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June 17, 2007


margaret morrison

my four year old pet cleo is to be destroyed on monday 29/10/07 my family are devastated my 14year old son cant come to terms with why they are doing this cleos mother also lives with us they have been together since she was born brit is seven yet she dosent come under the dangerous dog act just cleo they have never harmed anyone and all the kids love them they are taking one of my family and its killing me because i cant stop it court proceedings take so long that it would kill cleo to be taken away from us and it would be unbearable to us knowing she will be so frightend at being away from us like any parent you would die for your children my bond with my dogs is so great i would die to save them this hurts more than i could imagine someone needs to make courts aware of what they are doing to families


Breed bans are alive and flourishing in the USA too. In Kansas City, Kansas a woman was accused of owning a pit bull along with two litters of 5 wk old puppies (19 in all.) All of the dogowners dogs were confiscated by Animal Control, the puppies, her male - Fleas, and two momma dogs (a Doberman and a Labrador). Most of the dogs were killed, only the male and the mamma Doberman were rescued from the city pound. Both dogs have been relocated outside of the city. Even though the dogowner had been under the impression she owned a sharpei/boxer mix dog as labeled by her vet 5 yrs prior, AC still confiscated all her dogs. Now she goes to court facing charges of owning 20 pit bulls. Say a prayer for this dogowner, she will need it in the upcoming months.


The Brits have always been ruthless.

At first it was very hard to believe that a nation of supposed dog lovers could even conceive of an idea like this. It's unfortunate that due to their image as animal lovers, their actions have been copied elsewhere.

It takes a particularly cold, heartless, self-serving type of person to come up with such an idea, implement it and craziest of all, defend it in the fact of total failure.

There are a few of those sick people in public office - and we all know who they are.

Don't ask how they sleep at night.

Their personality disorder means they lack empathy, compassion and a conscience. They put themselves first and will do anything to promote their own interests. Other people are merely stepping stones and pawns to be used and discarded in their endless quest for power.

allie renar

I think this is the ultimate show of ignorance, forget the fact that the breed of dog in question isnt dangerous by nature, but they arent even persecuting based on lineage. This is repulsive and abhorible by all accounts. I am glad not to live in the UK and now that I am aware of this discrimination I will never visit there. Just like Colorado and Miami, another place that will never see my tourist dollars.

Dianne Singer

I haven't finished reading this yet because I keep crying.


I assume in the 10 years this breed ban has been in effect that the low-life, drug dealer and gang member types still own these types of dogs or similar. Who is going to go knock on their doors saying they have an illegal dog?

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