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April 01, 2008



You talk nonsense and need to run a spell and grammar check before you submit your posts to the blog.
How much do you make breeding dogs?

EDITOR's NOTE: Nonsese! Tammy Grimes is a convicted dog thief, and no, James - get this straight - I don't breed dogs, I rescue. PERIOD.

c. owens

i'll tell you why anti tethering laws are stupid bs.

I am a stay at home mommy of a two year old boy and a five year old pit bull. my son will not nap unless he gets to go outside. because we live on a rental property and cannot build a fence, I HAVE TO TETHER MY DOG when we are outside. I have no other option. no way I can keep her leash in hand and corral my son with my health problems. but what of the anti tethering folks who might pass my house after your bs laws are passed and see my dog tied out? will you call the cops on me for wanting to give my son and my dog time outside? there are people who tie out dogs who DON'T leave them out all the time. here's where the similarity to bsl comes in. YOU CRIMINALIZE AND MARGINALIZE PEOPLE WHO USE TIE OUTS RESPONSIBLY JUST LIKE BSL CRIMINALIZES AND MARGINALIZES BULL BREED OWNERS!!!!!!!!! Screw you.

s kennedy

Well, I read nearly all of the info that DDB has on their site, but I couldn't find the 10 pg. ruling by judge. It appears to me that the dog was taken and both sides disputed whether TG asked AC where the dog should go. It appeared later that TG would not relinquish the dog. I note that altho the stories said the dog had this/that wrong w/him, he was 19yr old, and in all the pics of him, he looked pretty good to me,altho somewhat thin; and if he was that bad off, I doubt he was chained 24hr/day for 18 years bec he would not have lasted 19 years.

Judge says according to the applicable code on the case, TG could not assert the "justification" defense bec the plain reading of the code only makes the code applicable to situations involving a person. I do not know the code and did not look it up.

However, without justification (if it was precluded by judge) then it would appear the defense had no other excuses for the act. I am just guessing, since she was convicted. My take on all this chained dog stuff is that most people don't want to see a dog live on a chain.

BUT within reason, many dogs are tethered and STILL adequately taken care of. Diane Jessup in her pitbull book, says she has ALL her dogs chained on I believe it was 20ft chains, with raised floor wood pads, dog house, shade, etc. As we all know, NOT all of us can leave 2 male dogs (intact or not) together with each other with no supervision. And I believe that all of Jessup's dogs are or were, male dogs, and I think she had more than 10.

Anyway, I think that the original premise of not chaining a dog unreasonably is fine. What I see happening, though-- is that HSUS/PeTA-philes, have used the "chaining" as just another "cog" in their huge exponential wheel of AR crap, to get people to give them $$$. Then if a story about a chained dog comes up, H/PeTA will come rushing w/the news story about BAD people, BAD people!! this cannot be over-emphasized---HS+PeTA simply get incidents of BAD people and use it as a marketing tool to make $$.

They really are not worried about the animals, they are more concerned about the BAD people. Which is why I have repeatedly stated, emphasizing BAD people/owners does nothing to help the plight of BSL targeted dogs. All that does is ensure more people will hate bad owners, and that is NOT the goal.[That is overwhelmingly an AR goal, which appears to be working w/a lot of people].... as I have written again/again, the emotional laden sugar coated agenda, is to emphasize BAD people,"poor" animal, just as they do on Animal Planet, over/over on a daily basis.

The goal of anti-BSL is to focus on the acts of the specific dog being targeted, not the breed. Not the owner. [Courts already use *owners* as a rationale to uphold BSL in court. I have first hand knowledge.] There are tons of laws against both animal cruelty and criminal behavior---they are not enforced efficiently. Perhaps it is the NOT being enforced aspect that we are really fighting? thank you.


Let me preface this by saying I don't approve of 24-7 chaining (in other words, dogs that are not worked or played with off the chain at any time), and, before the cavalry gets here, my family has convinced people to give us dogs that have been left out in such situations. There's a lot of situations in the videos that could certainly be improved upon.


