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August 22, 2007



I actually love and adore Wayne Pacelle and HSUS (and Peta) and give them any extra money I have. I am doing some research on the fact they want them all killed, but thus far these posts appear exaggerated.

william bloomfield

I am very disappointed with the humane society and especially peta. What does peta stand for anyway? How is it ethical to destroy an animal without any in-depth evaluation of said animals? Pamela Anderson please take the cock out of your mouth and denounce peta for what they really are...hypocritical money grubbing political tools.


all animals regardless of their background deserve a fair shot at a happy healthy life. is that not what the hsus and peta preach? or is it only the aniamals that require the least amount of WORK to place and adopt out that deserve a good life? seems to me that organizations like these have forgot that true good comes through hard work. is it easy to keep a fighting dog? no. it wasnt easy to repeal slavery or obtain womans rights, but it was still done, albeit with hard work and true sacrifice. seems to me that what we have here is a bunch of white collar cause-mongers who have nothing better to do that provide turkeys with apartments while at the same time live one of the most consumeristic lifestyles possible. you want to do some real good? you want to lead by example? then peta and hsus, provide sanctuary for these animals. you have the money, the manpower and the means, the only thing you dont have is a valid reason for not saving these animals. there is NO EXCUSE for hsus and peta treatment of these animals, and that is why there is so much backlash against these organizations. all that aside, petas analogy of the jewish holocaust being the same as the killing of feed poultry is a slap in the face to all humanity, and that my friends is the greatest source of contempt for these people. while preaching the sanctity of animals lives, they achieve a 97% kill rate and demote humans to a level beneath what these people find acceptable for animals lives.

Dane Hoover

I see all of this and I get enraged. Not at HSUS - at the people posting these rants against them. I think HSUS screwed up badly by posting a fundraising letter about Vick's dogs, but it WAS taken down after one week. I don't like the idea of confiscated fighting dogs being euthanized either, but let's get real for a minute, shall we? Pitbulls require an owner who is prepared to deal with animal agression issues in addition to the other qualities in pits that we love, but that require a higher than average degree of responsilibility (like being escape artists). Now take an animal that may very likely have an extremely high degree of animal agression, and how many available homes are you going to find? An organization like BAD RAP adopts out maybe 10-20 dogs per year. So, multiply that by 100 and you would have the number of confiscated fighting dogs that would need RESPONSIBLE homes every year. Add to that the cost of evaluating them and re-training them. Vick's dogs were easy - they were famous. But how many others would be?
It's a judgement call, and it's also a situation where the breed rescue groups are better suited to step in. HSUS isn't PETA. If APBT owners don't wake up and admit that this breed DOES have it's own unique set of issues, and suck it up accordingly, we will lose them altogether.

Juliet MacKay

Dear Editor- Another thing I want to add is that one of my dogs is a rescued pitbull, that I love dearly. Although I support HSUS and PETA because on balance they do FAR MORE GOOD than BAD for animals, I totally oppose breed specific legislation. What has happened in Ontario is nuts and scary. But here in America, I do wish there were more animal welfare laws and officers who had the power to go into people's homes to examine pets and confiscate uncared for, poorly treated, abused or neglected "pets." Unfortunately, to many domestic animals are locked up, chained and kept indoors in inhumane conditions and starving or living with imbedded collars and the public cannot see them and cannot help them. If only all animal owners cared for their animals the way dog owners on this blog do; but as we all know, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Please be aware that HSUS and PETA do more good than bad, by far. Please remember it is fine line to walk, protecting responsible pet owners while giving the government and animal welfare groups the power to investigate the bad owners. PLEASE stop badmouthing HSUS and PETA, like they do not care about animals generally. They care about animals just like us; in fact they care for more species than just dogs. This is from a dog-lover and dog-owner/rescuer in Chicago.

