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August 17, 2007



I applaud you and the work you have done on this site. I am continually educating others about Peta and more recently HSUS after I learned they turned, too. It is beyond my comprehension how people can blindly follow any organization or news source as someone so correctly said before me, "Most poeple these days think if it's in the news, it must be true! And they believe they aren't ignorant because they read or watch the news!"
I volunteer with two no-kill organizations and I foster cats. I, too was once a victim of bad education from the media but that stopped after I met a boxer, Nala, who the news had me running from and fearing my life. Now, I take naps with Nala and don't think a thing about it! Nala is often considered a "dangerous" dog just by her looks! People who don't even know anything about dogs will think she is "one of those dogs that will bite!" People are so stupid.

People-Wake Up! Don't blindly accept anything you hear-especially from the news! They want to make it look as terrible as they possibly can. They want ratings and they don't care if they have to mis-inform you to get it.

As for Peta and HSUS, I don't have enough time to show enough disgust for them. Ingrid Newkirk is a nut. She has a will that directs someone to BBQ her body, give her eyes to someone who tests on animals and some other morbid acts...this is not a sane woman.

Ingrid Newkirk DOES NOT believe anyone should have any animal as a pet and would rather see them ALL dead, despite what she says. The actions of her organization speak louder than their words.




please go to the following website to see my situation regarding RSPCA..;_ylt=AvlMNf.a0ROgGZCvbgVIljXg5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20070919174512AAYOY0k

Helping animals.. i think not..
i need support as i am confronting them tomorrow at a meeting.. please let everyone know the site, read it, see the photo and support me, my dog and all other innocent dogs out there!!!!!!!!!

pork chop

"which is better? Being in a cement/wire kennel all day every day, or being humanely euthanized? You can see that they are only trying to put the best interests of these animals first--even if it may seem harsh at first glance."
says Ellie.. I hate to sound "harsh" BUT Ellie.. you are a dumb bitch and I use the word in it best sense..Which would YOU choose.. Life in a small apartment or being "humanly KILLED" I would bet you would take the small space and yes it seems "harsh at first glance".. and second glance and third glance..and if the "best interst of the animal" is to be DEAD then by all means.. suport PETA.. they love to kill dogs.. and cats too ..they are not fussy.. and gee they even got caught..


I FEEL SO STUPID! And not to mention,horrified,and infuriated to say the very least.I really bought PETA's false standing about
animal rights. I'm so glad i found this site. The event's bringing me to this site is,from what i just discovered,is aperently becoming a prejudice,and awefule accurance.
I live in a mobile home park in wyoming that has been sold right out from under it's resident's,I was promised tnat my lease would be honnored and transfered to the
new trailer court accept for just a couple 'small' changes, a raise in rent and to my absolute shock and devastation, quote" you can't bring that dog(my pitbull),the insurance company won't cover tne trailer court if any one ownes,pitbull's, chow-chow's, dalmation's, OR ANYTHING THAT BITES.
How redundant is that statment?"Anything that bites" all
dog's have teeth for God's sake!!
The point is not all dog's us them,
unless thay are trained to(police dog's),or abused,neglected,starved,
In other word's,THERE ARE NO BAD
I have a prescription for my dog i
am disabled, and spend about 80% of
my day's at home, with my dog,'Valkarie', i have no children and live alone,Valkarie is my best
friend,and my child as well,and,
where i live there is an "oil-boom"
and ther are so many out of state workers that must move for work that there's not even a 'for rent'
section in the herald, he has Valkarie and i fighting for her very life i love her so much that we may be forced to put our belongings in storage, and living
out of my mother's car, with winter
at it's begining this i a frightening prospect, non of my friend's or family can take her, becouse we all live in the same park, and are all in the same boat!
This may sound drastick to many, however there is only one animal
control here in our little town,
that can only offer my dog,(my child),about 3day's to be adopted
and then she would be KILLED,murdered, just becouse of prejudice. Prejudice is evil no matter if you are a 'human person',
or an 'animal person'. I did,'t reallize how seriouse Animal Politics had gotten until visiting,
this site (i never thought of dog breed right's while choosing public officials), thinking more of
endangered wild species and now the
endangered species list can have one more species added,MAN'S BEST FRIEND.
I hold hope for all of those who are speaking out about this cruell
and discusting discrimination, and
i hope to do my part as well.
TO Molly: God bless you sweety,
my prayers are with you and your'e
parent who has suffered such a loss.


PETA is not supporting the widespread killing of all pit bulls in shelters. They support stopping the breeding of these dogs to prevent general overpopulation and to decrease the numbers of this breed. Anyone who has volunteered/worked in a shelter knows that pit bulls/mixes are the most common dogs in shelters, and it is true that pit bulls are considered a 'status' dog to some segments of the population. Also, the reason no-kill shelters are not always perfect is become some dogs/cats/others are doomed to a life in a kennel forever if they are not appealing enough to be adopted out. I believe everyone should consider the humane thing--which is better? Being in a cement/wire kennel all day every day, or being humanely euthanized? You can see that they are only trying to put the best interests of these animals first--even if it may seem harsh at first glance.


