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July 11, 2007



ok im 17 and i love animals....
y sud we get ride (because thats what there doing) of the selected dog.its not there fault its just the way they are....thats like getting ride of u r me because of my colour nationality r because of a dissablity....its horrible..
theres nothing wrong with them at all....THAT RULE MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Downs

I am the owner of 2 beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks who haven't got a nasty bone in their body. Any decent RR owner would tell you that they are gentle giants and i'm horrified to find them on the Irish list of dangerous dogs.
I've also just been told that Wales is considering issuing the same ban.
I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Target the dangerous owners and not the dogs.


No, you're not a second class citizen, you just can't afford to maintain a dog. That was my point and I stand by it.

Anne Mears

I am horrified by this ban - and nearly as horrified by Caveat's comments. I happen to live in council housing as my mother is disabled, and I live with her to help her. I DO also work, but don't earn enough on my own to be able to afford a mortgage, and we are lucky enough to be in a small village, so non estate. I am not a 'bleeding heart' or a sponger, and I very much resent the implication that just because you live in a council property you are some kind of second class citizen!


I only came across this subject by accident, there has been absolutely no publicity about this in England, even my friend who is a vet hadn't heard. This is ludicrous, a labrador bit half the face off a woman in France, a collie bit the nose of a girl this year, do we ban every breed that has ever bitten? Ridiculous. Why should everyoen be penalised for thefew that can't be bothered to train and bring up their dog properly? This ban is so very wrong.


i agree with Caveat.You should not be keeping a dog unless you have the means to look after it. that means any dog mongrel, pedigree or cross breed. Too many people are getting dogs as a status symbol without regard for their health and welfare. They just see it as a way of making a few pounds and thus give responsible owners a bad name. These people do not have a dog for life or as a companion. They are used as a commodity. Somebody living in a flat has no room for a big dog regardless of the breed. They obviously have not bothered to research the history of the breed and their needs. A Grman Shepherd or a rottweillwer were not bred to be fighting dogs.


My personal opinion, and I'm ready for flak from bleeding hearts, is that if you live in taxpayer-subsidized housing complexes and, as is the case in Council flats in the UK, are on the dole (welfare), you have no business keeping any kind of dog.

You simply can't afford it. You can't afford routine or emergency vet care, proper nutrition, accessories or any of the rest of it.

The fair thing to do in this case, if they have problems (and they do because Council housing in the UK is a vision of Hell), would be to allow people with existing pets keep them until they die, set up reasonable regulations for everybody to follow, then have a policy in place that no new dogs are allowed on Council properties.

It sounds harsh, but at least it would be universal, known in advance and therefore fair. If people don't like it, they can always try to improve their position by finding a job and moving into private housing.

The only reason these political hacks think the named breeds are 'dangerous' is because they are living under dangerous conditions - crowding, dirt, violence, property crimes, drugs, alcoholism, you name it - in these Council flats and housing estates.

I still can't figure out what is so sexy about breed bans to these fools. Sure, I get the AR thing, the half-assed politicians looking for support from the cheap seats, the public's acceptance of a transparent propaganda campaign. What I don't get is how this nonsense is being stickhandled past millions of dog owners. It's as if people have been hypnotized - or lobotomized.

Judy M

When all the animals are gone, people will shortly follow.

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