There's a lot that doesn't sit well with me. When it comes to the dogs, I'm seeing a lot of stressed out animals. After all, wouldn't you be if complete strangers walked into your zone with little whirring boxes at their faces? One of my indoor, socialized dogs doesn't even like it when I break out the video camera. There was also a case in the Georgia video where a dog bit the one lady on the ear:

They talk about how the dog seemed so sweet, but he's displaying obvious stress signals: heavy panting, wagging tail (people who want to highlight the behavioral damages unsocialized dogs suffer should know this isn't always a friendly sign), and twitchy looks over his shoulder.

The attitude toward people is bothering me a bit, too. They're perfectly civil, talking one on one, but there's a lot of jabs at impoverished areas and people. I don't have the time to go back through them, so I'll list the most memorable ones.

1) Mississippi:

At 1:37, after mentioning that people didn't seem overly concerned, there's a shot of rundown, patchwork house with "We Don't Even Think This was From a Tornado!" How is this at all relevant to the poor chained dogs?

2) Alabama:

"Spay/Neuter-Pets&People!" "We learn that the theme of the day seems to be all about spay/neuter...both people and pets!" The Alabama theme of the day is all the humans and dogs being "pregnant or nursing." What the hell? Honestly, what... the.. . hell? I'm all for making contraceptives more available in impoverished areas, but come on.

3) Tennessee:

From 3:00, there's an odd amount of attention paid to that junk car. Once again, what has it got to do with anything? It gives me the impression of "Look at how redneck and slovenly these people are!"

I never like to see a dog chained out and ignored his whole life, but I also know that the best way to improve animal welfare is to improve the lives of human beings. All the emotional appeals and anti-tethering laws in the world won't do jack when you have people who are undereducated by crappy school systems, living in poverty due to natural disasters, etc. Certainly making these people out to be hicks that all we privileged folks can poo-poo at isn't helping the issue (nor is trying to feed them $200 for a fence; you can't build a decent, humane chicken coop for that).


Let me 'splain somethin' too .. she didn't refuse to turn the dog over to the authorities ( do your homework ) she refused to return him to his tormentors which the authorites told her they wanted her to do ... But there you go again. That case was not the topic of my response, you just cannot let it go. She took the dog, she went to court, she was convicted. End of story.
Now please address the issue of why AC will go to a property and say everything is peachy keen in a stiuation like I described if anti-cruelty laws protect perpetually chained dogs already.

And as for the other comment, every DDP rep has personally spoken to MANY people who keep their dogs constatnly chained, given them expert testimony from behaviorists, veterenarians and those who teach proper care of companion animals. Given them educational material and offered free assistance. Many DDB reps make public appearances and speak in classrooms all across the country.
So when you say " what you DDB reps should be doing is change public opinion " That's exactly what we are doing but so many people can't see that because blogs such as this one have no room for positive encouragment or saying way to go, keep up the good work, they just see the bashing and the word bullshit in every other post.

It's okay though, there are over 100 of us all over this country and in others and we have each other. Hearing their stories and seeing the before and after pictures makes me cry out of sadness for what their poor life was like and out of happiness that their lives are now normal and happy, knowing they have a family who knows their horrible past and is willing to offer them a kinder, gentler future.
Tammy Grimes is the founder of this organization and for that, I'll always respect her. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Translation ; if you've never committed a wrong or made a judgment you later reconsidered, then by all means, shower us with your righteousness !
Bash on ...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Why is it that a cavalcade of DDP reps made their way here? Tammy Grimes has a mouth, but she sends you to do her bidding.

This blog is - and always has been - about defending innocent dogs and dog owners from breed specific legislation.

Tammy Grimes made her bed - and willfully, deliberately took the dog and created her own ongoing drama played out before the media and on the Internet.

A stroke of pure genius, I must say - because if I were her media advisor - I couldn't have done it better myself.

Make no mistake - it was planned, scripted, videotaped, and so on - all designed to propel Tammy Grimes and the the pretext of anti-tethering into the media spotlight so that unsuspecting animal lovers would champion the cause and thus carry the torch for anti-chaining laws forward.

But if you are a fool enough to believe that anti-tethering laws are about animal crueltly, then I will be happy to rip the bandage off your wound - with gusto.

