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December 15, 2007


Boo Boo

You're a nasty old hag. Sure your name isn't really Sarah Palin?

Mayu Reber

True, there are some people who abuse the tether when it comes to dogs, but not everyone who tethers a dog neglects or abuses it either, but no one ever focuses on those type of people.

DDB is starting up a Boycott Alaska campaign, because Alaskans used sled dogs and hunt for animals, TO EAT THEIR MEAT! I bet many Alaskans would rather die than go vegan or give up animals.

For you vegans out there: Try growing some vegetables and herbs up in Barrow or Kotzebue. Come on, I dare ya!

Dr. Mark

IF you think antithethering laws have nothing to do with cruelty then you are Naive and I want to sell you a bridge in BK? Chaining dogs is cruel...You obviously have never seen chained emaciated dogs dying....

Editor's Note: Can you say, DUH? Wouldn't dying, emaciated dogs come under the category or CRUELTY????? Or is that just too difficult a concept to understand?

There is a very clear agenda hidden in plain sight - and it's the same agenda as BSL.

What part don't you get?


Like you, I'm a member of the "media" as are all of us bloggers who will do whatever is necessary to remove a dog from negligent people such as Steve & Lori Arnold. We won't be apathetic, we will act, regardless of archaic laws designed to reward callous mis-treatment of those who are ill.
Until we write and enforce laws to prevent the horrendous cruelty inflicted on animals, ALF membership will continue to grow. In light of the recent conviction, look for people who are compassionately sympathetic to the plight of chained dogs to take on clandestine abductions of chained dogs in order to place them with guardians who will provide adequate care to enable the dogs' to live quality lives.


WOW! Once again the DDB propaganda has been laid down so deep in the well coordinated response that I need hip boots!!! These folks even lie to themselves...Note to Tammy disciples - just screeching "truth" loudly and often does not make it so.
If psychopath Grimes merely wanted to help an aged pet, then she might have risked only a trespassing citation to bring Jake a blanket and sit with him until the owners or the authorities arrived, instead of filming a propaganda video that was immediately uploaded to a TERRORIST website! Let me repeat that in case some readers don't get it: instead of having her own vet, Dr. Hassane, run the recommended tests, Tammy rushed home to email a known domestic terrorist group that blows things up!!!(see:
She could have turned him over to authorities to be treated by a vet where it would be documented…but hiding the "evidence" plays out better for the bigger picture...Oh, and even when Doogie/Jake was dead, the Arnolds didn't even get his body back to bury him.

For the kool-aid drinkers or those who might be tempted to pour a glass, let me clear up a few "truths":

point: "I know DDB loves dogs and does not support spaying and neutering pets out of existence."

Oh really? I guess they just support speuter to the point of destroying a healthy gene pool, or to the point that most of us couldn't afford a pet...

counterpoint: "I think that if spay/neuter were worked properly we would get to the point where dogs were so valued that it would cost you, you know, a good few hundred dollars to have a dog and they would be so valued and treated great and then, you know, more breeding could be brought back into play." - Tammy Grimes

point: "Dogs Deserve Better does not support BSL. Lets just make that perfectly clear here. DDB DOES NOT SUPPORT BSL !"

Well, Best Friends supports BSL, and they supported Tammy by providing legal counseland an online forum etc., but eliminating tethering IS BSL, because American Pit Bull Terriers are traditionally tethered in social groups of breeding animals because it is known to be the safest way to contain/maintain them. That's precisely why BF sent out an email begging private rescues to take the hurricane "pit bulls" off their hands when they were unable to house them in a manner that would yield party line photo ops.H$U$ supports BSL and They contributed to a book designed to "ratchet up" laws for animals - at the expense of owner's rights. Who was one of their parters on the project? Tammy Grimes, of course!

counterpoint: "no chains, no pens" - Dogs Deserve Better (translation - no "pit bulls" and no pets, or alternate translation - canine anarchy resulting in newsworthy dog bite incident...just like what happened in Tammy's house!)

point:"how could even the most educated Animal Control officer know if the female dog that is chained up has been spayed ?"

Then how could a dog thief or a tether Nazi know if an unaltered dog had ever been bred?