Juliet MacKay

Sometimes Dog People are defensive and nuts, and many of you Dog People railing against HSUS, Wayne Pacelle and PETA are NUTS. (Note: I am a dog owner and lover who has rescued 2 dogs and spared no expense caring for them and loving them for 11 years.) I love dogs just as much as the next American, but I think as a culture we privilege this one species to the detriment of others. HSUS and PETA are doing what they can to set higher standards of FARM ANIMAL WELFARE because cows, pigs and chickens have virtually NO LAWS that protect them. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I really appreciate those two organizations for putting their efforts and resources towards protecting the welfare of all animals. Yes, dogs and cats are euthanized. Yes PETA and HSUS may advocate for their euthanasia. It is an unfortunate practice but a reality given that there are too many dogs and cats and not enough suitable homes. Don't get me wrong, I support all the no-kill shelters in Chicago, where I live. We donate to them regularly. But I am in touch with the reality of the stray and abandoned animal population, and I know that there are too many animals to place and find GOOD, SUITABLE homes for. If there weren't irresponsible breeders and if every dog and cat owner would get their pets SPAYED, animals wouldn't be euthanized. Wayne Parcelle is not a snake-oil man. It boggles my mind why so called "animal lovers" like those ranting on this website denigrate individuals who have committed themselves and devote their time to bettering the lives of all animals used by humans (i.e. food, medicine, clothing, entertainment)? You all are really paranoid, politically confused people. Try putting your efforts toward something positive, like reducing the stray populations by supporting NEUTER and SPAY programs. Stop ranting about hard-working groups like HSUS and PETA who have done more for animal welfare than this blog or most dog breeders ever have. (You are doing a real disservice to the animal welfare community and with your insane rants against HSUS and PETA. Don' you all are playing right in the hands of the FOOD INDUSTRY i.e. agri-business, factory farms, etc.? Oh wait, maybe some of you posters ARE in the food industry.) (Are you aware that "Center for Consumer Freedom" is an Orwellian name for a group funded by the FOOD INDUSTRY?) I would like to think DOG PEOPLE are smarter than that.

S K Franklin

Thanks to the Court System and the SPCA, all of Vick's dogs were observed and analyzed by experts, and most will be going to families; some are going to a sanctuary; and only one to be injected. Much better. More than a missed opportunity for PETA and HSUS. [See news items on Google for October 2nd.]

Pamela Barnett

I agree with you completely on everything that you said. I have withdrawn my support from HSUS and PETA.

Do you have the contact information for the judge to decide the dogs' fates? Please post if you do. I can't find this info any where else.


Hero Pit Bulls


Well, I found the site where nut-jobs publish their PETA and HSUS hate-rants. What is it with the animal welfare organization haters? I am looking for support for the belief that the MONSTER Vick should pay for the care and upkeep of those dogs for the length of their lives (unless some are so traumatized they can never be comfortable or happy). Instead, this seems to be the home of the PETA and HSUS haters.
Editor's Note:
Dearest Romola - Perhaps the irony may be lost upon you if you are a first time visitor, that the very organizations that purport to protect animals, such as PETA and HSUS, very often do the opposite - with Ingrid Newkirk of PETA actually writing the the San Francisco Chronicle that all pitbulls in shelters should die - to make room for more deserving dogs. I have watched the Michael Vick case unfold with disgust followed by contempt - not just for Mr. Vick, but for HSUS and PETA as they ride this wave of publicity to more cash in their coffers coming from unsuspecting animal lovers - that will indeed help them kill more animals. As a pitbull lover I can tell you that both PETA and HSUS need to be put out of business - and I think they need to return all of the donations they received based on false information.

Danielle Mack

"A woman in Georgia has filed a civil action against the United States government for the dogs. She lists the defendants as "approximately 53 bulldogs." She wants them to be spared, to have their teeth removed, then adopted out into society. If nobody wants them, Bernadette Allen says she'll shelter all of the dogs herself on her five-acre property outside of Atlanta. "

Social Mange

Peta, HSUS and Best Friends are hypocrites with blood on their hands. Their tax-exempt status should be revoked, and their books audited.

