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October 09, 2007



Well Cherie it appears Juliet needs to do a lot more research regarding her favorite groups H$U$ and PETA. Guess she doesn't know that a lot of donation dollars are going to buy politicians and fund anti-animal bills all over the country. Who would have guessed that H$U$ gave more money to conciliates in 2006 than Haliburton and Enron. Gee that sure is a go use of dollars that were meant to go to help animals. By the way Juliet be sure you watch you Pity very close because the legislation mentioned is directed right at any dog that resembles a Pitbull. Surprise surprise you donate money to someone who wants to kill your dog and every dog that even looks like yours.


you should ask for a refund...EVERYONE gets a mug.. or a blanket.. or an umbrella..from the H$U$.. even small donors..
But really the reason you should get a refund is becasue you say you do not support BSL.. well get a grip (as the saying goes)and understand.. the H$U$ supports BSL.. they have called for the killing of all of Vicks dogs based soley on the way they look.and they freely admit that no "fighing dog' can be rehabbed and we all know this is NOT true, right Juliet.. you do know this .. right.. ??. The ASPCA intervened and hopefully all but one will be left to live out their lives... now if calling for the killing or 49 "pit bulls" ( no such breed) is NOT BSL.. then pray tell what is? The H$U$ calls for MANDATORY spay/ neuter for all dogs EXCEPT "the evil breeders" of PUREBRED dogs..HUH?
as for your support of PETA.. Have you no shame.. PETA kills 90 percent of the animals turned into them.. They are PROUD of it. The "fearless" leader Ingrid Newkirk calls for the extintion of the "pit bull" ( no such breed) and is PROUD to say she has killed MANY hundreds of animals with her own hands.. of course now that PETA has millions of dollars she is happy to delegate this task to her minions .. who by the way were on trial for just such a mass of killings and dumping of pets illegally in a grocery store DUMPSTER.. hmm killed behind closed doors in a smelly van with people to lazy to drive the dead lifeless bodies back to "headquarters" because of the vile smell of dead and decaying bodies.
Juliet, you do not own a "pit bull" (no such breed).. you own a mutt.. the very same dogs that the H$U$ wants eliminated
I suggest you buy a copy of the book Redemption, The Myth of Pet Overpopulation.. by Nathan Winograd.. and yes he is an Animal Rights person.. and he "gets it' about PETA and the H$U$..
H$U$ is PETA with a better suit and watch.. that's all

Juliet Mackay

One more thing. Check out HSUS's 4 star charity rating at Charity Navigator:

Best Friends animal society is only 3 stars:

I'm telling you, HSUS is the best one out there.

I'm going to go give my dogs a hug now.

Juliet Mackay

Again with the HSUS bashing. What is it with you people? I really think Cherie, perhaps, that you have ties to the agri-food industry or something. Only someone from that industry would have such a "slick" view of HSUS, because what you describe is really EXACTLY what the FOOD and PHARMA industries do, that HSUS and PETA are trying to rail against. (Oh wait, Cherie, are you a breeder? Heck DOG BREEDING SHOULD BE REGULATED in this country. It is in Europe. There are too many stray and unwanted dogs in America as it is. Only TRULY TRULY ENLIGHTENED and REPUTABLE breeders should breed dogs.) I love pit-bulls, I hate BSL, and YES I support HSUS and PETA, because I know that animal welfare issues go far beyond me and my love for my pitbulls. HSUS and PETA cover different issues than the no-kill organizations I support in Chicago that save pitbulls (CCRF, Arfhouse Chicago, NLOL, to name a few).

