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May 22, 2007


The Dude

Don't you guys find it odd that the content of the above mentioned article cannot be found anywhere on RDOWS? I sure do.

EDITOR's NOTE: Please email them & ask.


Actually, to add to the Boston terrier subject, three cities in Ontario sent 'pit bull' compliance notices to BT owners when the ban first came in.

I defy anybody to definitely identify a large Boston or a Boston mix and a fine APBT mix with the same markings (35+ lbs).

Of course Bostons were 'pit' dogs as well, maybe somebody picked up an old history book.

The reason they like to pick on 'pit bulls' is exactly because of the vagueness. It's not a breed, it's a type - with short hair, a boxy head, whip tail, athletic build.

Using the imaginary, undefinable, unidentifiable 'pit bull' works nicely to target many dogs and their owners. This is not an accident any more than the relentless dis- and misinformation campaign is an accident.

In a way, I wish they'd let the cat out of the bag and announce plans to outlaw dog ownership.

That might awaken the sleeping millions, and show them the true agenda here.

It has nothing to do with 'pit bulls' specifically, it affects all dog owners. It allows governments to remove civil rights in plain view while distracting everyone with the elusive, mythological 'pit bull'.

It allows the AR types to get closer to their dream of returning dogs to the 'wild' - as if there were one left that would be suitable for them.

Imagine how well our friends the dogs would fare on their own, lurking around dumps, hiding out during the day, being abused, killed, exterminated by morons, starving, riddled with parasites and disease and most of all perplexed and betrayed by their supposed allies the humans.

It's no way to treat your only friend.

Anybody who doesn't equate mandatory s/n, breed bans and insanely complex regulations with the elimination of dogs is not thinking rationally.


oh, you think Boston Terriers could never be banned? well think again...
(by the way, you do know that BTs were bred down from American Pit Bull Terriers with some pug added, don't you?)

They larger Bostons can absolutely "have the appearance of" a pit bull, which is all it takes to be banned, seized and killed in Denver.

Sonya Diaz reports going down the rows of "pit bulls" on death row and seeing many boxers, Lab mixes and other dogs obviously not pit bulls. You can bet there are Bostons on death row, too.

When you make a law based only on appearance, most of those caught up in it will be innocent


i have beentraining dogs for almost 25 years and i train mostly working dogs.i also breed working line german shepherds i find this terrible and a violation of our civil rights. it isn't the dogs it truly is the people maybe we should ban some of them. Both of my businesses are willing to help. I just had aclient fight the ban law in Detroit,MI and win against banning the pits and american bulldog.i find people that start this stuff must really dislike everyone themselves included.How sad.... Brenda

Jeff Oehlsen

We might as well blame aliens, or some airborne virus for all the good breed bans are going to do.

What unimaginative delirium prompted this??? When will they realize that it is an owners responsibility for his/her dog/s.

I am relatively sure that the people that started and continue this, have never owned a dog in theor life.

Debbi Cooper

I think this list is scare tactics!! You would have to prove to me that a city/county/state has actually banned a non-violent breed like the Pug, Boston or French Bulldog. There are also others on the list that is you do a search on google NOTHING comes up with them being banned. Put your money where your mouth is and show proof that this whole list of dogs is actually banned somewhere.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Debbi - Please visit RDOWS for the answer to that question - I have published their list and have provided links to thier site.

River and Charles

We and our three dogs, none of whom are on the list (one Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and two Flat-Coated Retrievers), will be joining the vigil this August. First they come for the Goldens and the Labradors, then they'll come for the rest of the retriever breeds.

We must all hang together or we will assuredly all hang separately. - Benjamin Franklin, during the Revolutionary War

norman arendt

Where and/or why is the Keeshond and Samoyd banned? anyone know?

Mary O'Connor-Shaver

As a strong supporter of HSUS and the proud owner of a 10 year old rescued German shepherd, I'm deeply concerned about the gross inaccuracies mentioned in this message:

1. First and most importantly, the HSUS is NOT "deliberately mixing visual imagery and video of underground dogfights with the issue of dangerous dogs or dog bite prevention AND providing this footage to your local TV station, Nancy Grace, etc." This is a FALSE statement!

2. The HSUS stands strong on it's position regarding BSL:

"The HSUS opposes legislation aimed at eradicating or strictly regulating dogs based solely on their breed for a number of reas ons. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a common first approach that many communities take. Comprehensive "dog bite" legislation, coupled with better consumer education and forced responsible pet keeping efforts, would do far more to protect communities than banning a specific breed."

To read more concerning the role of HSUS regarding this controversial issue, I invite you to read the article, "HSUS Statement on Dangerous Dogs and Breed Specific Legislation" located on the following link:

HSUS has made a significant contribution to the Central Ohio community in their efforts to address BSL and dog fighting (two VERY separate issues!), and I for one will continue supporting this wonderful organization based on those merits alone.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, Mary - it's like this. HSUS SAYS they oppose BSL - when in actuality they support it. Go here for a copy of their letter supporting BSL in Louisville:

And then to see dogfighting footage they've suppied to News 4 New York - go here:

Karen Bailey

I have 1 pitbull rescue and two boston terriers, and a blue tick hound! 1 out of 3 is not on the list!!! I was attacked twice by black labs when I was younger and have seen several other attacks by them and they are not on the list. So how do they come up with the list??!!! I would trust a pit over a lab any day. I will be at the vigil.

Barking Mad!

I started my own site and blog because of this BSL nonsense!
My paws keep getting caught in the keys but I`ll keep blogging and fighting(figuratively speaking)!
Sign me up.

Pat James

Come on Now!..STOP making excuses for PEOPLE!..
If owners had to pass a test to own a dog the problems would mainly be illiminated!!..Its all a matter of Owner responsibility....Also the knowledge to train a dog to the point of being in control of the dog or knowing when to see a very BAD temperment..

Laura Gonzo

Someone sent our group a few snarky ideas for anti-BSL bumper stickers. My favorite was “Herr Mayor’s Reichfurer tells us you are hiding a family of Pit-bulls in ze attic.”

First they came for the pit bulls...

M  Jones

I'd be really curious which state/community was so wussy it would ban French Bulldogs and Pugs?? I don't believe it. Unless maybe in Denver, where if I had a human kid with a turned-up nose I'd be worried...


I, my Akita of 13.5 yrs and my family, as well as however many friends I can, will be here for the vigil.

If no one stands up for the breeds being targeted now, who will stand up for the breeds that will be targeted in the near future?

Norman Goodfriend

I have an Aussie and three Leonbergers-These dogs are the greatest, most friendly dogs there are. Why are they on the list of Banned Breeds? "Animal Lovers" are only interested in making dogs extinct. Everyone should tell anyone who donates to PETA to read All Their Literature and then decide if they really love dogs.

Michelle Buckner

I don't feel that my presa canario puppy is a threat to anything. She doesn't bark at anything other than the people in my house. She is great with my 3 year old daughter and if they think they are going to take my dog away or ban her they are sorely mistaken and I will fight with every fiber of my being to save her...

Kim Bloomer

My breed, Neo Mastiff, is on this list. Grrrrr. I will be a part of this candlelight vigil and now that I've made contact with some groups here in NM Barb, I'll be encouraging them to participate.

I've been telling everyone here about My Dog Votes and Roverlution. So now I can share the breed ban or restricted list so everyone can see their own dogs on this list and stop thinking it's just a 'pitbull' or Rottie issue!

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