Now stop making apologies for Tammy Grimes and doing her bidding - and doing the bidding of PETA and HSUS.

If you had any guts -speak out against PETA & HSUS & start standing up for innocent dogs and their owners against BSL.

Oh- unless you believe don't believe in dog ownership. Then that would make perfect sense, wouldn't it?


I know a lot of people who have adopted dogs from a chain outside a gas station or a backyard. They talk to the owner, offer the dog a better life and off they go.

Most people who neglect dogs are in over their heads and either don't know any better or can't spend the time and money needed to maintain a dog properly.

Notice I said 'adopted', not liberated which in the 60s meant 'stole'.

I'm pretty sure we're all on the same page about neglect and abuse, which includes long-term chaining.

The thing is that laws are not the answer - we already have more laws on the books than we need - about everything.

What you DDB people should be doing is trying to change public opinion over the situation.

Pulling media stunts which backfire and ranting hysterically won't achieve that.

Nor will telling people they can fence a dog safely for $200. I have Toys and have bought crates for travelling that cost me more than that.

Fencing is anywhere from $11 to $50 and up per linear foot plus taxes, depending on design, materials, etc.

So your $200 fence will buy about 16 linear feet of low grade, 4' high chain link - or a 4' x 4' enclosure.

At least present some realistic facts and figures so you can gain some credibility.

As for the theft of the old dog, it's a tough call for those of us who love animals. However, since nobody has any actual evidence of the dog's condition, overall health or even whether he's dead or alive, if the plan was to get publicity, you blew it.

The way to get publicity was to make the dog available to media and the officials involved, not to hide him or whatever was done.

The public isn't really sympathetic to the way it was handled, so you likely lost support rather than gained it.

Use your heads, don't be so emotional, present some actual facts and evidence, be able to back up what you say.

You'll get a lot more accomplished that way.


I'm sure we'll never see this in print on your blog because you're not a fair fighter, but it feels good to write it anyway because my work is so rewarding.

Can't you ever get past the one incident where a dying dog was taken to the vet and made to feel better for 6 months. You've always had it bad for Tammy and I'm sure you were dancing when you heard of her arrest so you could actually have some ammo for your planned attack. It was one incident, get over it.

I love it when people on here say that DDB reps and Tammy Grimes don't have a clue. How many of you have liberated a dog who lived chained day in and day out their entire life and had the joy of watching them discover that there is an entire world out there to which they had no idea existed ?
Just recently we had a dog owner call up and say, well my 2 purebred 10 year old Chow Chow's have lived their entire lives chained to a tree and now I've had back surgery and can't take care of them any longer
(as if they took care of them before )
So we go pick them up, they're so nasty and matted that we have to pay $150.00 for a portable groomer to bathe and shave them down before we can even get them to a vet where the 2 of them cost us over $300.00 for shots, HW tests and boarding. Also,one of them has a tumor the size of a baseball ( but no one knew this because no one ever petted him, or brushed him or gave a crap about him )that has to be removed at a cost of another $300.00 ... and neither one of them has been neutered yet... more $$$
But you know what ... it's always worth it because by the Grace of God, they are running around playing and enjoying life in a secure fenced yard today with grass under their feet for the first time in their lives.
And, yes, they were territorially aggressive on the chain and now people can't get over what big lovable bears they are today, 2 weeks later.
Multiply this one story over and over and over again because this is what it's like to be a DDB rep.

Slander us all you like but Animal control had been to that property numerous times and swore there were no violations. Current cruelty/abuse/neglect laws do not protect perpetually chained dogs from the out of sight out of mind life they are forced to live.
The only way you can get people to listen to your garbage is because you spin it all around and try to tie DDB in with the likes of PeTA and HSUS and ALF when nothing could be further from the truth ...
If PeTA and HSUS are for the anti-tethering movement, good for them, but we were not born of them and I personally do not stand with them.

Marie Belanger
Region 6 Coordinator
Dogs Deserve Better

EDITOR's NOTE: Marie, Let me 'splain, sumthin', honey. a RESPONSIBLE RESCUER does not REFUSE to turn over the dog to authorities. If the "rescuer" keeps the dog - that is called THEFT.

