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October 14, 2007



"I think this is a bunch of hoo ha paranoia."

Patrick, I only wish it were! Have you read the NAIS document ?The part where it says we must register our premises, microchip all our critters and file movement/birth/death reports within 24 hours or face huge fines? And if disease is suspected, an entire 6 mile radius can be depopulated!

You do not know how I wish I were crazy and off track, but the facts speak for themselves.

I have personally talked with those at the USDA, breed registries, and ag depts. It is anything but a conspiracy theory. It is what big ag wants to happen.

Think of it this way. I have a disease but I pass laws that require YOU to take and pay for the meds. Then I go tell the world I am disease free. Silly, huh, but that is the way NAIS will work. Big Ag gets ONE lot number per their groups of animals, has very few reporting requirements while the little guy has to tag and track every critter they own, basically paying for the program while big ag has a free ride. How is someone who owns one pony on the same level as Tyson chicken or Cargill Beef? How does that one pony threaten the health of Japanese eating beef raised by Cargill?


Very well written and concise. There is a yes/no poll over at Western Horseman Magazine Website...guess what? It is running 90+% against, about 3% yes and the rest want to know more. But will the USDA listen? NOOOOOOO...because they are being implemented with our tax dollars given to them by ag biz to run roughshod over the wants/desires of the people!!!!

Thomas Jones

Diane and I fall into that small farmer category. We raise and train Arabian horses. If you recall, horses are not part of the food chain. They do not carry or transmit any diseases that affect other animals in the food chain. Yet, they are included in NAIS. Each horse requires a microchip. Every movement requires reporting to the Department of Agriculture within 24 hours. Each animal that leaves its birthplace is required to have a 30 day certified veterinary health certificate before it can be moved.

The simple act of taking a trail ride or attending a horse show or, as we sometimes do, taking a horse to a cancer fund raiser requires all of these expenses and red tape under NAIS.

Very simply put….We are out of business. We are trying to find good homes for unsalable horses. For more information about how it affects horses please check our website



Microchips are being required more often by local governments for pets and many animal control agencies are subcontracting their licensing to a company that has NO privacy policy. I'm writing my congressman immediately.


You said "Read this with the knowledge that dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and all other domestic pets are not excluded from National Animal ID, and that what you do with your animal, where you go with your animal, and who you associate with will be tracked by the government." and I feel the need to correct you because USDA keeps bringing up misinformation as "proof" that we are wing nuts.

The only animals included in NAIS (which is short for National Animal Identification System) are these livestock animals: Bovine bison and cattle), Horses and other equine, Poultry, Swine, Sheep, Farm-raised deer and other cervids, Fish (kept at a fish farm), Captive game birds, Goats, Llamas, alpacas or other camelids, Ostriches, emus, or other ratites. Dogs, cats and the other animals you mentioned are not a part of NAIS, nor a part of the "national herd".

If you move one of the livestock animals from its place of birth, that would need to be reported. Trail rides, commingling with other horses, that would need to be reported. But who you associate with, that's not reportable.

Thanks for spreading the word about NAIS. It is of the utmost importance that you educate yourself about this horrible loss of freedom to own property, however. In the USDA's User Guide they likened us to having the intelligence of 6th graders, so what have to prove them wrong by sticking to the facts.
Editor's Note: Dear HenWhisperer - The reason I say dogs/cats/pets are not excluded is because I have personally communicated with the USDA on this matter - and they refused to rule out the inclusion of pets. While livestock is included in the initial rollout of NAIS, I have no doubt pets will be included in Phase II or III. The Hosre Passort program is identical to the Pet Passport program already in place in the European Union, whereby pets are prohibited from traveling inless chipped and tracked.

Pet owners - especially those who are involved in dog shows, cat shows, rabbits or other exhibitors - need to be aware and vigilent - lest mandatory microchipping be required to travel within the U.S.


to Patrick...I only wish it were a bunch of hoo ha paranoia but I and many others have read the NAIS document. Under NAIS if you own even one farm animal (dogs, cats are not included yet)It will require all those who own even one chicken, or other livestock animal, to register their premises (title of property is in jeopardy by doing this), microchip and file birth, death and movement reports so the govt know where those animals are at any moment. The silly reasons given for this program range from bird flu, mad cow, bioterrorist attack or any number of "you need our help" garbage but the real reason is to benefit multi billion dollar corporate agriculture so they can improve their marketability while sticking it to the small producer or pet pot belly pig owner. NAIS can be compared to me having a disease but forcing you to take the medicine and pay for it so I can brag to the world how healthy I am. As to keeping our food supply safe, most food issues happen after the animal is slaughtered, that is when NAIS traceability ends.

Cherie Graves

The United States Constitution sets forth the three branches of government in the United States of America. We have the Executive branch which is the President who is elected to office. We have the Legislative branch which is Congress, whose members are elected to office, and entrusted by their constituents with the making of the laws of the land. Finally there is the Judicial branch whose members are elected at state and local levels and appointed, and confirmed by both the Executive, and Legislative branches. Then we have the USDA. It has no elected officials, yet it is acting as a legislative/regulatory body and making laws, rules, and regulations for we the people, but it is not answerable to us. Our taxes support the USDA, yet we have no say over it. That is taxation without representation, and worse it is taxation without accountability to the people of the United States of America. It is time to dismantle the beast, and to pare it back to its original purpose. It is time for Congress to take back the legislative power from the USDA. It is way past time for people to demand accountability from all branches of government.


It's not a theory if it's a fact.

Guess what? You WILL be followed when walking your dog (if you can have one) or riding your horse (if you can have one).


I think this is a bunch of hoo ha paranoia. We've got more important things to worry about than some conspiracy nut thinking we're all being followed by big brother when we walk our dogs or ride our horses.

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