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December 15, 2007


Geraldine Clarke

Tethering does NOT cause aggression and tethering can often be the most humane option for some dogs. Read the very good scientific study on tethering that was done at Cornell rather than relying on anthropomorphic "animal rights" propaganda.

And most of the people behind anti-tethering laws plan to (or have started to) move on to anti-crating laws which would turn my dogs into defiant law-breakers since they choose to spend most of their time inside their comfy crates with the doors wide open and they could go anyplace else they'd choose.

ANY system of confinement, even being kept in a house or yard, can be cruel when used by cruel or ignorant people. Tethering and crating, properly done, are definitely not cruel.

The dog Tammy Grimes took away from a loving home to die with strangers, was not being cruelly treated as the jury wisely chose to recognize. While I applaud her conviction, I consider the angry tone of this article (but not its information) to be counter-productive. If we are to stop the AR fanatics' from achieving their ultimate goal of forcing us all to be petless vegans, we need to do it without the emotionalism that the ARistas use to cloud the facts.

(BTW, Gabrielle, I'd LOVE to have a link to the HSUS pro-BSL letters you mention. Verifiable sources for that should be published far and wide to show to people that Wayne Pacelle is not a truth-teller. HSUS is so much slicker than PETA that we need every bit of ammunition we can get.)


wow, you commenters are nutso!

You don't get that Tammy STOLE someone's dog.
She was GUILTY. She's lucky that she's not going to go to jail (though Barb certainly has a point about martyrdom... not that Tammy needs any help playing martyr).
There are laws, and there have to be laws, to protect people's rights. When individuals decide it is proper for them to violate laws and steal from other people, you have a society that will descend into anarchy.

Tammy is already having too much success in getting draconian laws passed, that give the states (or non-government organizations) power to control what other people do with their animals. She doesn't ALSO need the right to circumvent existing laws.


LMAO! I love reading your blog. People may not like to hear this, but it the BSL/anti tethering positions actually do go hand in hand.
Additionally as the owner of an extreamly geriatric dog I can see how Tammy Grimes would have been confused and think the dog was suffering. But many very old dogs get themselves into poor positions or situations before you are able to get them standing up and moving.

chris murphy

have you been sniffin' glue? Although you may have some points correct as to whom supports BSL and who doesn't... You've mixed in so much here that doesn't seem to truly have to do with Tammy and her being found guilty. (which is just an absolute flaw in our system more than anything) and you have completely lost the reader by coming across as an angry writer. Perhaps hitting delete and starting over might be your best course of action on this one... by hey, thats just my opinion... (oh PS, anyone who cares about animals would have done exactly what Tammy did...)


My goodness, how did you get so nasty and cynical? I don't for one minute believe that Tammy did all of this solely for the publicity. She is not like that, and yes, I have known her for a few years. And since when do anti-cruelty laws do a damn thing for dogs on a chain? You're saying that chaining dogs is humane? You're willing to sacrifice all other dogs, forcing them to suffer miserable existences on the end of a chain, just so you can maintain your precious right to breed whatever dogs you want? It's sick. I'm not saying I'm for any breed bans at all, but I think you can separate these issues a little bit.

Walt Hargis

The bill passed clearly states "The amendment would phase out the use in research of random source dogs and cats obtained through unscrupulous Class B dealers. These animals are often pets, stolen from yards, dishonestly "adopted" from shelters, purchased at flea markets, or obtained from "free to good home" ads." There was no research done nor was there a Class B dealer involved. This was not even am random source case. This is not even remotely in the same hemisphere as in the Grimes case. In addition, again, you have printed another tirade reminicent of AnR Research, which you both are quite similar in the half truths and full mis-representation of people. Wait, you never even mentioned the medical condition of Jake/Doogie. It has nothing to do with the dog. It has to do with your obvious hatred of Tammy and every group on the face of the earth. I will agree that I disagree with PETA and HSUS on a regular basis about most issues. But i dont loathe them like you do. I guess it comes down to money, because the only groups you seem to support are ones that you stand to profit from. I know you will now go off on all the money that PETA and HSUS and everyone makes. That is your style. Your blogs are more a personal attack on people then on the issues. Destroy credibility while you hide behind venomous words. In an AnR Research article a few years ago, my former wife and I were used in an article that was completely inaccurate and slanderous. I just dismissed it as the ranting of a pissed off bitter old crow. But I definitely see a connection here.

EDITOR's NIOTE: Hey, Walt - you don't know Jack.
For the record, mister PETA bootlicker - this is MY blog I I get to be as cracky, venomous, pissy, bitchy as I want.

Ya got that?

AND for the record, WALT - I've already written about TAmmy and her crew anf petty dog theives - so why don't YOU go back and read the archives.

AND one mo' thing, WALT - Just which groups do you think I stand to profit from???

Better think again. The ONLY ones profitting - or should I say PROFITEERING - are PETA, HSUS and Best Friends.

ANd whatever you've got to say - you better be ready to say it to my face - because I don't hide.

Oh- but Tammy does - she was too chickenshit to be on a radio show with me and cancelled last minite.

Wake up and smell the dog, Walt.


I have to say I'm a litle confused about this one post. I never heard of Tammy Grimes but if she stole the dog to save it's life don't you think you're being a litle hard on her. Sure what she did was wrong, and PETA sucks (and no I didn't know that about HSUS!) but what would you do in her situation. If there was no legal way of saving the dog, I probably would have done the same(take the dog, that's all she did right?) and as for anti-tethering laws, just because these people suport BSL doesn't mean EVERYTHING else they suport is evil. Tethering can and has caused agression in dogs. When looking into stories of "Pit Bull snaps" and other dogs "snaping" I found that almost all the dogs were chained. Just have a look at mother's agaisnt chained dogs and you'll see just how many attacks were by chained dogs. I think an anti-tethering law might help lower bites and attacks by all breeds, then maybe legislators wouldn't be so gungho to pass BSL.

Gabrielle - Your heart is in the right place - your information however is wrong. Look for more to come.

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