NO ONE is faulting any rescuer here - nor any actics of kindess toward humans or animals.

BUT - Tammy Grimes is a DOG THIEF who has suckers like you believing she is a martyr for the dog.



Oh, and someone commented that they didn't understand why stud dogs can't be kept in the house.

I'll try to explain, if it is a serious question. I've never bred dogs but I have many friends who do and I like to research subjects that interest me.

Intact males, especially those used for breeding, develop certain behaviours that make it difficult to keep them in a domestic setting, especially with other dogs and bitches.

Intermale aggression. Constant marking. Territoriality over the girls. It is very stressful for intact males to be kept together with intact females, which is what breeders and show people usually have.

It can be done, but it takes a lot of management, crating and rotating, etc. They are much better off in a well-lit, comfortable outbuilding where they have large runs, lots of contact with their owners, etc, than enduring the constant positioning, posturing and hierarchical encounters that they would experience if running loose in a house.

If you are a breeder, you don't particularly want them near the bitch and her pups because of anxiety for the dam and danger to the wee ones.

Now, if you just own one male show dog whom you breed occasionally to select bitches, there is absolutely no problem with keeping that dog as a pet.

Most serious breeders I know have spent decades working on their lines - they need diversity, so they'll keep a couple of studs, place the rest in homes as pets to breed when appropriate and keep the girls in the house. There's still a lot of crating though, so some run around the house for a couple of hours, then others come out. Not because of fights but because it's tough to manage more than 4 or 5 dogs at a time.

They all play outside together several times a day.

I don't know if that answers your question but breeding is a complex undertaking involving a lot of science and understanding of dog behaviour, contrary to the propaganda.

Obviously, millers and casual backyard breeders haven't got a clue about the difficulty and the heartbreak that accompanies the labour of love that most dog breeding really is.

Sometimes the morons get lucky and don't encounter any of the many problems that can crop up. This is actually too bad because it reinforces their shoddy, inhumane and ignorant practices and creates an unfavourable impression in the minds of the know-nothings who like to slam breeders without any understanding of the issue.

The comment about stud dogs is a case in point.


I'll say right up front that I am opposed to dogs being tied up and left unsupervised for more than a few minutes. The same goes for leaving them in the backyard unsupervised.

However, I am even more opposed to some AR whackjob thinking that I need nannying by people who don't have a clue about the subject at hand.

It is much harder to get laws removed than to get them added to the books, so be careful what you wish for, folks.

There is no need for anti-tethering laws - there are existing cruelty/abuse/neglect laws on the books.

Dog owners are way overregulated, with the AR backroom boys working hard to come up with new things all the time.

Breed bans are getting too much pushback now so that strategy is being abandoned in favour of MSN either breed-specific or across-the-board.

Anti-tethering goes hand in hand with other anti-containment ordinances - property size, pet limits, etc. It's all part of the push to eliminate pet ownership or make it unpleasant at the least and of course, to shut down those nasty breeders who keep producing - gasp - healthy, happy pets for people like me.

And if any of the DDB flying monkeys makes a crack about my supporting puppy mills, I might lose it - I was educating people about those before most of you were even born and long before our friends at H$U$ became AR.

All of these laws rely on turning neighbourhoods into government spy networks because otherwise there's no way they can be enforced. That's the key to the whole kingdom right there - turning neighbour against neighbour.

That's why the overreporting of doggy incidents, the fear-mongering, the hype - all pretty much guarantee that upstanding citizens will be quick to report on 'those people' next door who aren't like the rest of us. Maybe there's a hedge dispute, maybe they're messy, maybe they're foreign - who knows, who cares? Another 'tool in the toolbox' to put people through brought to you by your local Useful Idiots for radical AR.

The dogs are just the gamepieces but by the time John Q and Boo Hoo Barbie realize that, it will be game over.

Now, don't all these DDB reps have some Kool Aid to drink?


ANY organization that supports the violation of law and all that the law represents, erodes whatever good the overall organization provides the public.

I liken it to the man who devotes all his time to church events then goes out and sleeps with a married woman.

