.

georgia  gilham

Zazzle is supporting H$U$. Don't buy anything from Zazzle unless you want to support H$U$. Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, said the organization has raised about $30,000 from the stamp sales.

EDITOR's NOTE: Hi Georgia - The good thing a bout living in a democracy and in a free market society, is that people a free to choose from a variety of products on Zazzle. You can buy My Dog Votes stamps though - visit the My Dog Votes Zazzle Stamp Gallery HERE:

Robin Wakker

who is the idiot or group of idiots thant want to eneminate 90% of dogs in yout area. No only are sick, you are fucked up You better not have a
cilhd of your owen
come to you and ask cam I please have a puppy. And watch the litte face brear into tears when you explained how you run all the dog away.

Laura Gonzo

Speaking of boycotts, is it possible for us as a community to speak out against biased and sensationalistic pit bull reporting?? How about a fatwah on any advertiser that supports Nancy Grace, for one?

Seriously - anyone want to talk about this?

We don't have an NAACP or Anti-Defamation League for pit bulls, but maybe we need to become one.


I knew about PETA, but didn't about HSUS. I sent during Katrina but won't ever again. Frankly, there are too many deserving dog rescue groups that don't support BSL. Thanks for the FYI....yeesh.


Peta and HSUS are "amicus" to no one but themselves and their hidden agenda to end pet ownership.

They both tub-thump mandatory sterilization of dogs, without any exemption for purebreds. What happens then? Well, in one generation you wipe out the domestic dog.

Then they'll move onto cats. One of their "great minds" wrote that domestic cats are an abomination.

Feh is the least profane thing I say about these clandestine organizations using charitable donations to pay spin doctors.


Dudes, 'pit bulls' are old news among the criminal element, have been for a few years now. Wait until you see what they're bringing in. Oh, you won't recognize the dogs because they don't fit the media's image of a Bad Dawg, they don't resemble the longest standing purebred dog, the all-American breed, the American Pit Bull terrier.

HSUS's Adam Goldfarb admitted in correspondence that HSUS supported breed-specific mandatory sterlization because it was better than a breed ban and the Louisville ordinance had 'so many other great sections'.

BS mandatory sterilization IS a breed ban. What 'other great sections' did Louisville have? Um, none.



Unfortunately, the pit bull has become the dog of choice for drug dealers and gang bangers. I know though that HSUS has filed an amicus brief in Denver to try and get that pit bull ban overturned. You really need to be more honest with your statements and not just use this as a forum to lash out at the humane society.

EDITOR"S NOTE: Dan- YOU need to be more honest & stop shilling for HSUS. Your very use of the language "the pit bull has become the dog of choice for drug dealers and gang bangers" tells me you have become a victim of the HSUS spin - or you work for them.

Oh, yeah - and unfortunately Nike's are the sneakers of choice for drug dealers and gang bangers -so what.

And Toyotas are the car of choice for drug dealers and gang bangers, too - so maybe we should ask HSUS to ban Toyotas.

So, Dan - the point is this: HSUS can hardly advocate "Deed Not Breed", when if fact, they advocate quite the opposite.

Do send me the amicus brief & I'll be happy to review.

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