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July 10, 2007




Right on the money.

Nuff said.




Recently there was an article written by a Vet over in CA regarding this crazy legislation and he challenged anyone to walk away from a shelter and not support Mandantory S/N so I took his challenge. I will post my diatribe here but probably have to do it in parts...thought you all might be enlightened a bit, oh and Ed Boks started in Phoenix, we are thrilled to see him gone from here, oh the things I know about Ed!!!!!

Anyhoo, hope this goes thru.

Jaime Garcia
Rare Breed Molosser Resq
Fila Resq

I challenge anyone to come away from a visit like that and tell me, unequivocally, that mandatory spaying and neutering of pets is a bad idea."<***********

OK Ill bite:P
The first and most crucial obstacle standing in the way of success to lower numbers is to take the power to make such decisions away from those that have not walked in our shoes. Our Legislature as a whole, has limited time and knowledge of animal related issues of such epic proportions, relies a great deal on lobbyists (whom are paid to speak on behalf of an organizations interests in the pie), but inevitably, all of these driving forces have an agenda of their own, and in the end it is the money that backs up the legislation that gets the biggest part of the pie. With enough money an organization can afford to hire the best lobbyists, the best lawyers, the best favors, and therefore seem credible. What would work is to allow a totally non biased group of unrelated people/organizations with extensive credentials on this subject matter to provide accurate information to our legislature without having a hidden agenda.

The wrong people are making knee jerk decisions based on conjecture, half truths, and innuendos from second hand sources. "The old He Said She Said" "Welp",,,, then,... by golly! it must be true!

Another major fraction of this puzzle is that by passing these crazy laws, they of course must be enforced. More revenue for the courts, more obstacles for your responsible owners/breeders to try and overcome, pinch another penny here and there, cant afford to breed a litter this year due to all the restrictions added to their already expensive ethical breeding program. OFA testing and any and all other forms of genetic tests arent cheap, nor is traveling all over to make all the shows in hopes there will be enough quality dogs in the ring to feel like you had a worthy competition, and hopefully to earn those elusive points to Champion your dogs. Certainly not now with gas prices soaring.

Not to mention adhering to ones local Animal Control Laws. Faithfully abiding by all the rules, shelling out money to them that for me has tripled in price from the year before, to be in compliance. Those whom are on the record books as complying, get more unscheduled visits (that were not generated from complaints or citizens) from animal control than our neighboring irresponsible owners/breeders/ etc. They unexpectedly invade our privacy, our time at their whim, and if we are unable to comply on their unannounced visit, they start flexing muscles, calling in more officers, calling in PD when their unrealistic demands arent met as a scare tactic, to force one to drop everything and allow them access to your privacy for no other reason than they know about you cause you comply.

I have called and emailed my local shelter staff, to show concern over ongoing issues with neglect and irresponsible management of 75% of the houses within a four block radius. These pets are banished to a lonely existence outside, free to do as they please and set up for sheer failure on complacency of owners alone. It is now in the 100's here in Phoenix, and the chow chows down the street are still roaming all over, and their poor coats are becoming increasingly matted and painful, as each night they wander the streets looking for ??? I have yet to have any contact or results regarding this issue that has been ongoing on just these two dogs alone for 9mo. AND I know all the right people to contact to get things done!!!

Yet they have visited me unannounced 5 times in that same 9mo period and their visits were never generated from complaints or reports. They can enforce me because they know about me.

If breeders want to continue to breed and owners of show dogs want to continue to show, I feel that these people will do what is necessary to obtain the permits to continue to do so. Why should I have to obtain more rhetoric permits designed strictly to generate more revenue to take care of all the unwanted animals in my city/state/town from the very people whose irresponsible ownership created crazy laws that still dont touch them, since they never complied to begin with.

The law should be passed strictly on moral and ethical grounds, alone. AND....Whose morals and ethics exactly would we be going by? Politicians whom have little time or knowledge to make informed decisions? The Animal Rights Whackos whom wish to make animals sentient beings and give them the same rights as humans?

This would not even take into consideration the economic impact of not having to house and kill so many unwanted and abandoned pets. How exactly will one dole out accountability to irresponsible owners, if they are ghosts with no names and no faces? What makes you think there will be less to house and kill? There are hundreds of thousands of organizations devoted to unwanted animals, hundreds of thousands of ways to access programs designed to help you be a better more responsible owner, most are free services or reduced rates to public. Their impact in controlling the over population hasnt even put a dent in intakes.

