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September 05, 2007


Nancy Muniz

You know, a lot of this sounds JUST as biased and extremists as the PETA and other AR crapolla. There is no 'myth' about excess, unwanted animals in this country - it is a reality and to think that be totally opposite of the ARs is the key to fixing anything is asinine on face. Most of the excess animals don't make it to shelters and rescues - I find them dead in my front yard and along the roads. Many of y'all are acting like vindictive children in an attempt to contradict the ARs - they are bad enough but for y'all to behave just like them only at the other end of the spectrum will 'help' about as much as their BS. Fighting lies and stupidity with more lies and stupidity isn't the answer.


Are there any other inner-city open door shelters beside San Francisco - a special animal loving city if there ever was one- that have succeeded with this? Rural shelters don't compare(most people put a bullet in their animal before they'd bother with a shelter - rural ones don't have the intake #s of city shelters) but has Mr. Winograd collected an HONEST number of animals that no-kill shelters TURN AWAY? (Are those numbers even recorded by no-kills?)Our local no-kills have preprinted directions to the open door shelters. And it only takes one rejection from a no-kill before the owner or good samaritan bypasses the no-kill shelters the next time they find a stray because THE NO-KILLS DO NOT TAKE THE ANIMALS IN MOST OF THE TIME! And "adoptable" is so broad. My local no-kill shelter does not accept pit bulls or pit bull mixes even if they have the room (rarely)and yet they are lauded as part of this great No-Kill cause. I call it Leave The Killing To The Other Guys! When no-kills stop turning animals away, then I will believe this is possible for all shelters.

Hank Greenwood

Hi Barbara,

Loved this article and also the PLEASE KILL ME WITH KINDNESS. Could I get reprint permission for the Gazette so I may spread the word?
Please e-mail me directly at

Your friend,


could you explain in more detail how the mandatory spay/neuter laws kill more pets? I'm not sure I understand the relationship.

Sue Cosby

Nathan's book is incredible. Everyone simply must see his presentation. He will be in Philadelphia on Monday (September 10th).

It is shameful that PETA and HSUS consistently calls for the killing of animals in shelters. There is nothing ethical or humane about senseless killing.


I really wish the mainstream media would jump on this, especially in light of the fact that a good majority of the reason that Vick's dogs will get at least a token reprieve for behavioral evaluation, if not a fully fair evaluation, is due in large part to the public's outcry that the dogs were going to be summarily killed. They’ve used the Vick case to up their ratings, so if they REALLY cared for dogs and cats, they would make this National news too. It sickens me that these organizations that get so much money from the public, only to use it against the public, have less respect for the lives of dogs and cats than the hobby breeders they demonize daily. If that money were instead given to no-kill shelters, imagine the difference it would make in millions of dogs and cats lives. Now, I’m off to buy this book :).


Mr. Winograd is a long time hero of mine as well. He is, in deed, proof positive that it can be done. The small open admission shelter for which I work, only shelter in our county which is in a suburb of Baltimore, has adopted many of Mr. Winograd's philosophies and ideals. Consequently our little shelter which recieves in almost 6000 animals a year including our contact to harbour animals for the county animal control has a 96.8 % save rate for dogs and we are working hard to get a handle on cats too. Our save rates have nothing backed out. This includes all dogs, regardless of breed, age, how or why they arrive. It includes those that come in a little funny, in need of understanding and some work. It includes the old ones and the infirm who have given a life time of love and now need a second chance. These are animals that do not languish is kennels for the rest of their lives as some critics suggest of the no kill movement, but live them in loving homes.
Yes, Nathan is an inspiration and an idol to many of us in the sheltering field. He is a fine example of what should be.

Vickie Haywood

My Dear Barbara this is the best piece so far!
Now where can I get that book????
Editor's Note - Dearest Vicki - You can order it throught your local book store - Redemption hits the shelves Sept. 30th - or head on over to to place an order:

Happy Reading!

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