Celebrities like Simon Cowell and Pam Anderson shill for these organizations without thought aforethought or investigation of the organizations they promote. DUH.


Gee, Jade, you just HAD to post that article about the HSUS complex, didn't you?

As for Beast Fiends, it's about time they came out to try to take some credit for being involved in the Vick case. Wonder what took them so long?

Who's next? Let's see, we haven't heard from self-styled 'experts' such as Alan Beck yet. I've missed his shopworn quotes about how 'pit bulls' don't belong in urban settings, etc, etc.

Where's Grimes and her crew of money-grubbers? Gee, this is a sob-sister special, could rake in some major coin.

Let's all party on the backs of some poor ol' 'pit bulls', there's gold in them thar hills.


Poor Janis,
Either she works for them, or nobody told her how intimate Best Friends Animal Society is with H$U$, and PeTA. Or how one of the Best Friends' vans was caught on video tape dumping "pit bulls' at the kill shelter in Las Vegas, in time to inflate statistics for a news peice on "illegal breeding" of those "dangerous dogs"!I guess she didn't read the undisputed truth;
Now Best Friends is making a plea for Vicks's dogs!
("The Fate of Michael Vick's Dogs"

August 23, 2007 : 5:23 PM
A statement from Best Friends

posted by Kate Schnepel, Best Friends Staff

There has been much speculation as to what will happen to the 49 dogs seized from Michael Vick's property. Representatives from both PETA and the Humane Society of the United States have stated numerous times in the press that they feel the only responsible choice is to euthanize all of the dogs. Sadly, this is often the fate for any dog or puppy taken from a property where dog fighting is suspected to have occurred. The dogs are often killed without having had the opportunity to be temperament tested or evaluated – even puppies are destroyed as soon as they’re released through the courts.

It appears that, for now, the dogs from Michael Vick's property have been granted a reprieve. Late this afternoon, Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson gave custody of the dogs to the U.S. Marshals Service. Judge Hudson's order instructed the Marshals Service to use "whatever means appropriate to protect and maintain" the dogs. What's next for the dogs is not yet known.

Prior to today's developments, Best Friends released the following statement regarding Vick's dogs:

Best Friends has been in discussion with both the U.S. Attorney's Office and the United States Department of Agriculture about helping to evaluate the dogs and possibly bringing some of them to our animal sanctuary in southwestern Utah. A number of organizations, including Best Friends, have offered their assistance in helping provide these dogs with the alternative of life, instead of euthanasia. Best Friends has a history of bringing all types of dogs to the sanctuary, with many of them from difficult backgrounds. We strongly feel that some of these dogs can be rehabilitated, perhaps not to the point where they could be adopted by families, but to the point where they have a chance to live a fairly normal existence without the threat of ever again being exposed to fighting.)

Oh, and it is interesting to note what H$U$ may be planning for all those "dog fighting" donations...

While PeTA is busy attacking "No-kill" shelters, because they believe dogs should be killed en masse, and with enthusiam!


Someone called and the authorities in Virginia said that H$U$ had nothing to do with the Vick investigation - it was straight police work.

I was laughing today when our local news channel ran a tape of that sociopathic vampire Daphna Nachminovitch yapping about dogs - as if she'd know anything about the subject. She was blathering about how Vick's mutts deserved to escape from a place where they were 'treated like garbage'.

Crack me up - you mean like Peta zombies treated those dogs and cats in N. Carolina, Daphna? You were a witness.

These AR charlatans are blowing smoke - and the public and media are still inhaling. I've been castigating media all day for giving these animal haters any air time at all. The media is so out of the loop on this one it's pathetic - and they think they are plugged in to what's really happening.

They still don't get the AR-AW difference. They think Peta and H$U$ are experts who are on the front lines, fighting cruelty.