No matter how you sugar coat her actions as being altruistic,she broke the law,she stole a dog on private property then hid the dog that ends up mysteriously dying while in her care.Sort of like those pesky van PETA folks that come to aid of rescues and take their animals under false pretences and then kills them with lethal injection,only to dump their little bodies in trash bins.

Anti tethering bylaws are based on junk science.There is not one shred of research that proves anti tethering bylaws will provide for public safety.EVEN THE CDC states they did not fully research the issue when they compiled another one of their 'only the surface type research papers' that people like Ms Grimes among many others love to misquote.

If the posters on this blog that support this organization want to truly keep to their alledged agenda of being PRO DOG,then kick Tammy's sorry rear end out.She is a criminal and as such should NEVER be one to hold such a position as she does .


I dont understand how anti-tethering laws have anything to do with BSL....I am a Rep with DDB and ALL we do is RESCUE dogs. Most of the dogs I have rescued were unwanted so they were just put on a chain and forgotten about. DDB does not accuse everyone that chains their dogs to be abusers. But in most cases...the chained dogs are abused and very neglected. BSL IS BULLSH*T!!! I believe in rescueing animals, that is what I do. DDB DOES NOT STALK AND STEAL CHAINED DOGS! You sound like a pissed off teenager talking about Tammy that way. It is very childish! Have you ever taken a dog off its chain and watched as it ran around and bounced and played? Why do you think it gets so hyper when it is off the chain? The dog is just HAPPY to be free.And anyone that has 320 dogs is not a breeder, it is called a puppy mill hon. Read the BIBLE people! Dogs are mans best friend, not to be chained and left alone 24/7! Thanks for posting this if you do! Dawn Bast DDB Rep...and PROUD OF IT!!!!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: - If you & DDB are so against BSL -then I suggest you open your mind.

More to come. Again - anti-tethering laws are NOT about aniaml cruelty. That's just what YOU have been led to believe. I'd say that you've been taken advantage of - that because of your deep commitment to helping animals - that you have been an unwitting victim. A pawn in a giant chess game.

Stick around. We will teach you the truth. That is - if you care to know.

Now do you want the red pill or the blue pill?

Monica Schreiber

You edited my post in a rotten way.

You said:

" Dogs Deserve Better is busy building a database of targets for future thefts at this very minute. That's what the 12 state tour is all about."

That is flat-out wrong and flat-out libelous. Nothing in DDB's mandate, purpose, endeavors etc. is about stealing dogs. You may not like Tammy's goals, ideas, attitude, opinions or whatever. Fine. Fight fairly, though.

Please tell me, on what authority to you have it that Tammy is up to stealing dogs while she's on a road trip to make a documentary? If you can give me evidence that she's out there stealing dogs, or plotting the theft of dogs, or building a database of dogs to steal sometime in the future, tell me and I will quit DDB in a heartbeat.

Many of us stood by Tammy during this whole Doogie debacle because we knew -- and know -- that it was an aberration, an unusual, one-time set of circumstances where a dog was dying and suffering (she HAD evidence, you know, the judge just wouldn't allow it to be admitted).

Frankly, I personally disagreed with Tammy on a lot of stuff relating to this one dog that had lived its entire life attached to a plywood box. And I let her know it. But I still supported her and continue to do so because I have seen nothing but compassion for animals AND humans and all-around goodness in her.

You may disagree with her, but the reality is that states and cities are continuing to pass anti-tether laws because they make sense -- they are far from perfect, I'll give you that. But they are working pretty well. Legal exceptions can -- and are -- being made for fine breeders like yourself, for hunting dogs, sled dogs and other types of dogs that you say live happy lives on their chains.

Seriously, I spar online with people all the time about anti-tether laws and I've never, ever encountered anyone who lies and twists and resorts to sensationalist, bombastic language like you do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Monica - PLEASE READ. I dod not edit your comment - ANOTHER READER commented your your previous comment!

Blue Dog State

Monica Schreiber wrote:

"Yes, Tammy Grimes "stole" one dog . . . BUT STEALING DOGS IS NOT WHAT DDB DOES."

Give me a break. Dogs Deserve Better is busy building a database of targets for future thefts at this very minute. That's what the 12 state tour is all about.

