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January 11, 2008


Mayu Reber

Let's not forget Peta's "Holocaust on you Plate" display, a display that crassly compares Jewish holocaust victims to livestock. Nor shall we forget that Peta sexually exploits women and even girls as young as 10 years of age.

That's not a charity. That's a racist, sexist and pedophiliac terrorist group that needs to go to hell in a hand basket.


Statistics can be fun!

Peta killed 97% of animals in its care that it owned rather than adopting or fostering them out.

Owner reposessions are confusing to me, do people actually take lost animals to Peta? It's the last place I'd go.

I'd be very interested in finding what the big category 'Others' means - are those animals that were stolen or bought from bunchers?

Eliss Nette

I 'checked out' the link to the PETA stastistics page and found that you completely ingnored the 'recieved: other' catagory. You're basing your 97% kill rate off the 'recieved: surrendered by owner' catagory only. PETA recieved into thier facility a total of 9637 animals, 3043 surrendered by thier owners and 6564 bought in by other means, 28 animals where picked up as strays. Of this 9637 animals, 6575 of them where reposessed by their owners, roughly 70%. 2981 where killed. So it's closer to a 30% kill rate if you're looking at all 'companion animals' that passed though the PETA door. Wildlife on the hand, they did kill 248 of the 264 animals that came into thier facility, 15 of which came in dead, they did release 1 animal back into the wild. Yes, absolutly, PETA is a hipocritical, usery organization that prayes on the morals of unknowing people but no they don't actually have a 97% kill rate. Not when looking at total animals in, verses total animals killed.



If you are a newspaper editor, you are the kind of person we need. Have you seen these numbers released by the mainstream media? No. Will you? Probably not. You'll only find this on blogs and websites like the Center for Consumer Freedom - an organization of various groups opposed to interference in many areas, including pet ownership, hunting, firearms use, the restaurant industry, tobacco use, etc. While I'm not excited about some of its members, overall, it's a very powerful association and I check the site regularly to find out what's happening. At least they are honest about who they are and what they do - unlike Peta and its ilk who exemplify hypocrisy.

The mainstream and especially the big networks still seem to believe that Peta (and HSUS) somehow speak for the animal welfare community when in fact, every time they give them space or air time, they put another nail into the coffin of animal welfare.

I think you could create some interest by publishing the numbers, exploring the real agenda behind the AR movement and interviewing some people who really ARE interested in animal welfare.

Go for it!

Barbara Hardin

No, I certainly didn't miss your sarcasm, and I absolutely agree with everything that was written -- except for the negative stereotyping of Southerners, which took on a different meaning after you reworded it to read, "the poor that live in rural communities." Thank you.

Anyway, back to PETA -- thanks for your letter and explanation. As I said before, I'm a newspaper editor and I own TWO pitbulls -- they are wonderful, loving family pets. I live in the rural South and wouldn't care to live anywhere else.

I totally agree with your opinion of PETA. We do have two excellent humane societies here, however, that do a wonderful job in finding homes for animals and regularly rescue many pets from area kill shelters.

Now, do we have dog fighting here in the South? Yes, but it's difficult for law enforcement officials to catch them in the act. Do we have poor blacks and whites in some of our rural areas? Yes, just as there are poor blacks and whites in other areas of the country. And yes, there are several blacks that own pitbulls.

Pitbulls are constantly discriminated against here, and I find myself frequently defending them. But, as you pointed out, too many people believe PETA.

Yes, PETA's racist agenda does need to be exposed. PETA's killing of healthy animals also needs to be stopped. But read PETA's Web site. People will continue to donate to PETA because they believe the organization is truly in the business of saving animals. It's sad.

Perhaps we could all lobby to have its charitable registration taken away. It would be a start.


I have never been an advocate of PETA's since I've never seen them do more than produce ads. I have never seen a shelter with their backing, nor seen evidence of how they spend their money to actually save animals. Only how they destroy other peoples property and trample on others rights to get their personal message across. I came from a southern middle class family and have never had problems with pitbulls, etc. We always had large mix breed dogs and everyone I knew took good care of their own. I now live in the west and own a pitbull, a sweet, couch-stealing, tug-of-war playing, hundred pound female pitbull. Three of my neighbors have pitbulls and we all take care of our dogs, teaching them to be gentle and to be parts of the family. I would dare anyone from PETA to try to seduce me into giving up a part of my family to one of their animal concentration camps. PETA seems to prey on the under educated in the south and its time word went out. I praise your efforts and hope more people will come forward with the truth about organizations that don't deliver what they promise.


I'm surprised that the newspaper editor missed the sarcasm, it was dripping.
IMHO, PETA's agenda and methods are racist and sexist. I've never seen a picture of a Peta demonstration with a person of colour in it. Does Peta screen membership as well, to keep out the "undesirables"?
Using T&A must come naturally to Peta since there are so many Ts running the org.
Look at the numbers - Peta doesn't save, it kills.
Peta is nothing more than a political lobby group. It should have its charitable registration yanked immediately. It is NOT a charity.

Linda Robinson

I have never donated to a kill shelter and never will. Ingrid Newkirk needs to be stopped in her tracks. The needless deaths of all these defensless animals is in and of itself pure cruelty. I sometimes wonder just who does peta think they are.

Barbara Hardin

I am appalled at PETA's numbers, but it doesn't surprise me. I've never thought much of PETA. However, I'm also appalled at your description of people in the rural South (where lots of poor blacks and white trash live). I am a newspaper editor living in the rural South, and I can assure you that I am far from poor white trash. There's no more white trash here than there is up north, or out west. So, as much as PETA's words and actions anger me, your words anger me even more. I don't know where you are from, but I suggest you visit the rural South and see for yourself how stupid you made yourself look by making those statements.

EDITOR's NOTE: -- Barbara - I am a diversity consultant, an advocate for cilvil and human rights AND I own a pitbull.

The entire post is deliberately sarcastic and meant to show what to illustrate what PETA's racist agenda is - ESPECIALLY in the South.

PETA and other "AR" orgs deliberately target the poor, African American communities in the South for "services" and help to faciliate a legislative agenda that eliminate the ability for the poor to own pets.

Perhaps you are familiar case last year in which young PETA field workers working poor, rural counties in North Carolina conned pet owners to surrender their dogs and cats to be "rehomed" at their headquarters in Virginia.

The PETA workers immediately killed those pets in the back of a van using drugs with a DEA permit and then dumped the dead carcasses in in the trash at the local Piggly Wiggly.

PETA hired high profile criminal lawyers, had the charges reduced and the field workers were convicted of littering.

In terms of racsim, PETA and HSUS have consistently and delberately used the media characterized pitbull owners as "drug dealers, gang members and criminals".

Close your eyes and tell me now what your image is of a pitbull owner?

Close your eyes and tell me what this person looks like and tell me the color of their skin.

Now if your image not of a person of color - or white - now tell me you mental image of that person's social or economic class?

PETA and HSUS have engaged in a smear campaign to criminalize and marginalize pitbull owners and pave the way for anti-dog or anti-pet laws in local communities.

The poor who live in rural communities - those who are without access to legal resources or are unable to mount opposition to local anti-pet ordinances - are PETA"s targets.

And if the residents of those poor communities happen to be to be black or Hispanic and poor - chances are those anti-dog ordinances will pass.

And for PETA, the poor in rural communities are the low-hanging fruit - easy pickings.

PETA's racist agenda needs to be exposed.

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