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Why does your dog vote?

Is it to preserve the right to walk in the park? To make sure all dogs are treated equally? To save democracy?

Finish this sentence, "My Dog Votes......................."

Tell us why your dog votes (25 words or less) and send us a picture of you and your dog(s) to: info@mydogvotes.com with "Why My Dog Votes" in the subject line.

You and your dog could end up being featured here on DogPolitics.com or even on the home page of http://www.MyDog Votes.com

If you and your dog are selected - we'll not only put up your photos - heck - we'll send you a My Dog Votes bumper sticker too!

Send us your photo (jpeg), your name, your dog's name, your city, state or province. By submitting your photo to us you grant us the right to publish it on or in conjunction with DogPolitics.com or MyDogVotes.com or the MyDogVotes Get Out The Vote advertising campaign. There's no money in it - only glory!

Remember - the My Dog Votes campaign is nonpartisan effort to get out the "dog vote" in local or state elections -so Register To Vote, Your Vote Matters and Local Elections Count!

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