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October 19, 2007



I understand and sympathize with the concerns of the people here. As a Mom bringing my son to school, I had my own run-ins with a few rude dog-people who seemed to feel entitled to certain parking areas. You will find rude people in every group, though, so please don't paint all of the Ward Acres dog people with that rudeness brush.

I am also a Ward dog person, and yet I don't agree with everything that has been claimed and/or demanded by the people supposedly representing my interests. For example, I would have been happy with a fenced in field, even though my particular pooch never runs in the field, but on the way to it. It isn't about MY dog, but about fairness, and the field was a reasonable alternative.

What I can't understand or sympathize with is how so many people are missing the main problem with this ordinance. It is NOT just a threat to "dog owners and their civil rights," but to EVERYONE'S civil rights!

First of all, by requiring an additional fee for the use of Ward Acres, an otherwise public location, the ordinance is flagrantly unconstitutional. Not only that, if they can do it to people going into Ward Acres, why can't they do it to people going into New Roc City? Downtown Business District? Anywhere?!

Secondly, by requiring a stop and search for the approved papers, this ordinance allows the authorities to abuse the constitutional rights of everyone in Ward Acres with a dog, whether on leash or off, and non-dog people walking with them will be stopped by the police, too. Papers proving license payment AND rabies shots must be presented. Amazingly, the rabies tag on the dog that satisfies every other place in the country is not enough for the New Rochelle Ward Acres Dog Police! This is all very unconstitutional, not to mention Un-American! This ordinance turns a day in the park into a risky foray into a police state for EVERYONE attempting to enjoy a public county park!

This brings me to my third point:
This ordinance illegally excludes "outsiders", defined as non-New Rochellians, even those sharing the same Westchester county with us. Residents of Scarsdale, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, White Plains, etc are obviously unwelcome in this police state, even more so than New Rochellian dog people, as shown by the unbelievable fee/tax of $250 per dog, as compared to $50 per New Rochelle dog. This illegal fee system amounts to an invisible wall around the county park that presumptively prevents other county residents from entering. I believe the purchase agreement for this county park makes it illegal to do such as thing.

Eliminating the hyperbole, my point is that I strongly believe that this ordinance has raised issues affecting EVERYONE. I believe and hope that more people will get interested and involved in the controversy if the debate is correctly refocused from dogs to the constitutional rights of everyone being violated by this ordinance. It allows the police to stop you and ask for papers, for goodness sakes, just like in old World War II movies! Such a flagrant attempt to infringe upon the constitutional rights of county residents should shock, outrage and worry EVERYONE, dog person or not.


Maybe I'm stereotyping here, but isn't it a bid odd for someone named Noah Bramson to be in favour of unreasonable search and seizure of law-abiding citizens?

Just asking...

selwyn marock

When politicians keep failing on real issues like Rapists,Murderers.Paediophiles,Drug-dealers etc.etc.they, to show they are doing something they start legislating against the law-abiding.If you were a cop would you not prefer to harass people in a park that are walking their dogs or go after drug-dealers who are armed and shoot at you.
This has become a world-wide problem hence violent crime is spirralling.



Although I don't own a dog, I am a smoker, and when Barbara mentioned that it was the World Animal Health Organization, it was immediately familiar to me. UN stuff again. The whole process is just like the UN WHO Tobacco Control Framework, to outlaw tobacco all around the world.

Well the UN is doing this with dog ID's now, apparently. Part of the world fascist dictatorship scheme of the UN. Folks, don't just blame Bush...If you look hard enough, you'll find that all these new, ridiculous rules come straight out of the United Nations. Including the new Obesity laws, that will tell you what to eat and what not to eat.


Nice work Jeff. let's do this for lots of places.. MY DOG VOTES.. I cannot beleive the judge decided NOT to hear this.. Let's hope the appeal has more bite!!!


Website url is

not .com

Nathan Janes

These are truly some scary times. Maybe theirs a secret Patriot Act for pups now!

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