What a joke.

mad okie

I am slightly amused by your boycott PETA poll on the blog. PETA doesnt really care about animals. They are against hunting, which if left unchecked can cause even more damage to the animals. They would rather have animals dead than under the care of humans. and now they want to destroy these Pitt Bulls.


Wayne Pacelle, HSUS and PETA should all be shut down and locked up in kennels for life without parole. Let's not forget HSUS is under criminal investigation already by the State of Louisiana because they cannot and will not account for the more than $30 MILLION, which could be as much as $80 MILLION they fraudulently bilked in the name of Katrina. Looking back, and having been devoted to Katrina pet rescue, HSUS went there for one reason and one reason only - to fraudulently collect money. Once they stole people's pets they did not do one damn thing to care for the pets or get them back to their families. It is clear we have to stop donating money to these criminals to the point they cease to exist. Look at the HSUS charter and bylaws. They aren't even organized for rescue work. THEY ARE LIARS AND CRIMINALS. And do you know how many bogus charities HSUS has created in disguise for money laundering. Do you know they have lied about their membership numbers. Do you know they use money to kill animals. Do you know they squander money on t-shirts and coffee mugs for the sole purpose of predatory fundraising. HSUS is without a doubt the single most fraudulent charity in America and Wayne Pacelle is a scumbag and a master of exploitation. And as long as he is squandering money to buy politicians to perpetuate his fraud, he is going to get away with it. When we stop the money, we stop Wayne Pacelle.


PETA are just out and out whacko murderers. THey wouldn't know what ethical treatment of animals meant if it slapped them in the face. They operate as some psycho sicko cult. Yes we all know their idea of pet rescue is to sneak puppies in a grocery store parking lot, murder them in the back of a van and dump them in a trash bin. PETA has plenty of blood on their hands. PETA is the most dangerous group to our pets in America.

On a positive note, if you want to spend your money where it counts, support a no-kill shelter in your area or support Best Friends Animal Society in Knabe, Utah. To donate to HSUS and PETA is to donate to the inhumane slaughtering of our pets.


I feel that Vicks should support a sanctuary for his 53 dogs tell their death - that should be part of his restitution. They do not have to die.


When the story on Vick and the dog fighting came out I was disgusted. Then I heard about "PETA" protesting outside the ATL offices. I was disgusted and outraged. How could a group like "People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals(unless its a pit bull) dare to protest? Any educated fool knows about the groups hidden agendas. They are no better than the HSUS!! This whole Vick/NFL/HSUS/PETA thing has my blood boiling. If Vick is not banned from the NFL for his actions, there is something seriously wrong. Mr. Goodell, where are your morals?
And to The Honorable Judge Hudson..... I will gladly take one of those dogs. I promise to give it all the love, affection and proper training that he or she should have received from that scum Vick.
And to the P.A. handling this case.... Jail, prison, fines or whatever is not a fit punishment for Vick. I have several good ideas involving very inhumane treatment. I will be happy to share.


Peta and the Humane Society kill alot more dogs than dogfighters ever will. They are sorry organizations and play on the hearts and pocketbooks of little old ladys.

gail cavanaugh

i feel that these dogs should be given the benefit of a behavioral evaluation by a reputable behaviorist who is connected with neither PETA or HSUS. since the dogs are victims of crimes that 4 defendants have entered guilty pleas on any fines levied on the defendeants should be used to offset the costs of this evaluation as well as the expenses of caring for the dogs. in the state where i live people convicted of crimes frequently pay fines to victim and witness assistance fund which is used to help victims. i am suggesting that the federal court follow this example.

i also agree that after their deceptive email campaign to raise funds 'for the care of the dogs seized at m. vick's property' the HSUS should feel morally obligated to contribute financially to evaluating and caring for the dogs. i personally received half a dozen emails from them requesting $ for this purpose. that should be the beginning and end of their involvement with these dogs and wayne pacelle should shut up and go to his crate for a time out.