If stealing dogs is not what Dogs Deserve Better does, then why didn't they distance themselves from Tammy Grimes and her various crimes?

Where was the indignant outcry and repudiation from the law-abiding teachers, mothers, lawyers and housewives at DDB? Because all I saw was a lot of butt-kissing going on.

Grimes is a self-promoting criminal and a liar. Its all about Tammy, isn't it? And sadly, Tammy is so self-involved and delusional that she thinks that stupidities, like suggesting a $200 fence will safely and humanely contain dogs, are helpful.

Because that's what Tammy did, on my blog, in order to show her compassion and provide a solution for people who can't afford fencing and worry that she's about to come steal their dog, too.

If it weren't so pathetic it would be funny.

If there are any members of DDB that truly care about the welfare of dogs--and I believe there may be a few--they should think carefully about where their criminal-in-chief is leading them.

Monica Schreiber

Thanks for posting my comment. You've usually refused to do so in the past (even though I think my comments have been pretty even-keel and polite), so I figured it would be the same again. Anyway, thanks.


After reading all of these comments back and forth, I still don't understand how anti-tethering laws have anything to do with BSL.

Anti tethering laws do not encourage people to let their dogs run free. Anti-tethering laws do not state that people can NEVER tether their dogs outside, rather they are only allowed to tether for a limited time each day. Dogs are social creatures, and should not be isolated from their families to begin with.

The people who suffer from these anti-tethering laws are people who leave their dogs outside alone for too long to begin with. To use the example of hunting dogs and dogs owned by breeders that live outside in opposition of a tethering ordinance is not a valid argument. There is no research to support that these types of dogs are better hunters/better specimens, etc if they are isolated from their families. This is flawed logic without data to back it up. Why can't hunting dogs be with their families? Why do stud dogs have to be in outdoor kennels? I do research for a living, so if anyone knows of any valid published research studies on these topics that prove my above comments wrong, I would love to hear about them!

Please also keep in mind that anti-tethering laws do not permit law-enforcement officials to "storm" someone's property. In fact they are still relatively difficult to enforce altogether, as a complainant would have to have valid proof that a dog had been outside for a period of time beyond the tethering allowance (i.e. video camera, eye witness ACO testimony etc. Does anyone know of a Dog Control officer that would be willing to park across the street from someone's house with a stopwatch to time how long someone leaves their dog outside? I certainly don't!)

If an anti-tethering law like on the books may inhibit a few dog owners from leaving their dogs outside unattended for extended periods of time, then I am all for it. Again, can somebody please explain to me how anti-tethering is at all related to breed-specific legislation?

Monica Schreiber

I know you won't post my comment (very telling), but it cracks me up beyond belief that you portray DDB as "terrorists." Yes, Tammy Grimes "stole" one dog (count 'em ONE out of thousands DDB has rescued according to the letter of the law). She took one dying, suffering dog that no one else would help. BUT STEALING DOGS IS NOT WHAT DDB DOES. Within the letter of the law, we educate owners, put up free fencing, legally and contractually have unwanted chained dogs relinquished to us (often paying for these sad, parasite-ridden animals out of our own pockets), provide straw and other bedding in the winter, etc. etc. etc. We are teachers, mothers, lawyers, housewives -- basically regular people who see every day that MOST (not ALL and maybe not YOUR) dogs that are chained up for their lives suffer greatly. Playing the "terrorist" card (oh, I'm laughing so hard again!) is beyond hilarious.

Your arguments are analagous to this: "I drink responsibly. I don't drink and drive. I am not a mean drunk. Therefore, because I personally do not have problems with alcohol, I really don't see any reason why we should have laws regulating the use of alcohol."

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Trae Maeder; DDB of Lee Florida

I'm new to DDB and I don't know much about the Tammy Grimes Trial. But I can tell you, Tammy just wanted to help the dog. I am an animal lover and I only will go onto a property if I have an animal control officer or local law enforcement officer present on scene with me. I happen to be a MS cadet for the Lee County Sherriff's Office, and I have LCSO as #1 on speed dial so if needed, I can contact them directy. I just want what's best for the dogs, I don't want to break the law. Please understandthat DDB is a great organization, and I hope that you can learn to like it.

