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Pitbull Owners Survival Guide

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April 01, 2008


Dog Town Canine Rescue

How is saving a dog from living a life on the end of a chain considered wrong?

How can you argue with the facts, the numbers that show the amount of chained dog attacks on children?
Or the proof that chaining a dog makes him/her more aggressive and vulnerable to attacks from other dogs?

Why would you support the "right" of someone to keep their dog on a chain and not in the house with the family where he/she belongs?


You are perhaps the third spin victim that's arrived on my doorstep today.

Just what facts are you referring to dear? The facts are NOT what Tammy Grimes/PETA or HSUS presents at all.

The FACTS are that 83% fatalties are cause by UNRESTRAINED dogs.

Furthermore - Let me ask you - what "right" do you have to own a dog?

Because under Tammy Grimes' rules - if I don't like how you treat your dogs, I'm coming to get your dogs right out of your yard. I wil take your dog and tell the media I "rescued" you dog. Then I will brand you in public and all over the Internet as an animal abuser. I will use you and your dog as the means to get people to give me money to support my cause. I will make sure that you never EVER see your dog again. Then I will make sure your dog is dead before I ever go to court. I will have the dog put down and disposed of a;ll in the name of "ending his suffering". And there won't be a damn thing you can do to stop me.

I think you are the one that needs rescuing, and perhaps I shall undertake a special webinar top assist victims of the Tammy Grimes/PETA/HSUS anti-chaining spin.

Bull Terrier Mom

So what part of ANTI-TETHERING is breed specific? I support anti-tethering - no dog should be tethered in a yard for a matter of hours. This is not the same as supporting breed specific, I am against breed specific and have been at many council meetings fighting against it.

EDITOR's NTOE: Dear Bull Terrier MoM - LEt me REPEAT that BSL is NOT about dangerous dogs - it's about covertly depriving people of due process.

Because BSL is now getting lots of opposition - a new strategy was needed to accomplish the same goal - anti-tethering laws.

Anti-tethering laws are NOT about animal cruelty because of the SIMPLE FACT we ALREADY have such cruelty statues everywhere.

Anti-tethering laws were made and marketed by the very people and organizations that support breed bans and other BSL - namely PETA and HSUS.

n-tethieng laws accomplish the very same goals of BSL - which are A) providing a clever cloak for warrantless search & seizure while B) tricking people like into believing such laws are about cruelty and C) shielding dog thieves from prosecution.

If you ARE indeed a Bull Terrier owner, then you ARE a target of BSL and a victim of PETA/HSUS spin.

If you support anti-tethering laws, then you're probably ripe to support breed-specific mandatory spay neuter laws too.

NO educated, self-respecting pitbull owner woudl EVER support PETA or HSUS or their legislative agenda.

Having said that - there are many Bull Terrier people who read this blog and will no doubt support my view - and you, my dear - are in desperate need of education.

BT Fans out there? Please comment.

jim hughes

i am a retired high volumn breeder. i kept 320 dogs to produce puppies from. i know what you will call me but that is the way i chose to make a living for the last 48 years. i tethered many of my large breeds on 15 foot chains with 2 swivels plus swivels at each end. a dog house, shade roof, and resting board were placed 12 feet from center pivet. dogs could run 30 feet across a straight line or around the circle. dogs were well exercised, and seemed contented. the usda regs. said i must stop tethering. i then put them in 5 by 12 foot runs. dogs continually barked and jumped and climbed to get out of their pens. they were not happy campers. maybe "big brother" is not so damn smart after all. i am now the editor of the kennel spotlight, a magazine devoted to 13000 high volumn breeders.


I am truly horrified but not completely surprised at this article and the positive response that it has received. Why in the world would anyone who loves dogs breed and SELL (for money, of course) breeds that spend most and often all of their lives suffering at the hands of macho horrors that fight them, hunt them, cruelly train them, and the worst thing for a companion animal dog chain them outdoors in all kinds of weather and most of all neglect them? That is what this article advocates while trying to tell us what a "free country" this is. Since the beginning of time animals have been exploited by humans, eaten, worn, ridden, hunted for "sport" and used with no thought to their suffering. Your words are useless to most of us!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Connie - I could same the same to you - your words are useless. Are you some sort of vegan whackjob?

First - this ISN'T an article about breeding dogs or selling dogs.

Second - this isn't an article about animal cruelty, or a debate about the morality or ethics of animal use.


What exactly are you responding to? The fact that people have eaten animals since the beginning of time? Duh.

The fact that people have used animals for transportation foord, warmth and medicine since the beginning of time?


OR - did you come here to be enlightened - and to learn that breed specific legislation is acutally the handiwork of the very organizations that purport to save animals - PETA and HSUS.

Did you come here to defend Tammy Grimes? Ha! Did you come here to try to deflect any criticism of the Dog Thief?

Did you come here to defend PETA and HSUS? Better read my blog.

Maybe you're like Ingrid Newkirk at PETA - a blatent, out-of-the closet support of BSL - maybe like her, you think all pitbulls just deserve to die.

Or maybe you're like Wayne Pacelle at HSUS - whose finest work has been the consistent PR and media campagin to smear the owners of pitbulls and brand us all as criminals - while working to devise legal strategies to deprive people of due process using animal cruelty as the proxy.

Or maybe you are an elitist, arrogant dog owner that thinks that because you own some sort of "other breed", that you are better than the people who own pitbulls.

Or maybe you're just plain stupid.


This is not true! It is a diversion by this terrorist group Dogs Deserve Better, Peta, Best Friends and the Humane Society of the United States. While the good citizens of Pennsylvania think they are safe with Grimes out of their state, these groups will be targeting and stalking homes and preying on innocent dogs chained in their yards. When Pennsylvania wakes up on the 17th of April they will find that there are no more dogs! To quote Grimes, "They will look back and see no more chains and that will be the happiest day of my eternal existence!" Someone must stop them! I've alerted the police but they won't do anything until the crime has taken place.


I have been following the antics of Tammy Grimes and DDB for a few years now, and like HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, & Peta, she has become more radical and more "righteous" with time. As with all these groups, she uses misinformation and emotional views rather than realistic and rational explanations. Again, as we know, there are no realistic and rational viewpoints when one is an ARA. Excellent piece. Keep up the great work.


I have been reading your blog for several years now and I must say that everything you write cannot have been better written myself. I have been a breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers for close to twenty years and have seen it all. I have watched as the so called animal extremist have been working to take away our rights as American citizens. All under the cloak of animal "rights"
I know there are many people out there that feel the way we do. Americans that still use old fashioned common sense in their everyday lives..lets hope that we can all get together to make some well needed changes and to fight off this bullshit animal extremist agenda!!

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