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August 09, 2007


Dane Hoover

It isn't AR groups that are spreading pitbull hysteria - it's all the stories in the press about pitbulls attacking either children or other animals. I love APBT's - but there are WAY too many irresponsible owners out there who have no idea how to care for a pet rock, let alone a pitbull. I can't even count the number of stories I have read where the owner was clearly responsible - either by allowing multiple dogs to run loose in a poorly fenced yard, leaving multiple animals alone together, or a dozen other idiotic things. THIS is what spreads hysteria about pitbulls - not HSUS and not PETA. It's the OWNERS you need to get mad at. Why don't you start policing them?


I'd just like to ask "the powers that be" what they think they will accomplish by passing BSL or banning Pit Bull breeds. Do the polititians actually believe that irrisponsible owners will actually abide by BSL when they don't follow the laws already on the books? Do you think a drug dealer will really care if he's not "allowed" to have a Pit...he apparently doesn't care about the drug laws! The only people who will be affected are the responsible owners. First I'll have to nueter my Amstaffs, I guess it will only be a matter of time before I'll have to muzzle my Pomeranians...


I see it as positive step that dog owners are beginning to realize the role that animal rights groups play in spreading pit bull hysteria. However, I think the notion that HSUS is not involved with local shelters and does not fund them is false. HSUS is deeply involved with local shelters. It has an extensive range of programs for local shelters providing training on kennel hygine, humane euthanasia practices, dog fighting enforcement, etc. I suspect HSUS funding is often labeled as an anonomous donation - the dog fighting tip rewards springing up all over the U.S. at the same time that HSUS is offering a reward for the same dollar amount is an excellent example. My local shelter, which claims no affiliation with HSUS, has a professional PR person who comments on every local pit bull
incident, no matter how minor, always adding a negative spin and frequently quoting misinformation on pit bulls and dog fighting verbatim from HSUS fact sheets.

Tina Brown

PETAM, HSUS & ASPCA Its time to stop lining their pockets and give locally to help direct. They hav all proven again & again, as long as they throw money away no animal or shelte will ever get anything.

LeeAnn OReilly


It is time we tore off the blanket of respectaibilty that HSUS and PETA have been pissing on for decades.

Lets see HSUS supports everything warm and fuzz but plans on sterilizing it for its own good,it plans on taking away due process of the law ,it plans on walking into your home for your own good to see how long doggie sits in a crate,it sells a humane theme without any humane aspects.

Oh and lets not forget,they sit on millions and yet have no shelters.Dogs wasting their lives away in shelters while Wayne uses the money garnered by their plight to further their extinction.

They spin their crap so fast I am getting nauseated.


This article links to the H$U$ annual report. Tell your friends to read it and see how much they spend on animal welfare:

ASPCA is getting a bit AR for my liking too, with their BS about how to spot dogfighters, their push for mandatory sterilization, etc but they certainly aren't as bad as Humane Wayne and his batty old insulin-using, cancer therapy-taking, hypocritical aunts at peta.

Marychris Mass

I keep trying to tell everyone I know about HSUS and their policies and I wish that the ASPCA and our local shelter would do more to make sure that the public sees that HSUS is not connected to them. People just see the words "Humane Society" and assume that they are giving their money to a real animal welfare organization. We need to get more press out about the differences.

Deb Thompson

Remember, the HSUS is an ANIMAL RIGHTS organization whose ultimate goal is the end of ALL animal use by humans through incremental legislation that makes owning animals more difficult, expensive, legally risky, and just not fun. Dog-Fighting is merely another tool to be exploited to accomplish this agenda. It is a take-off board for all sorts of proposed new legislation as we are now seeing. There are plenty of laws against dog-fighting that are working, and the fact that people are being caught and prosecuted, and we are hearing about it on the news demonstrates this. But the HSUS sees the Vick case as a golden opportunity to cash in big time and is doing so.


It's rather amusing that Pacelle's propaganda is completely transparent, yet boneheaded bureaucrats and complacent dog owners fall for it time after time.

Who says BSL only involves 'pit bulls', Wayne? Prove your made up 'statistics' on shelter populations. Oh heck, prove the whole 'overpopulation' meme. Not to mention the shopworn refrain about 'pit bulls' being the most abused and neglected dogs, assuming they existed, that is. Know much about hounds, sonny?

How does sterilization protect dogs from abuse again? I don't see a rational connection.

It's nothing but lies geared towards the elimination of domestic dogs.

HSUS not only had nothing to do with the Vick bust (according to authorities), they had nothing to do with caring for the dogs.

They do not want to stop dogfighting because for them, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Every time they try, they make things worse.

Screw HSUS and the Trojan Horse they rode in on. Ingrid can bite me too - well, only if she's had her shots...speaking of hypocrisy.


HSUS spew has hit Wyoming too. If I may, here's the LTE the local paper printed (not online)

"I was disgusted by the HSUS editorial proclaiming that Wyoming is a “safe haven” for dogfighting merely because the barbaric practice isn’t a state felony. There are many state and federal laws under which dogfighters can be prosecuted as they should be. So passing more laws isn’t really HSUS’ goal. Rather, they seek to increase hysteria about dogfighting and use the victims to raise money for their anti pit-bull, anti-dog and ultimately anti-pet agenda.

The crocodile tears expressed by HSUS over the victims of dogfighting is beyond hypocritical. Despite what many people believe, HSUS runs NO shelters for animals. They have nothing to do with the custody of dogs like Michael Vick’s, or of any other. They do NOT rescue, rehabilitate or rehome any animals.

Not only that, the HSUS believes that ALL victims of dogfighting should be killed. Even puppies. Even dogs that, if the allegations in the Vick indictment are true, were tortured because they would NOT fight.

The cruelty of HSUS is beyond belief, because they are just plain wrong in their contention that all dogfighting victims are inherently dangerous to people and must be killed to protect society. The truth is that such dogs are no more or less dangerous than any other. Indeed, pit bulls are renowned for their love of humans whatever cruelty we subject them to, and many ex-fighting dogs live happy and normal lives. Just like one of my own pit bulls.

The worst part of HSUS’ stance is that it promotes unwarranted fear and hatred of pit bulls and tars them all as dangerous. It is used by shelters to justify killing anything that looks like a pit bull. Many of these dogs are not even pit bulls, since few shelter workers or animal control officer can tell a purebed “pit bull” from look-alike species and mixes. That’s why HSUS is not just cruelly “anti pit bull” but also “anti dog.”

Every dog deserves to be judged on its own merits. Don’t let HSUS fool you into thinking that they care about pets. Don’t allow their lies to cause even more innocent dogs to suffer for human cruelty."


The HSUS and their ilk are responsible in great measure for the flood of pit bulls at shelters. Many people are forced to give up their dogs due to discrimination in housing or laws. Many are forced to give them up due to pressure from family and friends. Many give them up after experiencing the barrage of negative press.

selwyn marock

Unbeleivable only a few days ago I was congratulating this organisation for their contribution that brought down Michael Vick and brought dogfighting into the open.

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