Recently my city had an article in the paper regarding the top ten major growth issues and their impact on city services. Our city last year alone had 200,000 plus new residents added and animal control with only two facilities to cover not only Phoenix, but all cities within the metropolitan area and outlying areas didnt even make it on the top 12 list. 200,00 more residents can bring an awful lot of pets to the mix. Add two old and unsanitary shelters with a combined kennel space count of less than 1000.

Subtraction by addition does not equate. Your economic impact theory doesn't apply here. The impact comes from the addition of more residents with more pets, but no provisions are made for this high population increase. This is the leading cause of our ever growing shelter overpopulation. It doesn't ever get better, year after year, despite everyone's efforts and devotion and hard work, the next year is just worse and more animals are affected. It has a great deal more to do with not planning ahead by shelter staff etc etc than irresponsible ownership.

Punishing law abiding citizens for the actions of citizens you cannot identify isnt the solution, and the more restrictions put on the small time preservationist breeder, the less we are able to provide quality pets to quality people. Millers know this, the market is pretty much theirs at this point, because society has made it that easy for them.
Why are they tripling the fees on permits to responsible owners whom comply year after year and abide by all the regulations set forth? Why are we punishing our responsible owners? While their countless neighbors border on neglect, non compliance, non existence and continue to be part of the problem instead of the solution.?

They send us a message through our own Revised Statutes by saying, here are our laws, if your a model citizen you will graciously comply, but we are still gonna punish you regardless of your efforts or good deeds. So what is the point of compliance? Damned If I do....Damned if I don't.

Right after these two factors comes the Puppy Mills. While all of us responsible and ethical people are jumping thru the onslaught of compliance, they rake in the dough and put very little of their profits back into that which produces for them. Poor creatures are prisoners of chaos and neglect, severe confinement and only that care which otherwise would land the profiteers in jail should USDA come a calling.

They dont test their dogs, they dont even care if they are riddled with health issues, crippled, severe temperament and social disorder issues, they probably cant cite two things their breeds are most riddled with let alone recognize them. They are not being held accountable to the same standards as we are, but unlike me, they profit end over end. I am always in the red concerning my responsible ownership, I do not breed to profit, but to preserve.

As for me, my compliant lil self is tired of repeated and unnecessary barriers being thrown in my path when my intentions all along have been good and without incident. Mandatory Spay and Neuter will only affect hobby breeders and will have absolutely no impact whatsoever in decreasing the rate of unwanted stray animals.

That is purely a mathematical solution. If your planet produces 1 million more people a year than the year before, then chances are real good youll also need to accommodate all of their needs. You most certainly would be required to provide schools for the million more and their offspring, fire, police, would need to be increased to accommodate for the population boom, why is it that animals are so insignificant so as to not warrant consideration in the top 12?

Why should the public put much weight on this out of control problem when our own government doesn't even find it worthy of a top 12 list? You want change? It needs to come from those that have the knowledge, the background, the education, and the personal commitment without any agendas, the hands on experiences, all the heartbreaks, the joy, real life experiences.

I feel we have at least earned that right, and certainly that respect. But clearly it wont be coming from the powers that be, for their power is misguided and their attention to it not worthy of that much time.
The reigns are in the wrong hands, and those hands are clueless.

Mandatory rhetoric is just that, a big word with a lot of power to it. Makes small people feel important, gives them a sense of power and control in an out of control world. But nothing productive ever comes from it.

Society has made it far too easy to impulse buy. You want ice cream? go up to the corner 24hr Sonic and have whatever your heart desires...Starbucks? Hey all ya gotta do is drive to it and pay. Baskin Robbins has 33 flavors!!!!!! have em all!

So you think that adorable lil mastiff puppy just must go home with you to your tiny studio apartment? No problem, the sales staff will say whatever it takes to make that sale, after all they work off commissions. They now promote and sell High Breeds (their spelling, not mine) tho Im pretty sure they mean Hybrid, and tell the customers that these types of breeds are much more healthy and that they are indeed breeds and not mutts. Why did you know that you can only call them mutts if you add a third breed to the mix, two breed hybrids they claim have more vigor and health. Puhlease, as a Veterinarian, you know better, I know better, but joe blow impulse buyer just wants to have it to fill some void or just because they can.

