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October 09, 2007



Unfortunately, a large number of voters in Ontario still need to pull their heads out of their backsides on this one. We are now stuck with a government that is legislating dogs to death for another 4 years.

With any luck, they won't need another distraction from poor leadership that will cost thousands of dogs in another Breed to suffer.


Ken Sondej - Nevada  USA


Looking forward to a major defeat of the Liberal Party in you election today.

Nevada Pet Law and Nevada Animal Owners & Sportsmen - Voting Alliance wish you the best.

Walt Hutchens

Dear CKC: Do you give lessons? If we send you another kennel club (first initial 'A") could you teach them how to support dog owners and oppose breed bans?


Good luck to Canada on election day; we'll be pulling for you!


This is wonderful news. I hope he's soundly defeated, and I also hope that politicians all over America get the message that dogowners are fed up with anti-'pit bull' hatemongering.


We can nly hope that Dalton will be "licking his wounds" and slinking off in defeat...and then then next one and then the next one.. unitl they are ALL in the 'doghouse".. of course my dogs would boot them out even from there......if they ever actually went into a dog house.. They prefer the couch

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