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November 02, 2007



Is it somehow shocking that a party who’s frontrunner is a blatant fascist would push this kind of agenda. Haven’t the American people figured out yet, that they are about one single thing and that is keeping and maintaining power POWER. Every single stupid program , yes that includes socialized Medical insurance, is just a lie to buy your vote? Do you actually believe that the federal government could manage your healthcare? Your life? Get real. The democrats are the left side and the republicans are the right side, of the same party. This is a slick way to track citizens by pretending to once again, protect the “greater good” by tracking us evil Dog owners. I don’t have any issue if you put a tracking device in your pet, if it is a database maintained and protected by a privately run business, but not the Feds. Stop pretending that the democrat party is any less dangerous then the republican party. The democrat party stopped standing for privacy rights, individual rights and forget their constitutional role a long time ago. Yes the republicans have done the same (although true conservatives and libertarians would not go along with these “big brother” ideas) and where are we now, the people, us, who are supposed to be in control, are now being mislead for political gain. They are all the same, stop being lemmings already…


This is very bad, indeed, sounds as though the Dems won't save you from the Repubs after all.

I'm reading The Assault on Reason at the moment, which should really be titled The Assault on Democracy, although it's the same thing.

I'll pass this post on to my relatives in the States and urge them to contact their Senators.

btw is Santorum the Insane involved with Digital Angel, or was that another company? Gets confusing for a Canuck sometimes.

Blue Dog State

Note to Senators Harkin and Leahy: you can't count on fooling all of the people all of the time.

What is it those two Democrats have a problem with? Freedom from unreasonable searches? Privacy?


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