Counterpoint:"They’ve continued the killing of animals in the shelters because of all this breeding that shouldn’t be done". - Tammy Grimes
(Yeah, blame the dog contained to its own yard instead of the ones roaming free and untethered...)

point: "anyone who cares about animals would have done exactly what Tammy did"

Cultists who believe that caring about animals takes precedent over the US Constitution and our criminal justice system should due hard time in Guantanemo where the other rules no longer apply.

counterpoint: "So many people have taken it upon themselves because of our website..." - Tammy Grimes (Why continue to steal them yourself when you can train others to do it for you?)

point: "So, how could an anti-tethering law have a negative impact on responsible dog owners who are already doing the right thing ? "

counterpoint: "Uh, I think that people who are responsible don’t want their rights taken away, which I understand. By us keeping our rights, we give the people who are irresponsible the right to continue the problem." - Tammy Grimes

point: "The only reason Tammy was convicted is because The judge refused to allow the jury to consider the defense of justification."

NO, the reason Tammy was convicted of stealing the dog was because she admitted to stealing the dog to a large radio audience, a large internet audience, and the media at large, so the jury was smart enough to figure out that she stole the dog in only 30 minutes of deliberation. If "justification" legally allowed vigilantism, then there's a laundry list of crimes I would feel justified to commit. Would Tammy defend that as well?

I could go on (and on, and on) but the fact that Tammy Grimes stole Jake and began her media blitz the very week that the CA anti-tether bill went to Gov. Schwartzenneger’s desk says it all.

Opportunist? Criminal? Sociopath? Fascist? You bet. Martyr? No way!

Sandy Newfield

I thought this was a site for dog advocates. After reading the derogatory article about Tammy Grimes, I realize that it is just another site endorsing cruelty to animals. Dogs may be considered "property" in the state of Pennsylvania, but Tammy RESCUED this dog. I carry a camera with me all of the time. Why not? I've got some great unexpected pictures with it. Why wouldn't someone on their way to check out a possible ABUSE situation take a camera? That was a rhetorical question, by the way. Do you actually think that dog, and the other dogs the Arnolds "owned" lived in ideal conditions? Did you see their doghouses? Did you see their food bowls? How can you support people like that unless you are the same? The DA was so determined to convict Tammy for breaking the law. Well, if he's such a law-abiding, law-upholding person, then he better check all the stupid laws on the books (considering dogs property is not the only stupid law in Pennsylvania). He needs to try and convict everyone who sings in their bathtub, because that is also against the law. But that's silly you say? So is allowing a dog to die because the owners don't care. I would have done the same if I had been in Tammy's position. I have a 14 year old sheltie who has cataracts, arthritis, and is almost deaf. He is treated MUCH better than the poor dog Tammy found laying in the mud on a cold, rainy day. My heart breaks for all the abused animals of the world. My heart breaks for all the domestic animals who have no loving homes. My heart breaks for the dogs chained outside with little human interaction. Why have a dog if it's going to be chained outside? He's not going to be an effective watchdog - all he can do is bark if someone comes. You'd be better off with a burglar alarm.

The Alpha Bitch Who Lives Here

DDB Reps and other Tammy Wannabe's-

What part don't you get?

This is not about cruelty. No one - and certainly not I - is denying cruelty.

This is about someone who decided to take the law into her own hands - a concious decision - by taking the dog.

THE PROBLEM is that TAMMY GRIMES decided she was entitled to KEEP the dog.

THE PROBLEM is that TAMMY GRIMES REFUSED to turn the dog owner to local animal control authorites.

THE PROBLEM is TAMMY GRIMES decided to keep any EVIDENCE OF CRUELTY all to herself.


THE PROBLEM is that TAMMY GRIMES decided that she and she alone was entitled to make this judgememt.

THE PROBLEM is that TAMMY GRIMES thinks it's perfectly OK to steal someone's dog - and thinks that she should get away with it.

THE PROBLEM is that TAMMY GRIMES thinks that people are not entitled to OWN DOGS.

I can't wait till some comes to her house to steal - er, I mean "rescue" her dogs.




So we meet again. DDB so loves to play the martyr don't they? But I can't help but remember how earlier in the year I was harassed by your repeated phone calls to my home. I also got the sneaking suspicion it was DDB supporters who harassed my family and me for months both on my blog and via the phone until we changed the number.

Funny how you love to play the victim but you don't recognize how your behavior victimizes others. Don't we humans have the right to live a peaceful and happy life without being threatened with bodily harm by animal rights activists?