Trae Maeder

Monica Schreiber

Seeing as how I'm sure you strive to be fair and accurate in your posts, perhaps you might reconsider continually saying that Tammy Grimes and DDB are in favor BSL and/or are pushing a BSL agenda? DDB has NO position on BSL, except for the fact that the vast majority of DDB volunteers, myself included, OPPOSE BSL vigorously.

I won't get into the rest...

Have fun with your blog


EDITOR'S NOTE: Monica - Thank you for your comment. No dog should be chained throughout its life - on that we agree.

And I believe that most DDB reps are motivated by a sincere to better the lives of dogs.

HOWEVER - it has become increasingly apparent to those of us fighting BSL that anti-tethering laws serve the very same purpose as breed bans and other BSL.

And it its more than clear to us that the very same organizations that support BSL - namely PETA & HSUS - are the very same organizations that have been the primary drivers of anti-tethering laws.

We have tracked the progress of anti-tethering laws - they are not benign.

Let's call a spade a spade.

Anti-tethering laws are nothing but a tool in the PETA/HSUS legislative toolbox with sepcific targets in mind: hunters, breeders, sled dog owners - and of course - urban/rural poor.

From where I sit - either Tammy has been the PETA pawn - along with all of you reps - OR Tammy knows exactly what she is doing.

Pick one.

Read my Tammy post again - try to get past where I strash Tammy and focus on the the legal strategy.

I repeat - anti-tethering laws are nothing but sugar-coated BSL - through the backdoor.


People frequently ask if there is intelligent life "out there." I myself wonder if there is intelligent life here on earth.


You need to get your facts straight!! You are totally manipulating this situation for the benefit of puppy mills and sickos like Vick!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Oh Yeah??? Bring it on, baby. What part don't you get - or better yet, what part would you like to rewrite? That FACT that Tammy Grimes STOLE this dog? The FACT that Tammy Grimes was CONVICTED of STEALING THIS DOG? YOU better get YOUR FACTS straight, bubba. This here blog is MY soapbox dedicated to defending innocent dogs - namely pitbulls - against the PETA death squads and their propaganda machine. Tammy Grimes is nothing but a paid shill to advance PETA's agenda. PERIOD. ANd if YOU cared about saving innocent dogs - you would stand up right here and now against breed bans and breed specific legislation.


Right on, as usual!

Breed bans have very little to do with dogs, or breeds - and everything to do with distracting the snoozing public with a red herring 'devil dogs', 'killer dogs', 'pit bulls' (take your pick) while removing civil rights from those same people in broad daylight.

The police support breed bans. Duh. They don't have to futz around - if somebody has a dog they can enter on a pretext, take a look around and see what else might be going on. No warrant required.

They know all the BS about 'pit bulls' is a crock and are likely laughing at John Q who thinks it's all about dogs.

Why do you think 'pit bulls' (the nonexistent breed) are such a great choice? Because almost every mutt that is medium-sized, short-haired and barrel chested is a 'pit bull' if you want him to be. Casts a nice, wide net - not only for abuse of civil rights but also for the extermination of dogs. It's an AR/Lazy Politician's dream come true. Duh again.

Nobody, me included, wants to see a dog that is abused, neglected and sad sitting on the end of a chain day in, day out. Get that straight.

However, as pointed out in a comment below, truly abusive owners are few and far between. Like media, the AR gang likes to hype a few cases and make the snoozers think things have reached epidemic proportions.

Jeez, don't people ever look around anymore?

Dog bites - overblown. 'Pet Overpopulation' - AR myth. Blah blah blah.

Anti-tethering is the fallback for BSL - and so is mandatory sterlization. They all achieve the same thing:

1. Erode your right to due process.
2. Make dog ownership unpleasant.
3. Make dog owners second-class citizens - a LOT of people own dogs, right?
4. Allow the government and others to lie straight to your face while they pursue their own agenda.
5. Repeat point 4. for AR.
6. Result in the killing of today's dogs and the prevention of future generations of dogs being born.

Wake up and smell the dog, as our proprietor says.

