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December 27, 2007



You write like an angry fifteen year old. You don't seem terribly knowledgeable about what you are saying. Sounds like you just hate PETA and the propaganda you are creating is just as obnoxious as their tactics.


ok. peta is full of radical animal rights activists. some of them are flat out rediculus. while i am a vegitarian, i also support people who eat meat. theres nothing wrong with killing an animal as long as its being killed hu,anely and as long as its being eaten. killing a cow or a pig to eat is one theng. killing 300 chinchillas by skinning them alive just to make 1 fur coat is another.


I respect your opinion but, if peta really sucks, how did they convinced so many brands, and stylist to stop using fur, or stop animal testing.
I don't really care about what they do with the money , because i THINK they spend on the campaign and things like that, bur the real point of it is to make people's head. Because this is the onnly way to save animals. WE need first to start from the big companies, such as mcdonalds, revlon, and others that decided that cruelty-free is a better way to live. Thanks to peta.
But i do like this site, because i know that you are someone that cares about the animals. Continue to help as much as you can!
actually, not all animals. DOGS


This is a page of quotes from the AR freaks, which will give you more of an idea of their actual agenda.


Monica, it's an opinion blog just like mine is, not a newspaper. The facts are there, you have to do your own due diligence.

A good place to start is with GuideStar; with free registration, you can review Peta's 2006 income return. Ignore the marketing language on this page.

More information is available if you get a paid suscription.

I'm dismayed that the Gov't of Virginia charges for information respecting charities; it's free in Canada.

Peta got $29 million dollars in 2006. What exactly is it doing with that money??? It sure isn't running HUMANE shelters and rescues. Over $5 million on "consultants". Over $1 million in "other investments".

If there's no detail, ask where the heck the $$$ went?

Sarbanes-Oxley should apply to charities as well as for-profit organizations.


Thanks for this blog! I'm going to look more into this soon. I've always been really cautious of PETA. I'm a ASPCA supporter myself. I also highly support local shelters and advise people to adopt from their local dog pound where dogs are killed after only 3 days of staying at the shelter. I don't know how Dog Wardens live with themselves.

Bow Wow,
Nathan Janes
Ron Paul for President 2008


Good post.

What bugs me is the way the mainstream media hacks keep giving air time to Peta zombies, as if they somehow speak for animals or pet owners. I usually drop them a line and remind them that every time they confuse sincer animal welfare groups with 'animal rights' outfits like Peta/H$U$ and the rest, they put another nail into the coffin of domestication.

I actually admired Peta when they first started - they highlighted some issues that needed to be discussed - but that was a long time ago and they have become a twisted, misguided, hypocritical organization which has an agenda geared to death - for dogs, cats, chickens, you name it.

I just wish the media would wise up because we all know what's going on but the general public does not.


It is a close race between who slaughters the most animals, while openingly stealing your money - PETA or HSUS. They are the absolute worst animal organizations in America and why they have not been charged with fraud, money laundering, federal tax violations, and a host of other criminal charges is beyond me, except we all know the money that goes to PETA which pretends to save animals really pays lobbyists to give them control of more government grants with more money to steal and abuse. Look at PETA's records. They kill 34% of all so-called rescued animals. In fact, Newkirk has stated it is her job to eliminate homeless pets by killing them. She is one true sicko and PETA has become a cult of brain washed animal abusers. I don't understand how anyone with half a brain would give them a dime. And do some more homework. Trace PETA money and it's organization to the Defense For Animal Funds League. They are tied at the hip. Just more money for more lobbying to murder more animals while lining their wallets. If you are a true animal lover and want to do the right thing, DO NOT SUPPORT ANY SHELTER UNLESS IT IS NO KILL. PERIOD. Otherwise, your money is most likely spent on politics, propoganda, advertising, promotions, salaries and drugs to kill animals - not to save them. In sum I can't say enough rotten things about PETA and HSUS, and I've witnessed enough to know this is not rumor, speculation or a grudge. It is the unbridled truth. Don't take my word for it. Don't base your conclusions on anyone else's opinions. If you really care about the truth, do your own research and homework, and you'll find the truth well founded in Dog Politics. And I find nothing wrong with being passionate about the truth. To the contrary, the danger is being passionate about the lies you are fed and believe.


It is about time the word got out about this hypocritical exploitative organization. If you care about animals run like mad from PETA. If you really want to make a difference donate to local shelter and rescue groups or the NO-Kill movement.


Qeustion any of the facts? Then go ask them yourself and see what non answers you will get. PAM BOOB ANDERSON merrily forgets the medication she needs for her hep status,the inflation of her life preserver type boobs are ALL compliments of animal testing.

If these folks really wanted to do something good with their hundreds of millions of dollars,they should go buy a planet and take a load of hot air and flatulance off our earth surface.


The author of this article is obviously very passionate about his or her opinion--who is it?

I prefer to read articles with more facts and less passion, less name-calling so I can make up my own mind about what the facts tell us.

I am neither pro nor con regarding PETA, btw. I am on the fence, about the morality regarding the euthanization of animals--the entire court case. I did read it.


The biggest boob...anyone who "donates" to PETA. Let's get the word out..PETA SUCKS... and I don't mean BOOBS


You hit the nail on the head. Now if you could only hit IN on the head too ....

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