Do we humans have the right to live free of abuse??? Funny how when animal rights activists claim to be giving rights to animals they must necessarily take them from humans first.


To Dawn ...
You are one of the best. I have so much respect for you and the efforts you've made. As I tried to say before to this group, DDB has nothing on the agenda but to help people help dog lives a better life without being chained all day and all night for life.
Your description of your daily life with DDB is the example of what we do, day in and day out.
God Bless You.


I returned from PA to IL very disappointed after Tammy's guilty verdict. I returned to an enormous work load. I returned to have a wonderful old foster dog cremated after she spent years on a chain only to be abandoned chained, without food, water or shelter to sleep in cockleburs when she was discovered by people looking at an abandoned property and brought to me. Her last days were spent loved and she will be missed.

I was called this morning by the ACO to a trailer where a couple accidentally ran over their own puppy, one of two Pit Bull mix pups who wandered from the chained dog's doghouse into the driveway. The pup's surgery is estimated to be $800. Also chained on the property is a German Shepherd female with 12-2 week old pups. They bred her. She was in no condition to be bred, she has never seen a vet, she is thin, wormy, oh such sad eyes. The owner is very proud that he bred her with another PB Shepherd and these dogs will make fine police dogs he thinks.

Because of Tammy Grimes and Dogs Deserve Better I was able to bring in the old dog and let her die comfortably in her sleep as a member of my family, not abandoned alone where someone moved and left her on that chain. Because of DDB I am able to offer help to this poor family and their dogs and puppies. The wife has agreed to let me vet and rehome the pups if they keep two of them which will also be vetted, spay and vet both the mothers and rescue the the injured Pitbull puppy. I will also help them house train the dogs and install fencing to prevent the dogs from wandering into the driveway. Their dogs will be spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and the pups will find a good home because of Tammy Grimes.

Say what you will, but without Grimes and her organization, I would not be here to help these people. Without donations, I couldn't think of helping with these finances. To slander Grimes and this organization is harmful to many people who need us. I implore you to think before you stand behind a family who rode donuts on four wheelers around their chained dogs' "boxes" and slander an organization that goes above and beyond for the sake of rescue.


By the way the 'part of the family' thing is a relatively new concept, started in the boom years of the 1950s when people of modest income could afford material goods, property and pets for the first time in history.

For the 50,000 or so years prior to that, dogs were workers - they guarded property, hunted and retrieved, exterminated vermin, etc. Only the very wealthy kept them as pets - the Toy group represents dogs that were bred to be nothing but pets, although most of them are excellent mousers like my guys.

For the past 25 years, duplicitous organizations bent on the elimination of animal husbandry have collected money under false pretences and have insinuated themselves into the legislative process. The media overall still don't understand this and consult and quote these groups as if they somehow speak for pet owners. They don't.

There are many constitutional rights being tossed away over the completely overblown, misrepresented issue of dog ownership.

I personally have had enough of all the BS, which is why I like DP and other sites like NPBB. Unless you have facts or science to back up your claims, I'm really not interested.


DDblah blah doesn't understand.

"As far as a dog in a fence being bored and frustrated, yes, that may happen but to have room to run, to decide where to lay, by the door or under the tree "

Who says there's a tree? Who says there's room to run? Obviously, you haven't seen some of the spaces people (of all incomes) reserve for their dogs.

My statement isn't contradictory in the least.

It's just that tunnel vision prevents seeing the wider picture, as so nicely pointed out by No Pit Bull Bans. It's time officials backed the hell off and left dog owners alone. It's just not that big a deal overall. Dogs are living better and longer than they have at any time in history. Pet owners spend more money and time on their pets than at any time in history.

I don't know where you live, but a case such as you describe would most definitely result in a visit from our animal control people. Maybe if the shelters got busy implementing Winograd's program ideas, they wouldn't be 'crowded' and the people could do the jobs they are paid to do.

Sorry, the emotional stuff doesn't work with me. Logic is what's needed - and enforcement of existing laws.


Excellent post DP! Yeah every time you start making just a little bit too much sense, the ARs send out the tribes to snark at you about how it's unbecoming of a lady to lose her temper (or they call you crazy, which is laughable in a pot-kettle-black sort of way).