But this is all to say that at the end of the day I KNOW my dogs live PRIVILEGED lives (my pitbull has her own couch, own fenced yard, we walk her 3 times a day, she sleeps on a swedish memory foam dog bed and she runs and bikes with us several times a week). Meanwhile, animals in the FOOD INDUSTRY and BIOMED industry and CLOTHING industry have practically no welfare standards. Farm animals have no rights. Biomed creatures have some rights under the Animal Welfare Act but WHO IS ENFORCING THIS? You think our federal government is enforcing this? NO. HSUS and PETA and various animal sanctuaries and welfare groups pay people to go UNDERCOVER to document the conditions these animals live in. We do not know what goes on in the cattle, pig, chicken warehouses, and in pharmaceutical research animal labs, because these animals are caged and behind solid walls. No one is there to care for them. In fact, most people in the agri-business who slaughter animals are probably violent and disturbed. You have to be to do those jobs.

I really think we dog-lovers are all on the same page here and want the same thing. So maybe we can all just agree that we love animals and want what is best for them. We can do our part without getting pissed at another organization just because they take a stance on one particular that is not in our favor. Look at the big picture.

PS. I have no problem with HSUS using Katrina as an opportunity to raise funds to get more donations so long as they use the funds for legitimate animal welfare purposes. The only time I donate to charities is after a crisis or event or issue. It is an unfortunate but real part of campaign fundraising. Also, whenver I donate to HSUS I have NEVER RECEIVED a mug, t-shirt or any other misc crap from them. I think some folks are being paranoid. Let's just put our love and energy toward the animals people.


Why are they tax Free. they slaughter for profit? Why hasn't the trial records been introduced to IRS. I notice when churches are involved IRS is real interested and they have all the records then.
Bob Moseleyb Sr.

Cherie Graves

The huge animal rights organizations are the real exploiters. They exploit animals, and people to keep raking in the money. H$U$ operates no animal shelters. PeTA operates one "shelter" and I use that term loosely, it is in fact a killing factory for pets to the tune of 86% kill rate. That is the highest kill rate for any "shelter" in Virginia.

The biggest lie is that these folks have "compassion" for animals. They have no compassion. They are greed machines, that accuse dog breeders of being greedy, and they have amassed hundreds of millions of dollars that they use to put initiatives on the ballot to attack animal husbandry, and pet ownership, and breeding practices. They groom legislators who walk animal rights Bills through Congress, and through state legislatures. They give "compassion report cards" to elected lawmakers. They target the campaigns of honest legislators who work to protect the rights of their constituents. They do all of this as a tax free charity. How do they get by with it?

The animal rights movement is a well oiled politico-religious movement. The worship money and power. They masquerade behind a guise of caring, and compassion for animals in order to fool the tenderhearted into financing their evil programs and furthering their anti-humanist agenda. They are the biggest animal business in the world.


A few weeks ago when I contacted the LA AG's office, the criminal investigation against HSUS is still pending. I've made numerous attempts to get Wayne Pacelle to respond to the Katrina fraud. You know as well as I do he won't answer. That would require the truth. There is some $30 MILLION unaccounted for. Want more lies. Read some of their old website posts shortly after Katrina where they made all those fraudulent representations about PROJECTED MONEY WHICH WILL BE SPENT IN LOUISIANA. Trust me on this. It was considerably larger than this lousy $600,000. Come on, the money went in Pacelle's pocket. Lies and more lies. I've said many times Wayne Pacelle should face criminal indictment and the Feds and the IRS need to seriously overhaul HSUS. And if you think I don't know what I'm talking about. THINK AGAIN. I've been to the AG's Office in LA. YEP. Thought they might want to see documented research on HSUS fraud long before Katrina. HSUS is the biggest animal scam in America. And the sooner everyone wakes up and smells the coffee and refuses to give them one dime, we'll get results. Give your money to Best Friends Animal Society or support a local NO KILL in your area. HSUS supports "F" rated charities and falsifies their numbers and their members. When will people wake up and realize how scandalous they really are. And for all you die-hard supporters of HSUS. Guess where your money is going. It goes to buy coffee mugs, t-shirts, umbrellas and keychains, to send you to bilk you for more money. It lines the pockets of politicians and it pays for drugs to KILL ANIMALS. Check out my blog for more Katrina details.

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