I applaud you for this site, and your work in educating people, who have been brainwashed by PETA and HSUS.
These organizations, need to be outlawed. They are nothing but terrorists!!with the agenda of phasing out all companion animals.
They are sick, sick, sick.

Keep up the fight, the Pitbulls I have met, in the dog world, are just big wooses. Would rather lick you to death, than bite.


I believe that killing dogs is wrong because it’s really not the dog’s fault. I believe that the owner is responsible on how they raise their dogs. People today, in this world, treat their dogs like they’re nothing and they beat them or do anything they can to make the dog feel like they are nothing. In this case, I believe more people beat their dogs so they can be fierce and not be all nice just in case of a burglary or something. So this is my thought on putting dogs down when they attack the wrong way.


I own two pit-bull mixes and I am fighting BSL in my community. The reaction that people have to my dogs is shocking. Sometimes they cross the street to get away from the dogs. But all is not lost. My big male wears a shirt that I made him saying "Don't Ban Me!" and we go out and meet new people every day. He is like my doggie ambassador. I have known about the PETA and HSUS problem for awhile now. I went to argue my point at a HSUS meeting in Savannah GA but everyone just ignored our questions and comments about BSL. As an employee at a No Kill Shelter I am constantly faced with the problems brought on by the negative pit-bull press. I just wish that more people knew and understood how great these animals really are.

Gillian Shippen

I noticed too, thanks to the media hype, when I got my first Rottweiler some poeple's attitude towards me changed. When having a friendly chat with one of my clients (I am a Veterinary Nurse) who knew I had chihuahua's, she was shocked to learn I also had a Rottweiler and said to me "oh so you like those nasty aggressive types do you" while making snapping movements with her hands and fingers and twisting her face. I quite bluntly said "no I don't that's why I got my Rottweiler because I wanted to prove they are not like that, no more so than any other breed of dog!" Her reply was something about reading or hearing it on the news. I did ask her if she really believed everything she heard or saw in the news.
Most poeple these days think if it's in the news, it must be true! And they believe they aren't ignorant because they read or watch the news!

In Australia the call is out to ban Rottweilers and any Bull Terrier types. The Pit Bull is only just starting to reach our shores and there already are restrictions on them.

I still believe that the so called list of the top 5 -10 aggressive breeds changes with the whatever breeds are popular at any given time and banning certain breeds is only going to move the next popular breeds up the order.


I have educated people on Peta and HSUS and managed to get quite a few to stop donating, once they learned the truth about the fact that the only "animal right" Peta and HSUS supports is the animal's right to die.

Now, if only those moronic celebrities would develop two IQ points, actually investigate the organizations they endorse, and then tell it to their fans.


AS usual, continued media hysteria fuels the frenzy so adored by those in our society so willing to take the 'news' as their source of real information - those too lazy to do their own research. God, how depressing. Countless times we've offered to sit with Council and offer them viable solutions to end the loose dog 'problem' in the cities - they decline. They'd rather go to someone who will agree with them that specific breeds are problems over someone who will look them squarely in the eye and tell them they ARE WRONG. BSL IS WRONG. BSL IN UNENFORCEABLE. BSL WILL NOT CURB YOUR 'PROBLEM'. They'd rather waste resources on allowing their city attorneys to 'defend' their 'stance' against the frantic owners who have to shell out thousands or have their pets killed, rather than hire another animal control officer or better yet, assemble a citizen task force comprised of DOG people, vets, ACO's, etc. to enforce licensing, leash and containment laws. They'd rather just say 'no pit bulls' than work on an enforceable, fair, GENERIC dangerous dog OWNER piece of legislation. Nice. Government has NO place in dogs.

I'm sick of living in the midst of such idiots who have nothing better to do than to bitch about a DOG. Nothing better to do? Gosh, Denver, maybe you should work on getting your murder rate down - or is that b/c of pit bulls, too? We better start voting people like Nelson out. Everyone says 'it will never happen here' - well, it's 'HERE' and 'here' is everywhere. No city or town is immune anymore. We have cities employing people to confiscate and kill pets just like China does. HOW PATHETIC.


HSUS & PETA have done a wonderful job with the Pitbull hype. But this is only the begining of the total loss of animal ownership in America. They neened a starting point for their agenda and pitbulls are a great target. Altough I don't personally own a Pitbull I know several people who do. They are sweet, gentle and great dogs. It is all in how they are raised and cared for by the owner. A Chihuahua could be a dangerous dog if it were the size of a Pitbull.

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