I suppose DDB supporters' antics in the court room really illustrated poise and class huh? I also find blowing things up and threatening people's lives to be very unbecoming of ladies, and just people in general.

What concerns me more about anti-tethering legislation is that it is often a 4th amendment right to privacy violation.

It often defines the mere act of tethering as "cruelty" which then ostensibly gives law enforcement or Animal Control the "right" to trespass on your private property, confiscate your personal property (your tethered dog and perhaps any and all other animals), and nail you for any other petty little infraction they can find (or plausibly fabricate).

If anti-cruelty laws are not enough as ARs maintain, then how is additional legislation going to help? Seems anti-tether legislation is merely an excuse for the Stasi (in the form of trained "anti-cruelty" investigators -- i.e. the HSUS or some other "animal welfare" agency who have been given POLICE POWERS) to gain access to your home in order to see if in addition to the supposed "animal cruelty" you're engaging in you might also be a "terrorist" or some other threat to the state.

This is a violation of the 4th amendment right to privacy and the right to be secure in one's home, papers, and effects. And the mere tethering of a dog should never constitute probable cause.

ARlings never see the big picture. They don't see that, as DP pointed out, they are pawns who have been lied to in order to do their puppet masters' bidding.


The comment from Caveat is contradictory at least.
"There are laws on the books to protect dogs from exposure, neglect and abuse.

I will categorically state that I am against dogs being tied up day in, day out. I'm sure we all are.

However, a dog can be as lonely and sad in a yard behind a fence. Is that next? No fences? No leashes? Get real"

Dogs who are tied up day in and day out are the exact dogs that are at issue here. They are the ones who recieve no protection under current laws unless their dog house is filled with water or they are emaciated for example. I know we have all had to deal with ACO's who don't respond unless it's an emergency and believe me, a chained dog whho's ears are eaten off by flies or who's water bowl has been empty all week is not an emergency to most of the understaffed, overpopulated animal shelters.
I agree most people care for their dogs. They aren't the ones who would be affected by anti-tethering laws. I don't chain my dogs, they get the best food I can give them, go to the vet for vaccines and checkups, are on preventatives and get excersize and play with one another. So, how could an anti-tethering law have a negative impact on responsible dog owners who are already doing the right thing ? That is the dizzying generalization, to say that ALL responsible owners will be negatively impacted by this. It's unreasonable to say that.
As far as a dog in a fence being bored and frustrated, yes, that may happen but to have room to run, to decide where to lay, by the door or under the tree is much better than a 10-12 foot chain that gives them the feeling of being trapped and defensless.
The first time you chain a dog, what's the first thing they do ... over and over ? They run to the end of the chain only to get snapped back by their neck. That's just mean, it doesn't make sense to do that to a dog when all they are craving is companionship.
At least in a nice fenced yard a dog can run around and poop and pee and sniff and wait for their family to let them back in the house because that's the real issue now isn't it.
If you have a dog and it's not part of the family, what's the point ?
No dog who lives in the backyard day in and day out is a part of the family (pack).


What's with Peta threating the witnesses? They complain about Grimes and don't support her because she doesn't believe in their free doghouse program and now they go threatening people. Grimes actually has a page on the site about that. That's just weird. Go figure.


Wow, the comment from DDBrep6 takes generalization to dizzying new heights.

There are laws on the books to protect dogs from exposure, neglect and abuse.

I will categorically state that I am against dogs being tied up day in, day out. I'm sure we all are.

However, a dog can be as lonely and sad in a yard behind a fence. Is that next? No fences? No leashes? Get real.

One of the main problems with tethering, in my opinion, is that these dogs are often accessible to the public - including loose dogs, bullies, teasing children, toddlers, etc. I'd like to see something in place that would allow tethering but only if the dog is not accessible or visible by the public.

Anyway, I just popped over to point out my post from earlier this year which features a flyer a friend brought back from the Louisville show and a letter from Adam Goldfarb of H$U$.

I see that DP has added a lot of links up there but hey, the more the merrier!

Incidentally, I met Russ in KCMO this past September, sat with him at dinner. He's a nice guy who loves animals but unfortunately, like many in the AR movement, has taken snapshot situations and generalized them across the board.

The overwhelming majority of people take proper care of their pets. Legislation isn't the answer - enforcement of existing laws and public education is what's needed.