gail cavanaugh

i feel that these dogs should be given the benefit of a behavioral evaluation by a reputable behaviorist who is connected with neither PETA or HSUS. since the dogs are victims of crimes that 4 defendants have entered guilty pleas on any fines levied on the defendeants should be used to offset the costs of this evaluation as well as the expenses of caring for the dogs. in the state where i live people convicted of crimes frequently pay fines to victim and witness assistance fund which is used to help victims. i am suggesting that the federal court follow this example.

i also agree that after their deceptive email campaign to raise funds 'for the care of the dogs seized at m. vick's property' the HSUS should feel morally obligated to contribute financially to evaluating and caring for the dogs. i personally received half a dozen emails from them requesting $ for this purpose. that should be the beginning and end of their involvement with these dogs and wayne pacelle should shut up and go to his crate for a time out.

Danielle Mack

My personal recommendation is a 5 year suspended sentance with 75% of Vicks net income to be garnished for the 5 years he could have spent in jail, and monies distributed to Spindletop and Villa Lobos Rescue Center, the dogs to be divided between these two facilities. Why should the rest of us pay for his incarceration? Let him play sports where humans battle each other to finance the innocent victims...THE DOGS! I'm sure an opposing lineman might define an appropriate "penalty".

Save the dogs? Contact the judge.

When writing please address him as The Honorable Judge Henry E. Hudson. This is the man in whose hands the fate of the dogs rests.

The Honorable Judge Henry E. Hudson
Lewis F. Powell, Jr., U.S. Courthouse
1000 E. Main St., Suite 305
Richmond, VA 23219-3525
Phone: (804) 916-2290


In an award winning display of hypocrisy, Wayne Pacelle called the Center for Consumer Freedon and the National Animal Interest Alliance "contract shillers" on his self indulgent blog. Which begs the question: What then do you call a multimillion dollar non profit that pays lobbyists and marketing firms to erode animal owners CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? Wayne calls it "Humane", but I call it the great animal scam. These people have turned words such as "kindness" and "humane" into oxymorons!
Unfortunately, because of the manner in which H$U$ and PeTA whipped up such a frenzy of harted and outrage, we will never really know WHAT Michael Vick was actually guilty of. There will be no "evidence" presented in court, only allegations made in the indictment. The pressure to take him down was too great.
Because of Pacelle's lobbying efforts, the Federal "conspiracy" bill under which Vick was charged was signed into law in May...just in time for this public spectacle. Coincidence?
Because H$U$ was able to escalate "dog fighting"/"animal fighting" to a Federal offense, instead of a state level felony (WHERE IT BELONGS!!!), The "Feds" were able to threaten him with a possible 20 year prison sentence for racketeering under the RICO statutes, if he didn't plead guilty. Knowing, of course, that Vick has a young son that does not want to grow up fatherless, scumbag pals from the old 'hood not withstanding. 5 versus 20...what would YOU do if those were your only choices?
Because there was apparently not sufficient evidence against Vick himself to file charges for actual dog fighting, and because "conspiracy" is notoriously hard to prove...our fine government cut a deal with known DRUG DEALERS in order to extort a confession from Vick. All the while, Wayne and Ingrid have been basking in the afterglow and padding their bank accounts.
PeTA and H$U$ don't really want to end animal fighting, it's a cash cow of epic proportions. The money raised is then used to attack everything that does not fit into their extremist ideology.
And, in typical herd fashion, our lawmakers have jumped into the bandwagon and sponsored additional state and federal legislation that attacks breeders of American Pit Bull Terriers, and seeks to define "evidence" of dog fighting so broadly that if you do not drop your "pit bull" off at the kill shelter, you might just find yourself in prison. And don't forget the fine print that will allow PeTA and H$U$ to sue you - on behalf of your dogs...WAKE UP FOLKS, THAT PART IS REALLY INCLUDED!!!


I believe that the judge as part of the sentence, should make Vick pay for their upkeep as long as they need to be cared for!

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