They're coming to get you and they want to kill your dog, make no mistake.


BT "Mom"
First of all I abhor that title. You are not your bull terriers mother.. at least I hope not.. if you are then you should be in the Guiness Book as the first person to give birth to a dog.. or the first Bull Terrier who could write.. that said.. You are on the wrong track.. MANY people tether their dogs of all types safely and happily.. most of them do not live to be 19 as the dog Tammy STOLE was. Any type of anti dog ownership laws ( other than cruelty) should be vigorously fought , especially by us the owners of Bull breeds ( I also OWN Bull terriers) Breed specific legislation is happening all ovet the country and anti theaterhing is just one of the laws that is specifc to bull breeds. If you cannot make the connection when it has been so carefully explained here then you need the reread it until you do...if a person can come onto your property to "release" your dog from his "chain' then what is to keep that same person from taking your dog "just because of the way he looks". BSL, anti thethering mandatory spay/castrate/ fighting "puppy mills" all lead to the same spot.. NO MORE DOGS.. Your Bull Terrier is NOT SAFE.. never think for one minute he is.. your due process under the law and that includes the OWNERSHIP of your Bull Terrier is uncer attack from the Tammy Grimes. Wayne Pacelles and Ingrid Newkirks of the world..they don;t care how long it takes.. they are zealots with a TAKE YOUR DOG


I agree with every thing you say xcept she is not going on a tour she is going out to steel more dogs.
I dont reckon she will leeve Pennsylvana to do it either. I bet she stays there becase everibody thinks she is goan.

Luana A.

Here's a question:
WHAT THE HELL is M.S. Grimes (still looking for love on her "myspace" blog")going to do with all of her STOLEN dogs?
A nationwide hunt for her and her nutty followers??? OH joyous occasion. I know a person that dealt with her on a specific issue, and MAN did her crazy "Charlie Manson" type henchmen come to her defense-veiled threats and all. She has them in every state and even encourages the "Under 18" crowd to join with her!(see the ddb web site)
Has anyone here defending her EVER seen her media footage? The arrogance and camera suck-up time, cripes!
How about her email to A.L.F seconds before the sheriff came and hauled her ass away? Read it. The word "ME" comes up countless times!
Look at the facts WITHOUT the emotion. Don't be duped by a hidden agenda!


I would like to answer some of the readers questions...
1) Why keep a dog tethered?

If properly done it keeps the dogs healthy, happy & safe.

2)There are people out there that have more than one dog...people that lets say.....breed dogs that cannot possibly keep their dogs inside. (too many)

3)There are certant types of breeds that do not and will not get along together.

Why have a dog if the dog cannot be kept in the home with the family?

1) That is your opinion and you have the right to it. But you dont have the right to force feed your opinion of animals on the masses like the HSUS & PETA does.

I have twenty years of breeding expereince. I and I alone know the best way to house my dogs and keep them healthy. I might consider listening to another breeder of equal or more experience but I sure as shit dont intend to let people with their own personal agenda tell me how best to keep my animals. People with no experince what so ever with breeding and raising dogs!

As long as my animals are not abused and are healthy it is my choice how I keep and care for my dogs. NOT Peta's or the HSUS!!

We are dog "owners" and there is a major difference in animal welfare and animal rights.

I love all my dogs but my dogs are still animals, not human beings. If I choose to keep 60 dogs properly tethered it is my business. I dont have to take them in my home to appease people who put animals above humans.

I know from personal trial and error that my dogs hate to be kenneled!! They bark non stop,constantly pace back & forth and have escaped kennels on more than on ocassion by ripping thru the fencing.

It is true that there have been horror stories of animals being abused by improper chaining methods but these are usually few and far between and only by indiviuals that own one or so dogs. This is the only information that extremist groups give to politians to further their own agenda. So our representatives are only seeing one side of the story.

Chaining my dogs does NOT make them more aggressive in any way shape or form. This is a fact I would be happy to prove to anybody interested.

I have been on hundreds of different breeders yards interacting with every dog their and have never been shown any aggression.

So why should I as well as my dogs have to suffer at the hands of extremist that have a much bigger goal in mind??

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