There needs to be accountability from these millers, they need to be forced to stop deceiving the public, forced to redo their infrastructures to facilitate more comfort for their money makers, provide the most basic care and needs, and not be given easy access to impulse buyers, without any thought for the innocent exploited animals. Perform basic testing of that breeds known genetic malodies, temperament testing of breeding stock and litters, and eliminating any dogs from the program that do not meet the standards set forth for that breed.

I go above and beyond basics, I eliminate substandard dogs from my breeding program, I even rescue my breeds from irresponsible breeders selling to irresponsible owners, and the vast majority of my pocket change is devoted to rescue. I do all of these things to preserve, not to profit. I of course like all hobby breeders have a full time job, and all the bills, and the kids, and the yada yada yada, I do not rely at all on revenue from my hobby, for there never is any...that isnt my objective.

People complain that ethical breeders standards are outrageous and ridiculous and what right do we have to dictate to them how they will responsibly manage that pet throughout its life, and be held accountable to the breeder should they not comply. Why go thru all that when you can go to the mall down the street and pick and choose from countless breeds, 50-60 different types are advertised as avail.

Enacting Legislation for ridiculous and unobtainable compliance might look official and important, but the numbers show that it rarely has the intended outcome. Animal Precinct on Animal Planet shows millions of people in NY, millions of pets, and only 15 cruelty investigators. Even a kindergartner can do that math.

Barring knocking on every single residence and making sure they are in compliance, cruelty investigators rely heavily on public info and reporting of non compliance by neighbors etc. These reports require enough staff to handle complaints and enough time in the day by which to investigate each case. That of course is a losing battle by New York City numbers alone.

Animal Rights Organizations rake in millions exploiting tragic events from private citizens. HSUS alone raked in 37mil from the Katrina Disaster, and the Attorney General of LA had them under investigation by asking for accountability of these donations and where the money was being used. The HSUS refused to comply. They hid that money long before the AG thought to question it.

PETA preaches responsible ownership, among many other things, yet send their employees into neighboring counties and take animals from shelters under the auspice of taking them to their facility and rehoming them. Yet in one county alone an investigation was started after countless findings of dead animals being dumped in back alley dumpsters netted PETA employees taking these animals from said shelter and euthanizing them just a few blocks away and dumping them in containers. The employees long battle in the courts resulted in charging them with littering, and PETA remains untouched.

The very organizations claiming to be the be all end all for animals are playing their own form of God, for their own agendas. Who allows these organizations such power and unaccountability? The very Government that encourages them to be an advocate for the animals, and the deceived public whom thinks they are helping animals. The wrong people are being given way too much responsibility, way too much leeway and due to their deep pocketbooks and the fact that few organizations, let alone individuals are capable of accommodating large disasters, so the legal authorities welcome any organization that can take over for them since generally disasters arent just animal related, it takes a huge weight of their shoulders to have someone supposedly qualified.

When I walk thru my local shelters, I can only think that they are better off in here where they arent afflicted by weather, hunger, thirst or danger and I know that there are far worse things than death awaiting these unwanted neglected innocent animals.....That is how I manage to stay sane and continue to contribute to those in need.

Jaime Garcia
Phoenix AZ

alex can

Keep up the good work fighting BSL. In Australia BSL is law in 5 out of 6 States and thousands of dogs are dying because they look like a photo downloaded from the internet. Don't just vote out BSL's political supporters but boycott organisations and their sponsors who support it like the RSPCA.


Mr. Levine, I do believe your 15 minutes of fame are almost up.


I definately have to say I agree that trying to implement mandatory spay/nueter programs is a waste of much needed funds. They should instead be using that money to mandatorally send aggressive dogs to the dog pschycology center of los angeles, conveniently located I'd say. This way fewer dogs would have to die in shelters simply because the people running said shelters are not qualified to rehabilitate previously abused and mistreated animals. Much like BSL, mandatory spay/nueter is just another bandaid which will fall off revealing a festering wound in the animal community. Stronger punishment for neglectful/abusive owners and actually rehabilitating their victims should be the #1 priority in every chapter of the APSCA as well as local and federal goverments- where animals are taken into concern.

I'd also like to add on a personal level, that I own 4 APBT's and have chosen to neuter one, who doesnt have the correct form and attitude to better the breed. responsible owners can tell these characteristics and make informed decisions. Irresponsible owners shouldn't own dogs, or any animal for that matter.


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