Writing more laws won't make people compassionate or educated, it will just penalize the law-abiding citizens who are not the problem while the minority, the scofflaws and troglodytes carry on unchecked.


Chained dogs live alone in isolation and fear. Their very lives are in direct opposition of what their instincts tell them they should be. A dog in it’s natural environment will hunt, eat, play and sleep in a pack, being isolated and alone can cause considerable damage to the emotional well being of a dog.
These dogs suffer through extreme heat and in extreme cold, they suffer in the mud and rain, in the thunder storms and snow storms. These dogs suffer from loneliness and boredom, frustration and fear, they suffer from anxiety and stress. But the most critical point we must take from their suffering is that they suffer in silence.
It’s time we stand together and say to our neighbors, you cannot treat your dog this way any longer, this is unacceptable. We must all agree that it's time for our society to stop looking away from their suffering because it might make someone mad, or God forbid ... we become disliked.
There is no soft green grass to lay on, only packed hard dirt,feces and urine, packed from their constant pacing, longing to be more, to be recognized for the social creature that they are. Their water is always tipped over because of their restless pacing. Chained and penned dogs rarely, if ever see a veterinarian, they suffer from flies constantly chewing on their ears until they bleed and they eat away at the exposed flesh, I have seen dogs ears that were a ½ inch shorter as a result of this neglect, yet there is no one saying you can’t do that in any law, in any state or city. We have rescued countless dogs from pens and chains who tested heartworm positive, there are no rules against that.
Thousands of female dogs become pregnant by stray dogs at the end of their chains, season after season. This is a strain on animal shelters all across the country, yet instead of banning the chain, they make a law telling people you can’t have a female dog in estrus chained or outside unsupervised, how could even the most educated Animal Control officer know if the female dog that is chained up has been spayed ?
Putting and end to chaining dogs and leaving them unprotected and unsupervised is the only responsible way to address this problem.
Only in America would a woman who has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to helping the chained and forgotten dogs, be persecuted for saving a dog who was in such pain he could not stand on his own four feet for 3 days.
If anyone has read the news reports, you will see this "
Dr. Noureldin Hassane, the veterinarian who treated Doogie just after Tammy rescued him, took the stand. The vet confirmed the dog was suffering from severe arthritis and appeared in a generally neglected condition, like he had been hit in an accident. Dr. Hassane said on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent health, Doogie was a 2.
The only reason Tammy was convicted is because The judge refused to allow the jury to consider the defense of justification. In fact, the jury was not allowed to see the video of Doogie's rescue. Nor was the jury allowed to see photos of Doogie after the rescue.
As an American taxpayer who has served on a jury, I would feel quite robbed of my right to make an informed decision if I could not see all of the evidence.
On a different note :
Dogs Deserve Better does not support BSL. Lets just make that perfectly clear here. DDB DOES NOT SUPPORT BSL !
Anyone who attempts to force feed you this misinformation apparently has an agenda of their own which does not include protecting Man's Best Friend from the neglect that a huge percentage of chained dogs suffer from.
I personally do not support PeTA or the HSUS.
I know DDB loves dogs and does not support spaying and neutering pets out of existence.
Please do not let anyone mislead you into believing this nonsense.
I know that the dogs I have rescued, none of them were stolen and all of them are now in loving, warm comfortable homes with Families who love them and respect them for their loyalty and devotion.


It would have been helpful to have the links to the things you cite as proof that PETA and HSUS and the other organizations really do support BSL and/or anti-chaining laws. Not having the links to the citations so that we can go read them for ourselves makes it look like you're offering opinions without facts to back them up. Don't do that to yourself or your readers; those of us who are familiar with PETA, HSUS, et. al., know that what you're saying is true, but those who don't know them, don't know whether you're ranting or warning.

EDITOR's NOTE: Kaelinda - Many of my regular readers know where to find the link contained in many previous posts. However - given the fact that you are new - I've added some links for you there - so go back and read the post with the newly added links to the supporting content.

And yes - I do rant 'cause this is my blog. But sadly - it's all true.

I personally own a rescued pitbull and do hereby publicly denounce PETA, HSUS and Best Friends.

I also renounce any support for these organizations that are nothing more that marketing machines built to generate revenue for themselves and drive a self-serving legislative agenda.

