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October 24, 2007


kayla erebia

This man should not even work with any type of animals! he bases his speach and what he says on self opinion! not knowing anything just what he thinks and its wrong! own a pitbull train, and treat it RIGHT! and you will learn that your mind is nothing when you think the way you do about the breeds!

Wow, you people r fuckin nuts


When will we finally evolve to the so-called humane society we pretend to be. Breed Specific Legislation will do nothing to end dog fighting or aggressive dogs. Wake up you idiots. The dogs aren't the problem. It is the morons and abusers who are allowed to own them. What we really need is PSL - PEOPLE SPECIFIC LEGISLATION. Animal abusers, like pedophiles, should be required to register with the government and should be ban from ever owning an animal again. The communities in which these haneous inhumane evil doers live should be a matter of public record. My pets are my children, and if there is an animal abuser within 10 miles of me I want to know about it to protect my children.

I'm the proud mom of a rottweiler, a breed that gets almost as bad a rap as pitbulls. She could have been vicious and dangerous, and would have been, had I not taken her from the idiot who was training her to fight and kill. Funny thing is when she came to me I discovered she loves children and she's devoted her life to helping children in therapy. She's still the same rottie she was at birth - but a totally different dog - WHY - she has a family and a RESPONSIBLE OWNER.

So to all you idiots out there who endorse BSL and think controlled breeding will stop dangerous dogs, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL AND A DANGER AND A THREAT TO THE LIVES OF DOGS EVERYWHERE AND THE MANY ATTRIBUTES, VALUES AND SKILLS THEY BRING TO OUR WORLD.

Do your homework. You should spend more time listening and gathering your facts, than running your mouth with your messages of hate and genocide. And while you're at it, dig a little deeper and find out how many of these aggressive dogs are coming from despicable puppy mills who are profiteering off of not only animal suffering, but creating human suffering.

If you don't know where the real danger lies and where the problem begins and how to stop it, YOU ARE A VERY DANGEROUS MEMBER OF OUR SOCIETY.

GET A LIFE, DO SOMETHING USEFUL, AND LEAVE OUR BELOVED PETS ALONE. If they bite you, it is because they were trained by animal abusers, and you can bet they are smart enough to smell one a mile away. They just don't have the luxury of escaping to a safe haven of love when you put a choke collar on them and tie them to a pole.


Allie Renar

This site is derrogatory and untrue at best. But, by many it may be perceived as truthful information. It is things like this that need to be addresed before the general public becomes aware of them. Please help. I have personally written them with many statistics I myself know. But i beleive that involvement from others, such as yourselves, would greatly help the cause. Please take a moment and write them, send some statistics or information that you think might help. Please.


Well, I guess that lowers my choices for school down to 27. With only 28 colleges in the United States that offer Veterinary Medicine, Purdue is off my list. I will make sure to pass the information about MR. Beck onto all the other pre-vet students. (sorry, but I cannot give the title of doctor to someone who shows this type of ignorance) What an ass!!!


Doctor Beck is a good example of the Peter Principle! I will put the 150 years' experience of evaluating the temperament and behavior of pit bulls among our volunteers and our own CVT up against him in a forum and he would be shredded like the sham he obviously is!!!!!!


Oh my god! This ass should be removed immediately!!!! I am also boycotting PETA from now on!!!


What's with Becky and his change of heart/mind/opinion? His colleagues were certainly surprised by his sudden swing to the dark side of supporting breed-specific legislation.

How many dogs has Becky worked with? Rehabilitated? Trained to CGN, therapy, search and rescue level? I find his bio to be a lot short on the practical end for him to be holding himself out as a canine expert.

And what is the Centre for the Human-Animal Bond? Sounds kinda like underwater basketweaving to me.

Whenever I read Beck spouting off yet again, I think....

Those who can, do.
Those who can't, teach.
And those who can't teach, go around holding themselves out to be experts.

P. T. Barnum had it right. You can fool all of the people some of the time...but not all of the people all of the time.

What goes around, will come around.

The only disease I see is that of arrogance and self-interest in people like Beck.


What a scary man. He pretends to be a qualified professional and has no credentials whatsoever. A preposterous concept....what next sterilizing human beings???


Beck is a minor academic who has found a way to raise his profile AND collect honoraria. He is the only person with academic credentials to support the irrational idea that removing a shape of an animal that is the same across shapes will somehow protect people from bites and attacks.

He was a witness in the Ontario case because our sophisticated and well-informed Attorney General actually believed he was credible. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

He has a PhD which is why he's called 'Dr' in some circles. Kind of like his buddy Stanley Coren who has a degree in Psychology and also fancies himself as a canine expert, for reasons that are unclear.

Let's not forget that Beck's vision of the ideal pet for seniors is a robotic dog. He has done some seminal work in the field of pet tropical fish, though.

Beck is well past his Best Before date.

Purdue should have let him go a long time ago. He could be bad for business. Let's hope so.

I did an email interview with Beck last year for my blog and was shocked at his superficial answers to serious questions.

Jean RIchardson

Alan Beck is not a veterinarian. He holds a doctorate in public health. I believe that he allows people to think that the title, doctor, refers to a DVM but it does not. This should be emphasized whenever he spouts his hate speech.

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