I urge you and all dog lovers - especially those who own pitbulls, Rottweilers and other targeted breeds - to end support for all three.



If you suspect neglect or cruelty, you are supposed to call your SPCA or cruelty inspection unit to investigate. If they don't respond, keep calling, call the police, call the fire dept, keep calling and escalating. Somebody will show up, especially if you make threats toward the owner - I find that gets attention very well.

It was all about the publicity, maybe not for the wrong reasons. There are people who are very emotional and judgemental and who do care about other animals. They need to temper their reactions with some logic.

Adam Goldfarb from H$U$ admitted quite freely in a letter to a colleague that they were behind the Louisville ordinance and that instead of a breed ban they negotiated breed-specific sterilization. I don't remember asking them to negotiate on my behalf anywhere, do you?

Except, um, that IS a breed ban with the same goal - the extinction of an ubiquitous shape of dog.

All the sterilization hooey is getting on my nerves too. It ain't benign, juvenile has't been studied enough and it appears to create behavioural problems. The motive isn't to solve the 'overpopulation of pets' which doesn't actually exist, it's to elminate dogs (and cats).

Seems to me that if animals supposedly have rights, one of the most basic would be reproductive rights - unless you're a hypocrite who really doesn't care for animals at all.


Gabrielle: not every bsl is about banning breeds
HSUS has supported mandatory spay neuter for pit bulls.

Worse, for the past several months, they have been HOWLING for the Vick dogs to be killed. Yes, even after the ASPCA evaluation that assessed almost all of them as potentially adoptable.

Just go to their website and you can see for yourself.

selwyn marock

kathryn ,tammy has a bit of a problem breaking into paris hiltons's league.looks maybe???????


Geraldine, I do not have that link, it was the original poster that mentioned that. I think the post could use a bit more information for people like me who did not know who she was and what she did. I think i understand now and yes, I agree she didn't have the right to steal the dog. I still don't agree with tethering a dog. For one, it's very easy for people to steal your dog as Tammy here knows. It's also not that hard for a dog to get tangled and strangle themselves to death. The text in your link was very small but I did read the first bit. How long of a period did the study last? Like I said I've seen how many bites and attacks were caused by dogs that were tethered. As dogs have a "flight or fight" instinct, it makes perfect sense to me that being confined would make them more likely to become agressive. My dog has never met another dog he doesn't like, but when he is confined in his doggyride (bike trailer) and another dog comes near he barks very agressively and snaps at them. Like anything if done by a responsible owner I don't think it would have much of an effect. It should be supervised and shouldn't be for too long. I don't remember where, but some place made it illegal to tether your dog outside for more than like 6hrs. I think that must be hard to enforce but would still love to see that passed in my area.

Alex Can

I'm in Australia and I find that much of the US BSL ends up rearing it's ugly head here. Tethering slowly becoming an issue as banning Crate Training appears to have failed. Good luck with your anti-BSL message and exposing it's perpetrators. Hopefully the same will occur here.

On a different tack, I remember reading that the HSUS was being investigated for links to organised crime and then it suddenly died. Have you any info on it.

Blue Dog State

Pit bull owners and admirers, never, never make the mistake of thinking that Tammy Grimes/Dogs Deserve Better and their co-dependants have the health and welfare of your dogs at heart. They clearly do not.

Tammy doesn't have a clue. Or maybe she just doesn't give a shit. Its hard to be sure.

Tammy visited Blue Dog State long enough to suggest that $200 is adequate to safely and humanely contain a dog.


How many of you pit bull owners--or owners of almost any dog with a pulse--would risk your dog behind the kind of fence $200 will buy?

Don't let yourself be played. Anti-tethering is about taking dogs away from people. Just like Tammy did.


The fact remains this dog was suffering and Tammy ended their suffering.

If Tammy wanted to get rich or become a celebrity there are many other ways to do it that would be far easier. Ask Paris Hilton.

If you are still positive that all Tammy wanted was fame and money well lets see if she is driving a new car and moves into a mansion this week.

People in rescue have motives that seem to escape the writer. We do not see another being as property and wish to end peoples 'right' to cause them to suffer.

This conveluted theory of a hidden agenda is so off track it had to filled with twists and turns.....the truth is straight out and clear....
the goal was to end the suffering of another being. Are we so jaded as a country that we can not believe in anothers ability to feel compassion?

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